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    Hi guys,

    Just thought I`d stop in and introduce myself before I shut up for a while and try to learn the ropes here for a bit. My name`s Dave and I`m an American living in Hokkaido Japan. I teach Jr high and High school English and I`ve been here for about 5 yrs this time around.

    I practiced kung fu and karate for years, and that`s still my base of referance for most things. But I was lucky enough to crosstrain with some folks who did Modern Arnis and that was my intro to FMA/Silat, which I LOVE. Since I live in such a small town here (little ski resort called Rusutsu, best snow in Asia) I don`t have much chance to train FMA with any regularity, but I try to learn what I can where I can and practice practice practice.

    I look forward to learning more from listening to you guys and I hope my occational questions won`t be too boring for you. If you`re ever in Northern Japan, or know someone who will be, let me know. It`s a beautiful area and we love showing people around. Plus I`d love a chance to train with someone more experianced.
  2. Hi Dave, welcome to the forum.

    Quick Question - is "Sapporo" where the beer is made?

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    There may be other breweries in some parts of the country, but yes, Sapporo beer is brewed right here in Sapporo. I think Kirin and Asahi have breweries here too. When Japan opened up to the west they brought lots of teachers and engineers from Europe and especially Germany. The Germans noticed how similar the Hokkaido climate was to Germany and said "You know, this would be a great place to brew beer." The Japanese, who love a good drink, said "Tell us more." and the rest was history.
  4. Yep. Thank God for the Germans in that part of Asia.

    When I used to live in Taiwan (also teaching English) I used to drink "Tsingtao" beer which was also first brewed by German settlers. Overall though, I think the Japanese beer is much better than their Chinese counterparts.

    Sounds like you live in a nice part of the world. Still, I can't complain here in the Philippines and the home of San Miguel.
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    Thanks. It`s pretty, I can`t deny that. But this time of the year it snows almost every day. It makes for great skiing, but haveing to get up 60-90 minutes early so you can shovel the driveway gets old fast.
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    Great to see you over here David, welcome!

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