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    Hello to all who happen to stumble upon reading my post.

    My name is Anthony and I'm 17 years old
    I'm currently a senior in high school and hoping to get into a good college.
    ive recently became passionate in Fma when a friend of mine taught me
    some moves back at my old school. I realized FMA is practical,efficient, and a part of me. I've taken other Martial arts which seemed all too for show and $ hungry but I did happend to pick up some vital lessons to learn. But it wasn't until recently FMA struck my interests in what I've been looking for in my search for martial arts. I appreciate it's diversity from the influences it came from and how it has been refined through experiences of others.
    I believe that I should focus more on FMA because its a part of my heritage and take part in preserving the arts.

    I've recently moved away from my old city Long Beach and now live in my home place, the Inland Empire area.i joined FMA talk in hopes of networking with other martial artists in my area to pursue my focus and learn more.

    Anthony :)
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    Good for you. I can't begin to tell you the crap I was into when I was 17. I always wanted to do martial arts as a kid, but was poor growing up. I always wondered what my life would have been like if I'd taken that road. Not that it's bad not, but would have been different. If you seek out a trainer you would be surprised where you will find one.

    Funny thing about FMA I've learned over the years is it is one art that takes all kinds. Everyone from a computer programmer to the Pro Wrestler Batista. So keep and ear to the ground. You will find the training you desire. Good luck

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