Hawaii Challenge - WEKAF Tournament

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    Im not in charge of this tournament but I thought I would spread the word. So if you are here on vacation then come on down and enjoy the tournament or compete!

    Eskrima Tournament
    On August 4, 2007 Bandalan Doce Pares and Ola'a-Nalo Eskrima will co-host the 3rd annual Hawaii Challenge-WEKAF (World-Eskrima-Kali-Arnis-Federation) full contact stick fighting tournament at the Alawai golf course Club House. Do not miss out on this upcoming event, make plans now to come to beautiful Hawaii in August of 2007.

    Contact - GM Bandalan gmbandalan@yahoo.com

  2. junior eskrimador

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    Any update on the tourney? If anyone attended or have contacts please post results.
  3. kabaroan

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    I just spoke with my instructor (Associate GM Ed Bansuelo) who was in Hawaii for a family vacation. I understand that he was pulled out of the crowd and asked to participate as a judge. He said everyone was extremely friendly and polite, he had a great time judging the tournament. I would also be interested in results and pics.

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