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    Hi I am new to this forum. I was wondering if anyone here has ever heard of this man Guy Savelli ? He is from Ohio and teaches Kun Tao. His orinization is called the World Kung Fu Federation. I am interested in 3 of his tapes. The 1st one is called the Whip. It describes and teaches how to use this hand strike. I once saw it on a demo tape he put out called Magick. Its showed a Green Breret using this particular strike to break off the necks of beer bottles. The other 2 are called 25 Secrets that the Masters don't want you to Know. There are 2 tapes in that series. Hes teachings seem a bit odd and his material is expensive. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated.
    This is his site
    Thank you
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    I'm not familiar with the instructor or the tapes. Sounds like it's a Chinese system that he teaches:
    "The Chinese word for street fighting is Kuntao, Kuntau, or Cuntao."

    This seems Vietnamese to me:
    "Hwa Chóng (huc chung) literally means "the mind stops," as it was told and taught to me by Master Reeders. Huc Chung is the highest form of Kun Tao. Without Huc Chung, there is no Kun Tao. Huc Chung is the secret way."
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    thanks guys
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    I'm surprised not everyone has heard of Guy Savelli? Among the KunTao guys he's a big name, and as for my silat friends they think he's incredible. I think it would be safe to say Guy Savelli to KunTao is Leo Gaje to Kali. I personally have never met him, and most of my stories and knowledge comes from friends who have trained under him. He's legit, a little too intense for me, definitely a different type of training. I dont know about the other tapes, but I'm confident you'll like the Whip. I've experienced the "Whip" first hand and at only 10%, it hurted like a motherF$%^&r!!!! The only other thing is with that particular Kuntao, it may go in a completely different direction than your training is currently moving toward. That's one of the biggest reasons I never got into it. Hope that helps.


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    thanks anthony,
    if i get the tape i'll let you know how it is.
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    Oh wow, here's a name i have not heard in many years. I once actually went to a Guy Savalli seminar in Indianapolis, with Guro Bruce Ogle back in the mid 80's. I was a teenager then, and I was very impressed w/ his teachings and methods of Kuntao. I however, never heard much mention or any for that matter of the "magic" you so called speak of, until later after I researched him more. But I only attended that one seminar with him as I never heard of him coming back around again after that. But it was a pretty good seminar that I can recall. And I bet if I done some serious digging around between my video's and my buddy's videos during that time I could probably even dig up that seminar tape.. maybe...

    i was probably 15 or 16 at that time..
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    Let me state some info on the topic.. Guy Savelli's certs are signed by the world kungfu association, not recognized by any kuntao group.. I have trained with some people who are/were in the Reeders group that savelli studied with.. Let me put it this way, some interesting stuff has been brought up about this individual... I have also seen some of his work via video tapes and it was nothing more than a smoke and mirror show, but this is my opinion and does not represent the opinions of any other practitioner in the kuntao community..
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    In other words, Guy Savelli's certs are signed by his own organization.

    He had to work for those certs he gave himself, ya know....
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    When Savelli had trained in Kuntao, GM Reeders was the head of this organization, there fore all of the certifications you see on his websites were from the World Kungfu Association.. But when GM Reeders left the organization, it was handed over to another board member... The stories of Savelli training in Kuntao have a wide variety of tales being spun, but that is for another off line conversation as it hits some sore spots within the Kuntao Community...

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