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  1. DeadguY

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    Hi everyone! I'm new to the boards, haven't taken any type of FMA as of yet, but am hoping to soon. I've been looking for a school near my home area and was referred to these boards from a filipino airsoft forum by a poster named Herald. Looks like there's a wealth of info on these boards so I shall browse around and be one more step on the way to learning an FMA :D

    Hi Herald and thanks for the link bro! :)
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

  3. kaligirl

    kaligirl New Member

    Welcome to the Forum and to FMA!
  4. DeadguY

    DeadguY New Member

    Thanks Arnisador and kaligirl :)
  5. Topeng

    Topeng New Member

    Welcome. You shouldn't have any trouble finding a school in San Jose. There are many Filipinos in that area.
    I read there are even free classes at De Anza Park though I don't know which system or of the instructor.
  6. DeadguY

    DeadguY New Member

    Cool! Thanks for the info Topeng. I know some people that live around that area too so I'll hangout over their house more and keep an eye out for these folks :)
  7. Herald

    Herald New Member

    Hi dead guy :)

    Herald here...

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