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    Greetings from the Clay/Brazil IN area. This is the first chance Ive had to post since moving from Indy to this area. Im a former member of the Indiana Kali Association under Instructor Bruce Ogle and was a part of the Indiana AEWTO (Wing-Tsun) under Sifu Todd Wright. I enjoy training in a variety of arts ranging from Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do and Wing Tsun, and My Filipino training influences are from the Inosanto/LaCoste system and GM Remy Presas. And after a few memorable meetings with Guro Mike Casto, I have an interest in Silat. Anyone up for training a couple times a week?
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    Welcome! I'm a Modern Arnis practitioner in Terre Haute, so we should at least meet some time! I cross-train occasionally with Mike Snow of Dekiti Tirsia Siradas (who is also in T.H.), and I take Jeet Kune Do (and BJJ) here in town.

    I understand there's a good aikido dojo in Brazil and maybe a TKD place but I don't think there's much else there?

    There's a martial arts supply store here in T.H., but it has irregular hours. Still, their bulletin board usually lists some "garage instructors" and local seminars that may be worth knowing about. We often get Jerson Tortal of Dekiti Tirsia Siradas in town for a weekend seminar and occasionally for longer, but for most other seminars I either go to Indy, to Bloomington (at Steve Scott's school), or to Evansville (at Rising Phoenix).
  3. JunFanFighter

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    Thank you for the warm welcome! Ive only been here since around the end of April so Im still fairly new to the area but I think your right that there is an Aikido dojo here although Ive yet to check it out.

    I have been to T.H. a few times also and noticed a JKD school there, McVickers I believe was the name? Im a great admirer of the late Modern Arnis GM Presas and study his Abanico Corto and Palis Palis (via dvd). Thanks also for the bulletin info and would enjoy a meet sometime for sure.

  4. arnisador

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    Yes, my son and I take JKD (PFS) and BJJ there. I think very highly of him.

    Yes, I'll send you a PM at some point about meeting! Maybe we'll get Mike Snow in too so you'll know more of the local FMA folks. I'm leaving town early next week for a martial arts camp in Buffalo. There's also Jason Winkle at ISU (who used to head up West Point's CQC program) and I think the younger E. Garcia is still town (but I'm not sure). Rick Clark in T.H. is ranked in Modern Arnis but focuses on his pressure-point karate material.
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    I moved from IN about 9 years ago. I recently started training in PTK again with Guro Mike in San Jose. I know most of the instructors in IN - Steve Scott, Westfall, Winkle, McVicker (Rick Clark.. from way back - I was actually at those first Dillman seminars and remember him from bloomington). I saw JAck at the BJJ Pan Ams in LA a couple years ago. I trained with Bruce Ogle there (and Craig Carpenter) and recently went back to see GT Gaje. I need to shoot Steve an email actually... and say hi.

    Mike S
  6. arnisador

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    He only recently moved back after being at West Point for several years. He is in the paper fairly often as an expert on violence (e.g., he spoke at a seminar for LEOs and campus security after Virginia Tech.). I haven't met him. He has an appointment of some sort at ISU.

    I see him in Evansville and occasionally at other seminars. A nice guy!

    I've never met him. He was supposed to be at a book signing for one of his books at Honey Creek Mall a few years back but it was canceled. He seems to keep a low profile!

    He still goes to events like that. He was just in Brazil recently--last month, in fact. Several of his people do MMA events now; one such event was just held here in T.H.

    My friend Steve Scott? He's a member here! I'll see him next weekend in Buffalo.
  7. JunFanFighter

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    Sounds good, PFS cool, I take it yall are training Vunak's curricullum? Im real familiar with it. I think Guro Mike (Casto) mentioned Mike Snow to Me (I could be mistaken) in regards to folks I might could train with around the state, another being Dave Moss who teaches the PDT Bukti Negara system but Im not really within distance now. Look forward to hearing from you when you get back.

  8. arnisador

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    Basically--supplemented, I think, with some (more) of Dan Inosanto's stuff, and reflecting the BJJ he also does.

    The sticks come out pretty often!
  9. kukri2

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    Jeez you guys! Why the hell can't we get JKD instruction here in San Antonio!?

    Welcome, BTW :)
  10. JunFanFighter

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    Hey there, thanks.. to answer your question though there is a place there called DC Martial Arts that teaches Jeet Kune Do but I think moreso from the conceptual side rather than the pre-73 material. But irregardless, both are very good.

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