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    yes, and the 1920's were also before the current era of martial arts

    and my argument in that post was that the current generation of martial arts teachers (just to clarify, i mean the people that are teaching now and have been teaching in the last couple of years) have not been in any deathmatches, nor to a deathmatch (except maybe cacoy canete who was practically around since the dawn of man)

    and i don't think they use knives in mma, do they?

    modern mma is a sport, unless you plan on clarifying that you practice mixed martial arts, as in a variety of different martial arts which may include other armed martial arts
    because if not, all your weaponswork is arnis
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    Fair enough, straight forward answers. I don't really care to argue with you, your blog makes a few good points in some of your older posts.

    In every system there are guys who almost worship an instructor, the instructor doesn't necessarily command it but some people are just followers. You know the guys, they embellish laughter at every joke the instructor tells, they dramatically wince in pain during demos. It happens and I don't blame the instructors all the time. Maybe you've met someone you view like this, I don't know, I've never met anyone like this in GM Taboada's organization but I haven't met everyone.

    I don't know what you mean by delegation to the groups as stick kata, but I don't like katas. GM Taboada's system has a few short forms, and although I hate kata, I do like these. It gives you some solo stuff to work on which is helpful as a beginner. Same for the shadow fighting form, some guys i've met new to FMA just don't have the ability to string strikes together continuously, shadow fightiing gives the hard learner a template to start with. I've shown them to guys I teach but don't spend the majority of class on it, I let them work it alone and I spend a little time tweaking them up in class.

    Everyone trains for different reasons some people just want to do something "martial artsy", not everyone wants to be a killer (unfortunately).

    As for death matches? I don't really debate what you said on that. I think some people get a little caught up on that term. I'm sure fights happened where death was a possibility, especially if sticks were involved. Some of these matches may have involved waivers to take legal action in the event of injury. But matches where the expressed goal was to fight until one player is specifically dead, yeah probably not that common. Assination is not an organized death match, i'll give you that. An ambush involving weapons? a robbery? not a death match, just a ****** situation.

    Message me some time, I'm always down to talk FMA. Even if I find some of what you write ignorant.
  3. groupedmethod

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    that was a really reasonable reply

    I won't deny that i'm ignorant of a lot, but I do think I'm smart enough to question authority.

    what i mean by delegation of the groups into stick kata, i mean the groups 1-5 are taught as a rigid, unchanging pattern that you are forced to memorize. Sure, there are variations, but the groups dont flow together as cohesively as they could.

    I don't think the guys that are new to fma should be shadowfighting- but that's just my opinion.

    And i totally agree that some people just want to learn martial arts just to learn them, but I do kind of fear for how the martial art will turn out in the future when these mcdojos crowd out the market.
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    Good points. To each his own. Mcdojos will happen, sometimes they lead the serious practitioners to more dedicated groups. My first training was at a mcdojo an honest approach and some research led me to more serious training, but there were followers who questioned nothing. All you can control is yourself and prove yourself to those you train with. There will always be those in organizations who do the bare minimum and get by. I can't control that, all i can control is my self and my students. Bitching about others might feel good sometimes but it accomplishes nothing. Good talk though!
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    Oh, challenges still happen, and more often than you'd think. But nobody wants anyone to die, really. Not anymore. These days it's more of a pride thing. We don't call them deathmatches over here, just juego todo.

    As to real life machete duels, well, there's this. Or just google bolo duel philippines. I also personally witnessed two guys chasing each other with machetes, though I didn't see the outcome.
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    christ i wrote this post twice already, i just kicked my computer the first time and closed the tab because i forgot to send the message last time

    I don't have a beef with all mcdojos. Just the ones that claim to be reality-based, for life-threatening situations. Its things like these that will needlessly fluff up a novice's confidence, leading to some crazy ****.
    For instance, I was taught the snake disarm with my first group. However, the disarm my teacher had shown me was off of the reverse grip knife (and you shouldnt even be trying for a disarm in the first place), which will either fillet your forearms or shove that blade into your armpit. I hadn't thought about that at the time, because I thought it was just inexperience, but now that I am experienced, I know that techniques that have a very low window of success are generally **** techniques to begin with.

    I'm lucky enough to have found a better teacher who taught me properly, but not all people are so lucky. All I want is for them to have a better chance, you know?
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    oh we call them practice matches here

    bet you guys can invest in some armor though, there's some really neat **** coming up on the market http://edition.cnn.com/2014/03/05/tech/innovation/mma-armor-lorica/index.html?iref=allsearch

    and still can't help but think that its in your best interest to distance yourselves away from these maniacs, i couldn't imagine the conversations when you're talking with prospective students

    "...and sometimes we hack each other to pieces with swords when we get into a petty disagreement. Don't worry though, nobody else gets hurt, and it doesn't happen that often anyway. But it's acceptable."

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