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  1. sdade12sd

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    Dear Tuhon and all,

    Hi, I can't completely resolve how to deal with horizontal strikes. I would say all styles of filipino martial arts
    train heavily with diagonal strikes but not with horizontal (or at least not defensively). My best defensive plan against a horizontal strike
    is to back up (either straight or on reverse triangle) and try to hit my opponents stick to disrupt them, then try to
    step in to hit the hand. The other way I train is just to pull my hand back so it can't be hit, then try to attack (which I believe
    is Offensa-Defensa?). Tuhon, can you tell me more about defense against the horizontal strike and tell me where in the system it is taught.
    Do any of your DVDs available on your web site cover it? Thank you very much.
  2. lhommedieu

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    Basic defense against horizontal strikes are first shown in 4-Wall (64 Attacks). I've had the most success when I move in and attack the hand with 4-Wall and immediately thrust to the face or torso; this also sets you up for attacks with the puno.

    At more largo ranges, it's good to know that, theoretically at least, lateral movement to the outside of a horizontal strike brings you outside the arc of the strike. But this should be a long lateral step, and generally when you've been able to time your opponent's strikes...
  3. silat1

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    Like Ilhommedieu stated, it is easier to defend by going directa and thrusting.. cuts down on the follow up actions of the attacker when the horizontal strikes are smothered when first initiated or on their down side of the attack.. the way I teach is that there is a sweet spot inwhich the strike is at its fastest and most destructive which is from 61 degrees to 120 degrees of the 180 degree strike.. Of course if you study estokada or long range, you can use the thrusting defenses while moving off of the firing line of the attack and moving to one of the more viable angles of defense
  4. NAGA

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    Hello Everyone and also my bud Bill... So I think we really need to clarify what we mean by a "horizontal strike"? Is this strike aimed at my head, body, arm or leg. Is it a Z style of attack where it is only partly horizontal, or is the attack a fanning type back and forth flow strike. There are several more, so I will let others chime in.... Thanks,
  5. BirdieKing

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    Evade then attack :)
  6. sdade12sd

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    Thank you for your response. I'm referring to a horizontal strikes that are the hardest to get away from; I would say at the elbow. For example if my opponent fired a diagonal right hand strike at me I could perhaps go forward to my left on a triangle step and counter. But if I did that against a horizontal strike I would be hit.
  7. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    I think the closest to this would be the angles 6 and 7
  8. BirdieKing

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    I am assuming you are talking about most systems "angle 1" which is a diagonal strike typically aimed at the neck then going down through to the hip. A couple great videos to watch are




    Be interested to know what you think.
  9. NAGA

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    Hello All,
    Thanks Bill! Every style will give you a slightly different response on this... In the Tortal method the ranging principle for a lower horizontal is to rage back on a 45 degree and counter strike and range back in to the preferred closer range....

  10. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    Hello All,
    I also forgot that you can also duck under a high horizontal strike....


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