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    Im Raul Valdez Jr, but most people online call me Mider. Anyway I started martial arts with Karate didnt really like it. It was pertty much a stiff type of karate, I dont think it was a major branch it was just simply called karate. Not Goju, Kyokushin, Uechi, or anything like that. But it definatly had alot of kata's and colored belts. I didnt really become interested in martail arts or self defense again till I saw Ron Balicki demonstrate a arm wrench on a trailer for his dvd set entitled Filipino Boxing. Thats when I started looking into martial arts a little bit more especially the more free flowing arts that I never knew about such as Kali/Escrima/Arnis. From Ron Balicki I learned about his Guru the legendary Dan Inosanto and found out he had his own academy in Marina Del Rey California. And that Alot of his students like Sensei Balicki went on to be great Sifu's/Guru's also such as Paul Vunak, Erik Paulson, Marc Denny, and just basically an endless list of who's who who trained with Sifu Inosanto who also trained and trains under a who's who of Sifu's from around the world in various arts tot his vary day.

    But yeah as I said the very first art that got me interested was Filipino Boxing or Panantukan.
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    Welcome. I have and also enjoy the Balicki series and have picked up several good tips and drills from it. Are you training anywhere in TX?

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