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Discussion in 'Kali Ilustrisimo' started by gagimilo, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. gagimilo

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    I would like people here to help me if possible in understanding some of the ilustrisimo techniques. Namely, I am not sure if understand how to perform correctly the techniques of De cadena, Bagsak and Sunod Sampal.
    in my understanding, De cadena is a vertical downward circular strike, peformed on the open side of the body, and Bagsak is a vertical strike (commonly referred to as angle 12), but done with more emphasis, accented with bodyweight. However, I am afraid this understanding might be wrong...Regarding the last one I have no idea whatrsoever how it is done.

  2. JohnJ

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    All the techniques you mentioned can be done in a variety of scenarios both in offense and defense. I sent you a PM
  3. gagimilo

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    Thank you sir, as always you are most helpful... In general, your efforts aimed at promoting the arts is highly commendable.
  4. PG Michael B

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    Kamusta kana gagimilo....You are right De Cadena is that but much more. In BaHad ZuBu KA'LI (KarunonGang Lihim or Secret Wisdom) Ilustrisimo De Cadena is not only that strike, but also how we chain together different strikes to formulate our offense. We do this in conjunction with the lateral movement using lutang footwork. We train this method with praction out of the cinco teros as well as reverse and forward redondo and even abaniko de cadena lateral. This method can also be used in an aggressive defensive fashion i.e de cadena payong, or de cadena pluma de lateral. As you know in KI our offense is our defense and our defense is our offense they are the same head on different coins. As to Bagsak or numero # 12...that is also placed into the de cadena lateral movement pattern...we finish off with the float and the 12. I also teach the bagsak off of pluma and payong entries using lutang to safely maneuver around an incoming attack, which then plays perfectly into enganyo.

    KA'LI Ilustrisimo is like chess, 3 moves ahead at all times...simple, deliberate and nasty!

    PG Michael B
    BaHad Zu'Bu KA'LI Ilustrisimo
  5. gagimilo

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    Mabuti naman, maraming salamat po PG Mike!
    I guess it took you some time to notice the thread, but then again, what you offered was definitely worth a wait. You know, being that you seem to be truly dedicated to spreading the art of BaHad Zu'Bu, I was kinda wondering if have ever contemplated puttin up some videos of you teaching (like Bobbe did on youtube, for example)?

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