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Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by Zak Zak, May 7, 2012.

  1. Zak Zak

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    Before going into something like jkd concepts, is it better to build a base in another art like silat, muay thai or boxing.

    I'm asking because I like the conditioning emphasised in muay thai and boxing and some forms of silat but I also like jkd concepts and doce pares. Like with muay thai and boxing i've noticed it's very rare to see people that are fat because fitness is emphasised but with other arts i've noticed you get a lot of fat guys.

    My reasons for wanting to train is to tone up get fit and learn how to fight, but I want to learn an art that teaches everything like empty hand, grappling, weapons long range fighting and short range, in other words a complete art, and I realise boxing and muay thai doesn't go into weapons or grappling but the body conditioning is very high.

    So I was wondering if any jkd schools or doce pares schools emphasise fitness and conditioning like boxing and muay thai does?

    I live in london so any school recomendations would be appreciated
  2. NAGA

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    Hello Zak zak,
    Conditioning is something you should do before entering a martial art, do during your martial arts training and even after.... Many people in our culture have a condition called "chair disease" and if they are lazy about their fitness before getting involved in martial art, it may or may not improve due to the fact that it is a broken cycle. So if the system is broken no matter how much is given it may not improve until there is a paradigm shift in the person. This is not anything to do with you just an observation about our culture at the moment....

  3. DeanR1977

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    I am doing JKD at the moment & I am over weight bit that dont mean I won't be good at JKD or won't lose weight ether! & not everyone in the class is slim & toned! But are good at was they are studying. If you want to lose weight you will, & if you are commented to JKD you will get good at it. that's just what I think anyway

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  4. jspeedy

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    In weapons arts economy of motion is an important principal. You may not get the workout you desire if your goal is weight loss. If you watch a skilled weapons practitioner or any old master demonstrate the art you may notice that they use smaller tight movements, i'm sure the same principles are practiced in muay thai and other arts but weapons really change the game. My first FMA instructor in Balintawak incorporated a strong fitness element into daily training but other groups i've met are different.

    In one aspect it's good that a martial arts school expects you to train fitness on your own. If you are following a strength program, grueling training sessions may negatively affect your fitness goals. On the other hand, if you lack motivation and don't train hard on our own you may never get in shape.

    If fitness is your goal and martial arts is how you want to do it find a boxing gym or muay thai school. Look at the general shape of the people training there. If weapons training is your goal find a good workout program (stronglifts 5x5, or Rippertoe's) and keep your fitness training and your martial arts separate. Or if you can find a weapons school that emphasizes and encourages fitness.
  5. DeanR1977

    DeanR1977 New Member

    I am using martial arts 2 motivate myself in2 losing weight, I have always been interested in martial arts but never had time to do it, now I am doing this as a hobby & also have started 2go 2 a gym to lose weight, i enjoy JKD & have a class teacher who makes it even better 2 learn. What I meant was.... that if you want to do martial arts don't think you can't do it if your abit out of shape, with time & commitment you can achieve what ever goal you want.... you just have 2 believe its possible

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