Hello coming soon from the Philippines! A new martial arts training camp

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    Camp Jansson was created to bring martial arts training to another level

    It's the next Evolutionary step in training martial arts. This next step is called Live-In learning.

    Imagine a place where all the coaches, trainers, teachers are experts or masters in their specific disciplines. Where you eat it, live it, and learn it at warp speed. You soar to the top with Live-in learning.

    This is a place where everyone is welcomed from all styles and disciplines. In a safe, clean and secure environment.

    Programs are designed for:
    Absolute beginners
    Some experience
    The advanced
    There's something here for everyone

    A list of martial arts that will be taught at Camp Jansson:

    Muay Thai
    Filipino Martial Arts
    and more!

    There's something here for everyone at Camp Jansson. This is a unique experience and a opportunity of lifetime.

    Checkout www.CampJansson.com

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