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  1. Just posted the following on an online digest and found out about this forum. Would like to post it here too. Kind of long introduction, but I'll keep future communications short and to the point!

    I’ve always been a feast-or-famine type of guy when it comes to martial arts. Four months ago, I decided to come out of retirement to teach just a couple of classes. Didn’t work out that way. Grandmaster Ernesto Presas has asked me to take over again as IPMAF Secretary General and set up a new U.S HQ. Since it’s my grandmaster who is asking, I figure I better give it some effort, so effective immediately, here is my schedule. Join forces with me if you like at:

    Pamana ng Mandirgima (Warriors’ Legacy)
    Club One Fitness Center at Pleasanton
    U.S. HQ for the International Philippine Martial Arts Federation
    4460 Hacienda Drive, Pleasanton, CA

    • Doble Baston (Double Sticks) Tuesdays 1-2 PM
    • Espada y Daga (Sword & Dagger or Long Stick & Knife) Thursdays 11-12 Noon
    • Solo Baston (Single Stick) Fridays 5-6 PM
    • Entire 10-Level Curriculum leading to Black Belt in Kombatan, the combative art of Grandmaster Ernesto Amador Presas. In this course, we’ll cover the major systems of Kombatan: Doble Baston, Espada y Daga, Solo Baston, Daga, Daga sa Daga, and Mano-Mano. (Tues and Thurs 6:30 – 8 PM)
    I’m also scheduled (March 27 through May 3) to conduct a 12 session KOMBATAN course for Dublin Parks & Rec. If you’re interested, just go to www.dublinrecguide.com ; click on Activities, click on Adult Martial Arts Classes (although it's supposed to be for 12 yrs and up), click on KOMBATAN, to register. Class times are Mon & Wed 5:45-6:45 PM at Dublin Senior Center, 7600 Amador Valley Blvd. Dublin CA 94568

    On the first Saturday of every month, we will have workshops on the lesser-known systems in Kombatan: Dos & Tres Puntas, Dulo-Dulo, Bankaw, Balisong, and Dumog. IPMAF Lakans in the Bay Area should plan on attending these as part of their advanced training. The general public is also welcome.
    • April: Progression from Dos Puntas to Dulo-Dulo. Instructor: Master Alex Ercia
    • May: Maintaining Your Art in Tournament Competition. This will be a fund-raiser for our local Balintawak & Kombatan teams who made it through the WEKAF Regionals, the Nationals, and are now headed for the Worlds. Coaches: Masters Lito Concepcion (Kombatan) and Gabe Rafael (Balintawak).
    Note: When it comes to WEKAF-“style(?)” tournaments, my mindset is pretty much like GP Abon Baet’s, but there are a lot of people who enjoy participating in WEKAF events, and I am glad to support my friends who want to participate in it. “To each his own.” (smile) WEKAF deserves praise and not scorn (constructive criticism, yes) for what they’ve accomplished. No great enterprise ever starts out perfectly; but if that organization broadens their scope to also include point or first blood type of matches in addition to domination, they’ll achieve even greater success and acceptance. I may not agree with WEKAF in its present state, but I for one, salute them!
    • Bankaw – Filipino Staff (June) Instructor: Master Alex Ercia
    • Kombatan – I will be hosting a series of seminars for Grandmaster Ernesto Presas whenever he arrives here this summer.
    • Kombatan Dumog – Filipino Grappling – I saw a tape of Jan-Jan (Ernesto Presas Jr) grappling on the floor and just flowing from one lock to another. He was awesome! Same with GP Abon Baet performing his Harimau Buno. I’d say the Filipino grappling arts of Dumog and Buno are second to none! He would be most welcome to conduct seminars in any of his martial and healing arts anytime he’s in the Bay Area.
    • In keeping with the Filipino tradition of bayanihan, and the universal tradition of hospitality, our doors will be open to other martial and cultural organizations needing a place to spread their own art via 1 or 2 day seminars. Please contact me and let’s make it happen! All participants in my “Spotlight on the Masters” seminar series (Master Jimmy Tacosa, Dr. Andre Knustgraichen, Grandmaster Ramiro Estalilla Jr, and Grandmaster Ciricao “Cacoy” Canete) held at the Philippine Martial Arts Academy in Vallejo, a decade ago are most welcome to come back and do it again!

    I’ve been quite fortunate to have been invited to set up my school (Pamana ng Mandirigma), and IPMAF US HQ within the Club One Fitness Center at Pleasanton. It’s a martial arts haven, fully equipped with mats, bags, full-length mirrors, weights, and tread mills. I’d love to have Gints and his Fight Club do something here but I’m afraid they’d turn this place into shambles. Those gentlemen (and ladies) need to do their stuff in concrete bunkers... or padded cells (smile).

    Alex(ander Bautista Bayot France)
    Pamana ng Mandirigma
    “Preserve the Legacy, Add to the Legacy, Pass the Legacy On”
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    Welcome to FMATalk, and good luck with your classes!
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