Guns at Starbucks? Californians and Concealed Weapons.

Discussion in 'Marksmanship Arts' started by arnisador, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Guns at Starbucks? Pushing the right to bear arms in public

    Gun owners in California have been wearing their handguns in coffee shops and restaurants. The guns are unloaded and legal, but some citizens and police departments are wary.

  2. Jason Jones

    Jason Jones New Member

    Starbucks and guns

    I understand Califiornia is very restrictive with there concealed carry, but I wonder how Starbucks is reacting to this also. I was told that Starbucks was anti-gun and my brother in law (a detective for the University police) passes on a part time job with Starbucks because they refused to allow him to carry his service weapon. The way he explained it, this was a company policy rather than an owner preference.
  3. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    It seems if he's already a legitimate LEO then they'd want him to have his firearm. I could understand if it was regular security, but that doesn't make sense.
  4. Jason Jones

    Jason Jones New Member

    I thought it was a little bizzare also. It may have been a managerial issue but he was told to leave the gun at home. Needless to say the part time job didn't work out and he still has to pay full price for his coffee
  5. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Stores Land in Gun-Control Crossfire

    'Open-Carry' Proponents Target High-Profile Chains to Test Public Acceptance, Triggering Backlash

  6. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Cal me a leave it to a Cali yokel to walk around with an unloaded pistol. I understand that many at STARCLUKS do in fact need a plucking (there coffee and service suck ass) ... .gees...where I come from thats akin to taking a shower with a rain coat on....IMHO the story dies right there....

    UNLOADED pistol indeed.....I see a major SNAFU fixin to hit some one square between the blades!
  7. pguinto

    pguinto New Member

    michael b,

    in cali, the pistols have to be unloaded, however, (i believe) one is also allowed to carry full clips along with the gun.
    ive seen photos of people in starbucks with pistols and clips on the same belt

    okay so you have to fumble a lil bit before being live,
    but hey, its better to have a pistol and readily available full clips nearby, than not to have them at all, correct?

    also keep in mind that simply having a pistol exposed will in all likelihood keep predators at bay,
    it is well known that predators go after weak or defenseless prey,
    a guy with a gun pretty much means, you can try to frak with me, but im likely to fight back,
    why go after a potentially dangerous mark when there is easy pickins all around
  8. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    By time you retrieve said magazine and get it placed into the clip, chamber a round, aquire target, and squeeze the trigger you may be dead.

    A bit?...That's more than a bit...that's a lifetime when under duress. How many people packing the empty roscoe do you truly think have good training where aquiring the clip and getting into rock n roll mode is second nature? If I were a betting man I'd say few if any. Most people who purchase a firearm do minimal training..outside of popping paper targets and taking a CCL course. The habits of mag aquisition..shooting and moving..loading on the move etc. are crucial skills to have but in a situation where you are under fire and still have to get to your ammo to save your ass is to me plane idiotic. Unless of course your planning on chucking that hunk of metalat the perp!

    On paper perhaps...but when rounds are singing down range at your butt and your still trying to aquire the mag will not be as easy as it souds..on paper. There are things called fear, adrenaline dump, panic, shock etc. that will come into play and could severely hamper your magazine retrieval not to mention hampering ones ability to draw breath.
    Here again..PERHAPS...but if the law states people can do this and bad peolehave access to this knowlwedge as well what then holds them back from taking the chance...criminals lives are geared on taking chances...criminals thrive on chances. So in my opinion the brandishing of an unloaded firearm is akin to flipping a coin in crunch time when your life may be on the line...50/50 are crap odds if ya ask me.

    No argument there

    NO, a guy with a loaded pistol and skills comprable to the task at hand lead to this presumption..a guy with an empty pistol in time of need will be hard pressed to do much else except fumble, holler, shite his chinos and possibly die.

    I agree, why..but then again people have been asking that same question about bad guys foe years, why indeed? No one knows why these creatons do what they do or choose who they is plug gone zap in their maggoty brains that cause them to roll the way they do.

    Like I said I am from Texas... I keep my rocoe loaded 24/7 and when I am packing her she is strapped down with 14 + 1 .45 CORBON 230 grn hollow points.....there will be no fumbling for mags wo't see my pistola but when she slides out smooth as butter she is coming for other need to pull her..if she is coming out she is going to in lies the PROPER TACTICAL HANDGUN, SHOTGUN, AND RIFLE TRAINING....not just popping at paper targets.....

    my .02 Cents
  9. pguinto

    pguinto New Member

    All reasonable points, MB, but i must ask:
    Should an incident occur, which would be preferable?
    A) to have a weapon nearby which you might have to fumble with (eg folder), or
    B) not to have a weapon at all

    The question is by no means rhetorical, but i prefer the former; imo it's better to die preoccupied and having tried, than not.
    However, i wouldnt haphazardly carry a lethal weapon anyway without some sort of plan of action and regular practice.

    dalawang centimos ko
  10. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I have to agree...they're taking the strongest legal course of action (and are trying to get the law changed so they can have them concealed and loaded). For now, if they're being personally jumped it's one thing, but what if they're in a building and an active shooter enters? As long as they're not the first one or two people targeted, they now have a chance.

    I often carry a folding knife. I know a fixed blade is better for many reasons, including quicker deployment, but I have to live and work in the real world.
  11. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande


    Of course a weapon is preferable. My gist is on the idiocy of carrying one unloaded. If I had my druthers I would carry concealed and loaded even though I am bucking a ridiculous law. Keep your damn mouth shut, pack your piece, mind your business and be ready if it goes bad. If one leads a decent life the odds drastically go down on the possibility of usage in a fray. AS to the folder reference..learn your folder and fumbling will be a nixed preoccupation!

    Now onto B...somethimes not having a weapon is good enough. I train to keep my empty hands as nasty and dirty as I can...simple and deliberate brutality that can be as nasty as a weapon can be. If the opportunity opens up then the empty hands will definitely take the lead. In my opinion empty hand skills are a skill set that ust be honed...night after night!

    I prefer not what ever I gotta do to keep up above ground I'm down!


    I agree...Piss Poor Preperation leads to Piss Poor Performance .... And to think..there are more and more half cocked half witts than actually prepared people....and it is true..some folks should never own firearms...NEVER!!!! :)
  12. pguinto

    pguinto New Member

  13. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Did people see the series on this in Doonesbury recently?

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