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    Hey all you administrators and everyone else: How about getting a single category opened for all threads relating to equipment reviews. I'd really like to get feedback on all kinds of FMA equipment in one place, without having to skip around through a hundred different threads. I posted the cheapest source I've found yet for mail-order raw rattan on the "close node sticks" thread, but who would be able to find that info over there? Couldn't we pull this stuff together? And for topics, how about synthetic sticks, good quality FMA weapons, sparring gear, padded sticks, focus mitts, etc. Right now, I want to get a couple of sets of full-contact gear--should I go with the Doce Pares WEKAF stuff, a 3-weapon fencing mask or a Kendo men? A friend suggested that the Kendo gear was best, but pricey. Anyone got a good source? I'm not suggesting we open this up as a forum for advertising--but more of a collective "consumer reports" approach. Any opinions?
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    We already have Product News and Announcments section thats available for anyone to place an equipment review. It's up to you folks to utilize it. ;)

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    Sticks: KIL ( Sticks are *great*. Best rattan sticks I've seen anywhere. We use them in Guro Mike's classes. While you are there check out 'Kali means to scrape' DVD. It's a documentary on some of the old masters the videographer met on a trip to Philippines. Nice PTK footage in there too. Tuhon training Rommel ('the old way'), Rommel training the Military.. very cool stuff.. you've seen some of it on youtube.

    Aluminum Training blades: I have some blades from that I really like training with. I have the Ginunting and the Fighter daga. They aren't cheap but you get what you pay for.

    Rubber training knives: The cold steel ones are good and only $10. I like the double edged ones. Don't forget to wear eye protection. (ask me how I know..). Protective glasses are $5 at any hardwear store, and can be used to wear around town as a distinct fashion statement. They are stiff enough to train disarms, if you train disarms.

    Real deal weapons -
    It take's a half hour to type but it's worth it. I got a Ginunting and it's super nice. It's about 1/4 thick, razor sharp with excellent worksmanship. Theses are the real deal and he has a lot of different blade styles to choose from.

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    Buying sparring equipment will range in price according to vendor. A sad but true fact. Sorry to say, but the equipment is always cheaper in the PI. As for gloves, I prefer lacrosse gloves. It provides the needed protection and flexibility for fingers. Something that I look for in gloves for disarming. I also have a friend on the USA world kendo team, and i would prefer the eskrima wekaf head gear over the kendo one. It is lighter and faster to take on and off. The kendo men needs to be tied by string, and has no protection in the back. Hope that helps a little guys.
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    We took you up on your idea, Geezer. Thanks for the input! Check out the new forum, Gear Talk
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    WEKAF Gear from Spar Gear

    Recently I went to work part time as sales rep for Spar for the southwestern Los Angeles County. They sell all of the WEKAF gear, sticks,staffs sword, training blades, tire bags and more! The warehouse is an FMAer's idea of a candy store. I was talking with the owners about gear and ideas for custom gear. They said custom gear is available at reasonable prices for custom gear. If you have an idea of what you would like to see. They are open and can have it made. I would like to have WEKAF USA members e-mail me if they would be interested in starting a gear specification group to develop new gear.

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