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  1. The Phalanx

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    What do you guys think of Guava used as a baston compared to rattans? I was told that it is more tough and lighter than rattan... Also some of the "garden tools" I got from PI have guava handles on them... They last pretty long and they are light... But I don't know how it fairs in a stick-fight...

    I'll find out later on when I'm gonna pick some guava next week... Hey, at least I would get some free sticks and staffs out of it...
  2. Carol

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    One of the benefits to rattan is that it frays instead of splintering. When wood splinters, small pieces break off that can embed themselves under the skin or in the eyes (yours or your training partner). The risk of injury is a lot higher.

    Guava wood is not a hardwood, but it is still subject to splintering. Not recommended for practice.
  3. Crafty Dog

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    Dogzilla gave me some guava sticks he got from some friends in Hawaii. Very nice! I agree they are not for training. I sure would hate to be hit by one, even lightly.
  4. Nakiko

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    I have a few guava and waiwi(a cousin of the guava, smaller fruit, and sweeter tasting) and man are they HARD, heavier(but not by all that much) and denser than rattan, much better for actual combat than for sparring. I slow dry then fire harden my sticks, and get very good results. Again Guava/waiwi are great for combat, but VERY painful for training...
  5. robertlk808

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    Doesnt look like well be getting any guava this weekend, been raining hard here. The area is probably flooded.
  6. greg808

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    wassup rob!?
  7. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    Yeah, even if the rain stops the area would still be too muddy to go around... Hopefully we can get some when the weather is back to normal...
  8. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    Anyways, got a whole load of Guava sticks today... Staffs and such... Well be going back again soon to get some more and maybe sell it... Very nice nd they should look great after I dry them and treat them...

    Sorry, you couldn't be there Rob... But hopefully you'll come next time... There's practically an inlimited supply of them up there... The whole clan was there too... About maybe 10+ of us were there...
  9. robertlk808

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    Hey Greg, hows everything going?
  10. robertlk808

    robertlk808 Member

    Yeah I was just way too tired to go after work I was looking forward to going too. Save some staffs for me man!!

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