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Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by EliasPFS, May 28, 2010.

  1. EliasPFS

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    I need a wooden dummy, but I dont know where to get one? I have found many on the int3rw3bz, but I am not sure whether or not they are of quality! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I need suggestions, and your own experience with one when u bought it. thanx
  2. Epa

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    I am not so sure about specific brands, but I can give you a general thing to look for. As I understand it, the point of the wooden dummy is to give you solid resistance to check your structure for individual techniques. When you hit the arms of the dummy, you are supposed to be shifting your body weight into it so that you have body mechanics behind your motion. So it's important for the dummy to have a solid base and be durable. If it has a small base without too much weight and isn't fixed to anything I would probably avoid it.

    If you're handy and have the tools, you could also build your own and save some money. There are instructions online like this

    Out of curiousity, why are you looking for a dummy? It's a pretty specialized training tool and is not really used much in FMA.
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  4. EliasPFS

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    Well I have read actually on the panantukan thread of thread of this forum that they use it for some panantukan training. That said, in Paul Vunak's JKD we practice everything on tthe wooden dummy( sinawali, single stick, blades, and empty hands including gunting) so its really useful for everthing, because it teaches you how to check, and proper footwork and body positioning, which is crucial to fma or anything for that matter.
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    this is one i found, cheaper than the focus mitt awesome thing, what do you think?
    i remember reading something on the panantukan thread to the effect that PVC dummies with padding allow one to go full bore. I dont think I would be able to really with anything less then wood( i pack one HELL of a jab, its genetic) but i dont really need to.
  6. arnisador

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    Looks pretty good to me!
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    Why not make your own? There are lots of plans out there, and you can buy big round posts in various lengths from most home stores (Lowes, Menards, etc) or lumber yards.

    If you aren't handy with a lathe, give the dimensions to a wood worker and they can probably make the arms/leg pretty cheap for you.
  8. Epa

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    Okay, I wasn't sure how you planned on using it. One thing you might want to consider when using it with a stick is that a traditional wing chun dummy is going to give you a slightly different range than an extended stick would because the arms are short. So it may not work as well for medium range stuff as for close range trapping or longer range target practice.

    In my earlier post, when I said it is not used too commonly in FMA I was speaking more from a historical perspective. A lot of Guro Dan's students will mix training methods like that so you see it among some different JKD groups. In my experience, FMA practitioners are more likely to work on a tire stack, hanging tire, or hanging stick probably because they are cheap and easy to make training tools. If you are considering getting a lot of equipment I would recommend any of the above. I think there are threads around here about different tire stacks.
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    Mook Jongs work well in all ranges. Use it for largo and target hand areas....gauge your dstance and footwork using the leg as a medio the kicking game can be taken into the mix, along with the pulling aspects..also train your bridging to the blast with the medio close anything you wanna play...I do a lot of single and double knife on the jong in this position. You can also build tire dummies and affix arms through them as well, play withe various lengths of them high, low..medium etc. there is a lot of good home made junk we can throw together and make work...ingenuity my friends....go by a zorro mask and affix to a heavy bag or suspend it etc..and now practice the eye jabs..or blade jabs to the eyes etc....hell, throw a leaf in the air and try to touch it as many times with the tip of your stick before it hits the ground, keep your structure tight and use praksyon with control..use your footwork to move into better position for the follow up strikes...a light touch is needed ;) ...ahh so much in the laboratory!
  10. EliasPFS

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    Thanks bro! That's exactly what I do with the tire dummy! And the leaf thing seems so esoteric it's cool!
  11. Some specs of the dummy in case people search this thread




    I guess it doesn't really matter that much but when I was training WC and from conversations I gather the sound the dummy makes when struck is important too. Apparently a Master can tell if you're doing it right just by the sound.

    Definitely a cool bit of kit no matter how you make it or what sound it makes.


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