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Discussion in 'Meet & Greet' started by Kelvin, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Kelvin

    Kelvin New Member

    Hi all,

    Just found this site, have being practising FMA for a couple of months under the doce pares system, live in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Any one here in Melbourne Aus? Also those guys in Melbs know of anywhere i can get my hands on rattan, i want to make my own sticks and put my own burn pattern on them, i cant buy them as all have be lacquered.
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Welcome! What Doce Pares subsystem do you study? I had the chance to do some Eskrido recently.
  3. Kelvin

    Kelvin New Member

  4. Gday Kelvin, I'm from Adelide and I also train in the Doce Pares system under Master Vince Paulumbo at the International Martial Arts Academy, look foward to chatting in future.
  5. vegemite

    vegemite New Member

    Greetings from Melbourne, just a newbie here and also practice FMA, kumusta to you Kelvin and everyone here. Great to see FMA flourishing in Melbourne. I train Kombatan and Amok! in Richmond but open to all other systems as well.

  6. David F

    David F New Member

    Hi all. Im also from Melbourne and train under GM Roland Dantes and Master Christopher "Topher" Ricketts.
  7. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Welcome! Do you travel to see them, or do you see them when they come to Australia?
  8. David F

    David F New Member

    Hi Arnisador and thank you.

    GM Roland Dantes actually is an Australian citizen and has resided in Australia for over 20 years. In fact, he spends his time between Australia and the Philippines. He maintains a pretty low profile and has taught a handful of students here, though there are quite a few people claiming to to have received personal instruction from him.

    I was in the Philippines for most of 2004 and this is where I commenced my study of Kali Ilustrisimo under Master Christopher 'Topher' Ricketts. My initial introduction to him was via Guro Roland and it was with his blessing I started learning Ilustrisimo under Master Topher in 2004.

    Presently Guro Roland is planning on returning to Australia and we are planning on bringing Master Topher to Australia for a series of seminars.
  9. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I didn't realize that Roland Dantes was an Australian citizen! That's good luck for you.
  10. kindred

    kindred New Member

    have met roland and he is a good friend of my trainer ,offered me invaluable knowledge when fighting in the phill , has he fully recovered from his sickness as i beleive he was quite ill for a spell there , really enjoyed talking to him when we meet a great genuine guy ,
  11. David F

    David F New Member

    Guro Roland Dantes has long been married to an Australian lady and since the 1980s has spent his time in both Australia and the Philippines. Fortunately for me when I was interested in learning FMA I found Guro Roland was living no more than 10 minutes from my house ans as such, I commenced training privately with him.

    In regards to his illness, he has now recovered and is in the Philippines and planning to return to Melbourne. Manythanks to the many FMA practitioners who were of great assistance to Guro Roland during his illness including Master Topher Ricketts, Datu Kelly Worden, Datu Dieter Knuttel, PG Hufana, PG Pat O'Malley and many others.

    Kindred is spot on when he says Guro Roland Dantes is a great genuine guy. Having spent alot of time with him over the last 15 years in both Australia and the Philippines, he generosity, humbleness and integrity is real.
  12. vegemite

    vegemite New Member

    Roland Dantes


    Welcome and kumusta, I also learned that Guro Roland was ill and I certainly wish him well and a speedy recovery, I remember him as Mr Philippines and also from Pacific Connection... I think.

    Great to hear that you also are training under Topher Ricketts, Kali Ilustrisimo is one of the best style in FMA. Please send us some details on his arrival and also is his seminar open to the public? I would love to attend.


  13. tswolfman

    tswolfman Member

  14. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Brit with a stick

    Hi Guy's
    Well I will be visiting Melbourne in August this year (my first time in Australia) and it would be great to meet up with some of the FMA Brothers there, I will only be there for a week in August before heading off to Auckland, New Zealand to teach for a week and then off to Los Angeles for 9 days with a possible visit to Mexico for a couple of days teaching.

    I may also be teaching a Seminar in Melbourne while I am there, will let you guys know.

    All this after a month in the Philippines, I know it's hard but someone has to do it:angel:

    Anyway any tips of the good places to see in Melbourne and good places to share a beer too, bearing in mid I will have the family in tow too, all FMAers, even the 3 year old:) (They love to bash daddy across the shins with sticks).

    I am hoping next year to spend more time in Australia and visit my hardest opponent Master Vince Palumbo (top man, hard as nails). and share a tinny or 2. But unfortuneltly I only get a week there this time around.:(

    Best regards

  15. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

    Topher Ricketts has a very good reputation thru our organization as well
  16. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Brit with a stick

    I first met up with GM Roland Dantes in 1998 (althought we had been communicating for some time) and I was inspired by him from the very first moment I met him, I was even surprised when he stayed in the downtown Cebu hotel with us, so he could be amoungst the people he had a passion for, FMAers. That impressed me and showed me straight off that he had a true passion for FMA regardless of your style or who you where, And I am proud to call him my freind. Not only that he must be a great person my wife absolutely adores him

    I met up with GM Roland shortly after his serious illness and was astounded to see him not only up and about, but supporting his passion, FMA regadless of style. To say he is an inspiration is an understatement. GM Roland is in my book the most humble non biased passionete FMA Grand Master I have ever had the pleasure to be friends with and his speedy recvovery was not only surprising but miraculous, everyone was expecting the worse and he proved us all wrong, and to shortly after be up and about and supporting FMAers went way behond the call of duty.

    GM Roland was not only the driving force behind the non political and non biased Philippine Council of Kali Eskrima Arnis Master he also inspire me to set up the British Council of Kali Eskrima Arnis Instructors which is also a non political, non biased organisation whose sole aim is to promote the FMA regardless of style to everyone, people said it would not work but it now boasts no less that 21 leading instructors representing no less than 25 styles of FMA who all come together once a year at their own expense to promote the FMA at the UK's FMA Festival, all profits from this event go to charity such is the passion of all these great instructors.

    Now since GM Roalnd inspred the BCKEAI other councils have now formed following the same aims and goals, we are proud to say he as inadvertantly inspired Councils not only in Britain, but since then we now have Councils of Kali Eskrima Arnis Instructors in New Zealand, Italy, Scandanavia, Beligium and Ireland and others laying the foundations for Councils in Finland, Germany and possibly France, his inperation with the PCKEAM in the formation of the BCKEAI is having a domino effect with people comming together for one goal, the promotion of FMA without politics and without biase, that is the influence of GM Roland Dantes. He is acheiving what everyone thought impossible, unity in the FMA and for that I consider him to be the most influencual FMA GM of our time.

    And it is great to see that he is back to full health and doing what he does best, promoting the FMA regardless of style, a true amabsador to the art and a true living ledgend.

    And as I said to him the last time we met, he cant go yet, he has too much to do for the unity of FMA, and doing it he is.

    All I am trying to do now is find a copy of his films as I would dearly love to own them, anyone have any copies I can get my hands on, pleeeeeease!

    Best regards


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