High School football player charged after late hit

Discussion in 'The Den' started by Carol, Nov 1, 2009.

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    Video is on the link. Hit occurred near the center of the screen, behind the line of scrimmage.

    Curtain's helmet fell off in the tackle, after which, LaShoto (allegedly) head butted him.

    I dunno, I think this was a dirty hit but.....criminal charges? I don't agree.

    Anyone else?
  2. Back in the 90s s Scottish soccer player (Duncan Ferguson) head-butted another player on the field of play and was sent to Jail for 3 months. He had a habit of doing it mind.


    That's another incident. Once somebody broke into his house and "Big Dunc" broke his hand on the guy's jaw. The police issued a statement along the lines of "We don't usually condone "Have a go heroes" but the suspect was pretty stupid breaking into Duncan Ferguson's house".

    Back to the OP guess you can't get away with it when there's thousands of people in attendance, TV and photographers LOL

    If you did it on the street what what would happen?

    Still, there's always ice-hockey, eh?!
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    Dirty yes, but hey that's football. The mother keeps referring to this kid and the players as children...err... NO they are not..they looked pretty much man sized to me. They may be (according to the state law) children but when they are out there hitting and smashing they are anything but children.

    I played foot ball I know what goes on out there. It gets nasty in the trenches, real nasty, and yes high school kids still tell you to do preposterous things to your family members. It is a part of the sub culture of football. Unless you've played the game and put the pads on and got busted up you will not have a clue to what I am on about.

    So yes it is a dirty hit, but it isn't a hit that warrants police involvement. Hell to be honest it looked pretty tame to some of the dirt I dealt on people and was equally dealt on me. Ever taken a steel cleat down the side of your calf opening a nice gash spewing blood for a series of downs, I have..and it hurt like a bitch and needed 28 stitches..but it was part of the game. I new it was a dirty move and it was in retribution for us kicking some major ass and chopping their linebackers legs into mush..but hey that's football. I have seen deliberate stomping on hands after whistles ( I was notorious for that myself), quarterbacks driven head first out of bounds, defensive tackles whose first move is to blast their forearm up under your chin damn near knocking all your teeth out...head slaps, chop blocks, leg whips etc....you'd be surprised how many of these never get called.... If ya don't wanna play and get nasty then wear a pink skirt and sit in the bleachers.

    You would be shocked at what you are willing to do to protect that QB from a pack of linebackers blitzing up the gut like raptors on crack.

    Most people watch football through a crystal glass..only seeing the big play or the fancy run back etc..they never pay attention to the pits...where vicious nasty moves are honed on each other..time and time again....

    High school football is rough and tumble...come down here to Football heaven TEXAS and watch these 17 year old monsters smash each other into powder...children my ass!

    Football ~ An American Martial Art!...

    And NO, it's not just a game...if you played it you would know that!
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    watched the vid, looks to me like the protagonist intentionally ripped off the other player's helmet to helmetbutt (not just a headbutt) onto an unprotected head. i can see where one could argue that it's intentional and premeditated assault with a deadly weapon. had the victim gone into a coma or got a brain injury or some hemorraging, nobody would be questioning the charges.

    keep in mind that both parties are probably under 18 and therefore juveniles. so legally, they arent adults, and in the eyes of the law, if you're not adults, you're children (semantics). besides so what's the worse he can get? not much, probably probation (6 to 12 months) since he has a "stellar record". never know, if he gets away with it, next time it might be much worse.

    comin from the inner city of chicago, ive seen much worse playing (literally) street ball on pavement and in empty lots where there's a ton of debris; ie broken glass, rocks, and other trash. i know boys who would've settled it in a much different manner, at some other place and time, and likewise he wouldnt see what he deserves comin; ie a louisville slugger to the back of the head
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    That's just nuts! A full season out for her, I'd say.

    Nice hair-pull takedown, though.
  7. Carol

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    Between the blatant acts, and the fact that this was a girl fight, this has received a lot of coverage on the net.

    In 18 or so months, when she goes looking for a job, someone googling her name will undoubtedly find these clips.

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