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Discussion in 'Sikaran' started by JTICA, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. JTICA

    JTICA New Member

    Congratulations!HARI Osias Banaag 10th Deg. Red Belt.
    Im just wondering why the name of SIKARAN founder Meliton C. Geronimo 10th deg. RED Belt was not mentioned in your history section.Did your Hari or Grandmaster study under Master Geronimo.
  2. Sheldon Bedell

    Sheldon Bedell New Member

    the ar 3 main branchs of Sikaran in the world today that i know of. Geronimo's is but one of the 3
    If you read through the other sections here on Sikaran Ithink you may understand better.
    I also was wondering if Hari Osias Babaag had studied under the Geronimo system but he never mentioned it in any discussion I have had with him
  3. JTICA

    JTICA New Member

    i study under osias banaag in baras,rizal in 1987 that his master is col. meliton c. geronimo at that time he was 5th degree blackbelt.i came to canada around 1992 so i dont know what really happen to them that in our study their is only one sikaran and only one master that is col. meliton c. geronimo.
  4. Sheldon Bedell

    Sheldon Bedell New Member

    Posting this as a member only

    i have discussed the other liniage of Sikaran here and other places befor
    i will not argue with anyone just because they have not heard of the system i studied under But the system i studied under has been in the USA sence the 1950's and geronimo did not even say he taught or studied Sikaran till the mid 1960's. My instructors instructor had no connection or study under anyone associated with Geronimo or his people.
    Both grandmasters met more than once in the USA and talked, Both acknowledged one another. If one system fails to regonise another to keep its students in the dark that is not my fault but the failing of the head instructor.

    please take time to review the other threads on Sikaran on this forum
  5. TindakaY

    TindakaY New Member

    "Life on earth is nothing but a short journey... and we all have a purpose to fulfill. Let's live every day as if it were our last... loving, respecting and caring for everyone that crosses our path. That is the true way of SIKARAN".

    I thank you GM Louis Lagarejos for promoting SIKARAN in the USA back on 1960's. For me, his is the True SIKARAN Grand Master, dahil sa kanya kaya nakilala at naging tanyag ang SIKARAN sa Amerika.

    I argue Sir Bedell to conntinue sharing his knowledge and skill in Sikaran to his students So that the Sikaran can continue to live.

    Maraming salamat at Mabuhay!
  6. Far Walkers Moon

    Far Walkers Moon New Member

    well said sir
  7. Sheldon Bedell

    Sheldon Bedell New Member

    Sir thank you for your kind words
  8. nero

    nero New Member

    Just a thought,

    Are you referring to Sikaran GrandMaster Col. Meliton C. Geronimo or the previous Sikaran GrandMaster his father?

    Are you both on the same page or Im seeing different information about Sikaran in the US here.
  9. Sheldon Bedell

    Sheldon Bedell New Member

    sir I am useing my real name on this thread , why dont you, and I am saying if you care to read the first articles on Sikaran in Black belt mag. in which Geronimo took the reporter to visit some of the old Sikaran players that no where dose Geronimo make any claim to studying or knowing Sikaran but he is wearing a Japanese karate uniform and a patch from a Japanese asociation.
    Lagarejos studied from no one connected with the Geronimo family and Geronimo accknowledged this on at least 2 occasions that i know of so if you where not present at the metings between Lagarejos and Geronimo . like I was , then please get your facts stright befor responding.
    By the way this thread is not about either of the two men I have just mentioned but about someone else so I am wrong for going off topic
  10. Bagwis

    Bagwis New Member

    master geronimo wearing japanese patch

    hi to all

    im one of the senior member of sikaran , now based here in toronto canada and have small gym and still teaching the art, "sikaran". in response your posting about master geronimos wearing patch and karate uniform, it is indeed that early sikaranista wear karate uniform representing philippines in the asian championships during 60's, thus, the art been recognized and my master earned his red belt for showing the art to the world and its effectiveness, wearing karate uniform representing our country in a karate tournament and bring glory as well recognize sikaran as filipino art of kicking doesnt bother me as filipino and as sikaranista. for info, master affiliate sikaran to asian karate asociation for that purpose and yes he accomplished the task with flying colours. im just wondering how do people claim that they are grandmaster of the art "sikaran" when i dont hear such name when im strating studying it back home (philippines) 25 years ago, what amaze me is that an expelled member now claims he is a master of sikaran too...may be i can claim it myself to my web site....hehehhehe..just kidding...with outmost respect to the true master whom became like a father to me, and help me to be here in canada and knowing personaly in during those days when we were in australia...and long ours flight...he will always be my master....anyhow, thanksto all who help to propagate sikaran, it doest matter if you are some kind of 20th degree red belt ...hari of what so ever ...hehehe..still your helping the art to be know to the world. thanks and more power to you....
  11. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    There will always be different opinions on who is who, but thanks for sharing yours!
  12. Bagwis

    Bagwis New Member

    hi to all...

    i beg your pardon guys...but i gues you will hear more from master Gernimo's side not until you go back to your site re: history of sikaran....as to Mr. Bedell.... you often argue to look of the concrete fact before posting...i can humbly say and pls. forgive me if it will offend you, but theres a lot of garbage on the said site particularly in sikaran history (lagarejos site) being a filipino alone and not as martial artis and Sikaran practitioner, one can say that what have been writen in your site is mostly false if not all, not true, fabricated.....what more can i say...and i apologize too for some Sikaran members whos being drawn by emotions...as a friendly advince look back to you history...and thanks for promoting the art by the way.

    more power to all...
  13. mabagani

    mabagani Pendato

    From the late GM Lagarejos:
    Our code of conduct-

    "Sikaran is our way of life.
    We shall always practice humility.
    We shall always practice gentleness in our relationships with others.
    We shall always practice and display proper respect to the other martial arts.
    We shall always practice good sportsmanship in competition.
    We shall always practice patience, never to use our knowledge to abuse others except in defense of ourselves, our loved ones, and the weak.
    We shall always keep the fighting spirit of Sikaran."​

    Hope individuals and groups can learn from it...
    Mabuhay Sikaran

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