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Discussion in 'Misc. Knife Arts' started by nash, Nov 6, 2006.

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    My old martial arts instructor (whom isn't as young as he used to be, but still looks great) told me he took up Hawaiian (sp) Lua. I have looked this up online, and it looks like a very interesting style. It seems to be a lot like Escrima, but with different weapons. I haven't really been able to find too much on it. Any of you know know anything about it?
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    I've certainly heard of it, but I don't know any more than what I've read. There doesn't seem to be much info. available on it!
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    You know I was a friend of mine was still on the forums, he went by the name of Haumana 2000 you may be able to search through FMATalk and or MartialTalk for some of his posts. You can also use google, see link below.


    Here on Oahu I have seen some programs on the local Public Access channel about Lua. If you contact the Bishop Museum I believe they have a book or two on Lua as well.

    Try searching the news papers in Oahu too like www.honoluluadvertiser.com and www.starbulletin.com I know there was an article or two a while ago.
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    The Bishop Museum does have a book on Lua.

    Title: Lua, Art of the Hawaiian Warrior
    Authors: Paglinawan, Richard, Mitchell Eli, Moses Kalauokalani, and Jerry Walker.

    Here is the brief description of the book from the Bishop Museum:

    The ancient Hawaiian art of combat known as lua has played an intricate role in Hawaiian history. Now for the first time ever, "Lua: Art of the Hawaiian Warrior," offers an introduction to lua's history, philosophy, techniques, weapons, attire, and current training practices. Excellent for practitioners or those interested in knowing more about the art, "Lua:Art of the Hawaiian Warrior" is an essential resource for students of Hawaiian history and culture. 2006, 10.25 x 9.25, 196pp, Paper

    ISBN: 1-58178-028-1

    Here are a couple links to the book:

    Bishop Museum

    Amazon.com FYI: Amazon.com users rated this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    Both links have images of the cover, pricing, and the ISBN number.

    If I can find links to the articles in the Honolulu Advertiser or Star Bulletin I'll post them asap.

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    Thanks! At the Amazon link there they also suggested a Lua DVD and a more general (and more academic?) book on ancient Hawaiin warrior arts.
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    lua books ... and your book collections ... librarything.com

    you're welcome!

    for those of you who have collections of martial arts books ... you can catalog your personal library using librarything.com

    the coolest part about librarything.com is: people can share their thoughts on particular books ... so if you bought the book "Lua: Art of the Hawaiian Warrior" ... you could leave comments and share them with other people ... kinda like this forum.


    i guess its another way to connect to other martial arts enthusiasts.

    cool huh?

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    I finally found my friend Ill see if he will post.
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    Based on this recommendation I asked for and received this book for Christmas! I haven't gotten into it yet though.
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    Nash, were you aware of the seminar that Sigung Ed is sponsoring in January 07?

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