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    i am a member of martial talk and found this forum while visiting there. the filipino arts have captured my interest since the early seventies when reading about dan inosanto and richard bustillo. in the late seventies i visited the filipino kali academy and met dan, richard, and paul vunak, who was a young student there at the time. i wanted to live there...lol. but wasnt able to train there.
    a few years later i got to train with dan at a seminar in chicago at the degerberg academy. it was a great seminar. i finallly learned the sinawali that weekend. i knew the basic 12 strikes, blocks and disarms from reading dan's book over and over again, trying to work out the movements with friends. i didnt get anymore training with anyone until 1991 when i started training at the sdma academy in west palm beach. that year gave me about seven more filipino seminars, including another one with dan. there were some with bo and chris sayoc, gm d. canete and guro dong cuesta, and a richard bustillo seminar. we practiced escrima in class as well.
    i was assistant instructor at the academy and later given permission to teach jkd by the late ed pagan. i have trained in numerous other systems of martial art as well in the past 40 years. currently i am seeking out an instructor of filipino arts so i can progress further. there is one two hours south of me in bloomington il and i hope to get with his class as soon as i can. i know enough of the basics to keep myself going and can learn quite a bit from videos because of the foundation i have, but i prefer to learn from someone who has already been there.....
    ive got several videos and books on various filipino systems and i like to study the history and philosophy of the arts as well.
    i love all martial arts and practice and teach now. i have one student who is my neighbor and we are working on a jkd/kali blend that i have been doing pretty much since the early to mid eighties. it isnt based on any particular style of kali or escrima but covers the basics as i know them. i have been using the 12 strikes that are shown in the inosanto book as i remember them the most. i like the doce pares version as well.
    also, i have been learning moy yat ving tsun through another friend, as well as his system which he calls satori ryu. it is his own blend. i love learning and look forward to learning from those on this forum...thanks.
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    sorry, forgot to add that i have a you tube page with some videos on it...sticksnfists is my name there...
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    Welcome! Thanks for the detailed intro. I've found JKD and Wing Chun to fit very well with my FMA.
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    thanks arnisador.
    in the early eighties i was approached by a fellow who wanted me to teach him martial arts. up to that point i had about 11-12 years of martial arts, ranging through hapkido, tae kwon do, judo, shorei ryu karate, and western wrestling. not to mention all the studies i did through books and magazines. it was actually 1980, and i didnt really think much about formal teaching. i had always taught people what i knew over the years but now i was being approached differently. so i took account of my martial background and formulated, not a martial art, but a teaching system. i found a book on systems analysis and it helped me to see what a learning/teaching system could be.
    too much of the philosophy of jkd in the past gave way to the notion that systems were bad and ineffective and blah blah. i never really believed that and my proof came when i discovered systems analysis. yes, fighting, live combat, can never be captured in a system. but learning techniques, developing attributes, practicing fighting, all these things can be taught progressively. so that is what i concentrated on. finding a decent way to teach martial arts using methods from the various backgrounds and disciplines i had studied over the years. the term i came up with for what i do is "creative martial arts". it fit my nature as a martial artist and graphic artist. and the creative aspect fit the saying lee had about "man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system".
    in 1983 i attended my first inosanto seminar in chicago. i was attending a chinese blended martial arts school which concentrated mainly on wing chun. learning sinawali at the seminar helped me to develop my close in fighting skills greatly! i was learning, as i stated previously, all the material from the book dan wrote when it came out. before that i started learning what i could from the magazine articles he and richard did, but they were very sparse early on. (for some reason, we didnt get inside kung fu in the town i lived in).
    you are correct that wing chun, kali, and jkd flow together well. i wish lee had stayed alive longer to see the various styles of the filipino arts. it would have been interesting if he had the chance to explore them more. ive heard varying accounts as to his attitude toward them. some say he put them down and thought they were too methodical, (sometimes referencing the scene where he fought inosanto in game of death) and i know that dan stated that on many occasions he and lee practiced kali together. who knows what the truth is these days???
    irregardless, as far as all the jkd politics goes, i dont care. i am and have always been my own person. i study what i want and use what i want. i could really care less where it comes from as long as i like it and it works for me.
    in all honesty, after being exposed to and studying the filipino arts through the past 30 years, if i had to choose only one culture to study it would be the filipino arts. they are among the most experienced and expressive and innovative arts i have seen. and the most alive!
    anyways, that is my rant! lol. sorry to carry on so, but i have always loved the filipino arts and cant get enough of them. i am hoping to get with some others that practice so i can get better. wish me luck...

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