Hello from London! Lightsabers & Lightning Scientific Arnis

Discussion in 'Meet & Greet' started by Izam, Feb 16, 2016.

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    Fellow stick brothers!

    I trained for a short time with the Lightning Scientific club in Singapore in 2013. I just moved to a new flat in London and am getting settled down so I've been meeting a bunch of different groups in martial arts.

    Lately I've also been training in 2-handed LEDSabre/Lightsbare weapons with The Silver Sabres.

    I've met a bunch of the BCKEAI guys and some really established UK-based martial artists in person at seminars, classes and virtually via email or telephone.

    I've met the Lightning Scientific group in Stevenage, the Rapid Arnis group that train in London and the Nickelstick Balintawak group in East London.

    I really enjoy the flowing, fluid movements of Lightning - move like water, strike like lightning!
    I love the direct and no-nonesense approach in Rapid. The group are very supportive as well.
    And Balintawak is an amazing system/methodology/ethos. Training in corto with sensitivity and feeling is awesome.

    Look forward to meeting all y'all at future training sessions and seminars :):):)
    If any of you are looking for a training partner look me up!

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