hello looking for mang romy valenzuela

Discussion in 'Meet & Greet' started by otec, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. otec

    otec New Member

    hello i am a former student of Maestro Romeo "mang romy" Valenzuela.. he use to teach me martial arts back in the 80's.. he is more than a teacher to me.. he was like a father figure to me when i was growing up as a teenager.. i want to see him again and learn from him again.. can any one tell me where to find him.. many thanks
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Welcome! Sorry, I can't help you in your search.
  3. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    Kababayan Ko,
    Is mang Romy Lightning Scientific Arnis? Cause he is in the masters list in the LSA Forum here in FMA talk. Batongbuhay is the one that started the thread, maybe you can IM him. I'm surprised nobody tried to help you yet but hope this is a start.

    Mabuhay and good luck in your search.

    Kababayan mo,
  4. otec

    otec New Member

    ya i believe that he is LSA many thanks i will IM mr. batong buhay...with regard to helping me ... meron naman..
    some body PM me to try to ask/PM another person(shaun Porter?) that might lead me to mang romy...so far i have two leads already.. many thanks..:)

  5. urbandevil

    urbandevil New Member

    I just pm-ed you about his contact number. I believe i'm his son. Hope this helps. Regards. :)
  6. otec

    otec New Member

    many romy

    i read your PM before i could read this thread.. many thanks for the information.. by the way.. just clarifying things... your mang romy's son!!??.. which one were you the older or the younger son..(btw.. ilan na ba anak in Mang Romy.. last i remember 3 kayo.. two boys and a girl..)last time i saw you guys was back in the 80's when you were just kids..any way i will try my best to attend that occasion in san juan..many thanks.. and regards.

  7. urbandevil

    urbandevil New Member

    Ako po yung younger son na uhugin dati. hehe. Sige po, sana nakapunta nga kayo sa event. Regards sa lahat.
  8. otec

    otec New Member

    whehehehe... i think i can remember who you are.. any ways was able to talk to mang romy.. my goodness i really missed your dad..i wasn't able to go to the event pero will try to go to the fort where he te4aches.. i want to learn arnis very much..do you trqain with him at the fort??you have a cousin that used to train with us, is he still practicing..
  9. otec

    otec New Member

    to all that help me find mang romy many many thanks..specially, Shaun,christian, phil mar nadela, and urban devil/jason, manythanks..i was able to train with him again last sunday and it was great!!.. again to all many thanks

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