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    start from the bottom, the newest posts come to the top

    it's some pretty important stuff imo

    my writing is mostly bad so have some consideration
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    And you are??
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    Grouped method, you'll have to explain some of your last blog entry. Where you said:

    "You know what? It’s just getting goddamn cumbersome tip-toeing around this guy’s name. I could not give a damn about offending him or his slaves.

    Bobby Taboada got a big head. He is not an amazing martial artist, he is a lucky one. No matter what anyone tells you about the Philippines back then, there were no deathmatches. Nobody randomly dying in the streets because of a duel. The Philippines are not a lawless country. There are laws, just as much as there are lawmen.
    Bobby Taboada is a dishonest businessman. He teaches people a completely different style than he was taught, even though he was taught differently. He teaches his own new style of Balintawak, but the adaptations from the old style are not improvements in the slightest. If it was such a terrible climate in the Philippines at the time, and dangerous to be a martial artist, then why did they have to change it? Well the answer comes in one of Bobby’s videos- to add “Hollywood” to it, and because the original stuff was “too dangerous.”
    Despite that, Bobby Taboada is essentially the word of god in the FMA community.
    But how come his students haven’t wised up, that none of them are getting even close to the glory of Taboada?
    And the answer is- blind sensei love.
    You see, students tend to trust their teachers in most cases, not just martial arts. We trusted in school that 1+1 is 2, and look where that got us. But grown adults still retain this, especially in the foreign atmosphere of a martial arts gym.So when sensei says that when he does this, you do that, you will do that and not anything else, because you haven’t been taught to distrust him.
    Be careful- ask questions, and expect straightforward answers. Look at what your teacher is doing, and if it differs greatly from what you’re doing, he’s holding something back. And he has absolutely no right to."

    You've obviously put a lot of thought into this and I'm just curious about your reasoning. Who do you consider to be Taboada's slaves? Sounds like you had a bad experience in your first Balintawak group that happened to be of the Taboada lineage. Why don't you ask or discuss some of your problems. What didn't you like, what do you like better about your training now? All this can be discussed, different people and groups have different focuses. Keep in mind that people change and what you hear is not always accurate.
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    Troll alert!!
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    I suppose the forum was overdue for one of these.

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    Taboada slaves- pretty much anyone who's been training under bobby for more than 5 years and still isn't up to par with his level of knowledge of the system. It isn't particularly difficult to learn balintawak, especially after Jose Villasin created the grouped method.

    edit: also i don't like the delegation of the groups into a simple stick kata, the lack of respect for edged weapons, and the focus of teaching disarms to puff up training time.
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    The point im making is not invalidated by the person I am.

    I like my anonymity, gotta be careful on the net.
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    "No matter what anyone tells you about the Philippines back then, there were no deathmatches. Nobody randomly dying in the streets because of a duel."

    This concerns me, where is your proof that death matches didn't happen in the Philippines, or people didn't randomly die in the streets of the Philippines. I think your blog is a hoax
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    Sorry, but the onus of proof is upon you, who claims that such deathmatches happened. Come back with some police reports, and I'll happily update my blog.
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    Wasn't there an assasination attempt on the wife of the president in the Philippines? it was not a death match but there was an attempt to takes someones life with a bolo. I think it was imelda marcos
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    A duel reported internationally occurred in 14 April 1920 by Prescott Journal Miner which was known as "The First Bolo Duel in Manila since the American Occupation". It happened when Ángel Umali and Tranquilino Paglinawan met with friends in a vacant lot near the city centre before dusk to settle a feud; Paglinawan lost his left hand. With no law against bolo fights, Umali was charged for a petty crime.
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    1920 is well beyond the lifespan of modern filipino martial artists, even cacoy canete.
    Also, an assassination is an assassination, unless you want to claim that abraham lincoln was in a duel with john wilkes booth
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  15. swordexperiment

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    well what did you expect? Back then in france when nobles were piss ant drunk they would get into fights with musketeers in terms of dueling (fencing) and they would usually lose.
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    Modern filipino martial arts are fighting sytems like yaw yan or modern arnis.
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    Gee, so any time someone is using edged weapons against others, its a duel, right?
    so OJ simpson was really just dueling his wife

    and these guys

    were just dueling a crowd, too bad the police stepped in for intervention.

    Stop making the filipino martial arts more than they seem- there is no code of honour, which you would know since you've been training in this martial art long enough- you gain an advantage over the other person using dirty tricks which have been ingrained into the training method. The filipino martial arts are a tool to kill, and killing another person is abhorred by society. Instead of trying to link your martial art to these violent murderers, you should be trying to distance yourself, creating a mentality amongst the community of peace and discipline.
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    I never said that. those guys that fought in the 1920s may have been drunk but it was still considerably a duel. Also in yaw yan, people fighting each other are considered to be duels to, just not with sticks, knives or pistols. I tend to stay away from dirty tricks because i have an mma backround which is more effective regardless of tricks or not. Your tricks aren't going to work on a western boxer, bank on it.
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    So? I have no idea where you're going with this
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    My argument is that I posted before was about those 1920s guys fighting which is considered a duel and that mma stuff I mentioned earlier was just a reply to you comment on how fma is a "killing" martial art

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