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    Playing devil's advocate here (so dont crucify me):

    Does anybody here seriously think they would/should be taking this into consideration? To the native peeps, all foreign forces are invaders. And any such actions to their peoples will be seen as atrocities. You cant seriously believe a justified explanation will make them accept what happened to one of their people (possibly even one of their heroes)? Have you considered that one of the possible repercussions is that the actions could strengthen the "martyrdom" of the target? You all are looking at things from a biased perspective, as are they; ie were you in their shoes, would you think any differently or be accepting of justifications by outsiders/invaders/outlanders?

    And to all those who are saying they should all be hunted down and exterminated... have your considered that it was possible that this was a similar sentiment 100 years ago when the US Forces were in the PI and hunting down filipino rebels?
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    When you have friends and family risking their lives everyday in the battle its quite difficult to sympathize with the other side or even care how they feel.
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    Well, again, I think of the outrage in the U.S. when bodies of dead American Rangers were dragged through the streets in Somalia in the "Black Hawk Down" incident. Is there one standard for all sides? That's why I'd be conscious of the appearance. What was done in Mogadishu didn't make those men any more ded but it certainly was offensive. So, beheading every fallen soldier I'd oppose.

    But just this one as a means of IDing the corpse--that doesn't bother me.

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