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    First of all it really is great to see a community like this forming on-line! Guro Jason Silverman ponted me to this place and I am so thrilled! Greetings to everyone and I am so looking forward to getting to know you all!

    A little about myself. I am originally from New Brunswick, Canada but moved to the Boston area about 6 years ago. I currently live in Waltham but train under Guro Jason Silverman in Doce Pares Escrima. I just recently received my Black Belt and now have the very distinct honor of teaching the Adult program in Escrima at the EEMA Fitness and Martial Arts Center.

    Prior to training with Guro Jason I received a Black Belt in Arnis, a Black Belt in KPS Nusantara Silat and trained for many years in various other Mixed and Singular Martial Arts. I have a particular fondness for the Fillipino Arts and Sillat and love learning new systems and viewpoints.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Rob Masson
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    Hello Sir!

    thanks for the welcome! Love the site! I enjoyed visiting your Website as well! looking forward to meeting you in person at a seminar some time!

    Rob Masson
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    Brian, James, arnisador,

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Great to meet everyone! *smile*

  8. Kailat


    My Introduction of " MYSELF"

    Greetings FMAtalk members.
    Interesting I have not heard of this site before today.. I guess i've kinda fell off the martial arts forum's as of lately. due to work and lack of having internet access at home now. I usually only manage to get online a few times a week (at work) as time permits.
    However, without further ado;

    My name is Cory, I live in East Central Indiana (Muncie area to be more specific.) I have been into the martial arts since 86' started in boxing and Karate (where I earned my blackbelt now GO-DAN currently).

    I began my FMA training in 1987 under Guro Bruce Ogle out of Indianapolis, IN. who heads the Indiana Kali-Silat Academy/Assoc.
    Guro Bruce has a very deep history and family ties w/ the Suwanda family. Over the years I had studied extensivley under Guro Bruce from various FMA systems. Later I moved further north part of Indiana where I had the great opportunity to meet and train under Al McKluckie in FMA and Guro Kim Satterfield in Serrada Escrima. After about 3yrs of continuous study with these gentlemen I had moved back homeward towards Muncie, and have obtained contact and off and on study w/ Guro Bruce as my time permits. I've been given blessing upon both my teachers to share and pass on the wisdom that I have obtained over the many years of studying with these great MA'st. I head a small training group here in this area Indiana Martial Arts Academy. I also currently assist and teach impact and edged awareness to the local law enforcement of my city which i am a proud member as well serving on my Police Dept.

    Trying to make a long intro short here..I also currently am student training if you will under Guru Mike Casto(Louisville,KY-www.impactacademy.com) sikal and Hantu Jalan Silat when he comes to visit with us and keep in close connections with him and local events in this area.

    So its a great pleasure to have found this board with hopes of helping or recieving help in order to further my knowledge and possibly give it if necessary. However, with the many great's that grace this forum Im sure i'll be the avid listener and learner as it goes on.

    Thank you for this opportunity to share and support this awesome forum.

    Salamat and Gumagalang
    Inst. I.M.A.A.
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    Welcome! I'm on the other side of the state (Terre Haute).
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