Guardians of the Legacy; Lameco Eskrima.

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    Hi guys,

    As always I hope that all is well with everyone and that all are keeping quite challenged by their daily training. I just wanted to further comment on the subject matter that my Lameco Eskrima brother "Bud" Balani made reference to in his latest series of posts.

    In hindsite I feel that it does not matter so much what any distinct group, organization or person does solely in and of themselves in propagating Lameco Eskrima to future generations. Our survival as a system will ultimately come down to those that seek out PG Sulites knowledge and dedicate themselves to his cause and purpose as we 1st generation students have done for so many years. It does not matter how effective a combative system is for if no one has interest in learning its mysteries it quickly becomes moot.

    Further more without eager and dedicated young students with a strong resolve to learn and share in our passion this system is destined to die with us whom currently reside as guardians of PG Sulites legacy. We should be more welcoming to those around the world who seek out this knowledge and be thankful to them for their aspirations and dedication, for it will be what they choose to do with this knowledge which will decide if this system will last for 100 years or not... after we are all dead and gone.

    I can only speak for myself but to all of you that have expressed an interest in Lameco Eskrima and have dedicated yourselves to the task of unraveling its mysteries and secrets I say thank you for your interest thus far and I hope that you will continue your search in earnest and not tarry until you have mastered Lameco Eskrimas combative principles, concepts and techniques. With YOUR enthusiasm and desire we can keep PG Sulites legacy in the forefront of the Indigenous Pilipino Warrior Arts community for many years to come.

    Lameco Eskrima is not the sole property of any one group, organization or person but rather it was given freely to us all by the kindness and selfless actions of its founder Edgar G. Sulite. The most profound disrespect that can be shown to Edgar for all of his lifes work is to not propagate and pass on his passion for the Pilipino Warrior Arts to future generations whom seek out his combative knowledge the world over.

    When we train as if our life depends on it we will fight as if it does as well. Train well guys, ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.
  2. Guro Dave Gould


    As well I just wanted to add that we are fortunate in that Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite left us with 3 books and 10 instructional vidoes on the art of Lameco Eskrima in which he was the featured Instructor. I highly recommend them all to any true Lameco Eskrima enthusiast.

    As well PG Sulite left us 24 Certified Instructors, 33 Apprentice Instructors and the "BackYard" group (SOG) which we all have as first generation resources from which to grow and properly develop in Lameco Eskrima. I highly suggest that any Lameco enthusiasts seek out as many legitimate sources of Punong Guro Sulites combative knowledge as is made available to them and train in earnest. I can assure everyone reading this that they will not be disappointed as each of us received something special and unique from PG Sulite and we all have something of value to add to the system as a whole.

    Some of our lesser known brothers have great talents and are great fighters but just have chosen to stay low keyed and don`t publically tout their abilities. If anyone ever has the opportunity to train with "Bong" Hebia, Mar Elepano or Rem Cruz I say jump at the chance as you will be greatly pleased as a direct course of that action. As well there are numerous more that I might suggest but will refrain from listing at this time. The three that I mentioned were the three that impressed me the most in our training and fighting on "Goodwin" st. around 1992-1995.

    As far as I am concerned Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite is still the head of Lameco Eskrima and always will be. We, being his chosen standard bearers, are charged with the task to guard, protect, propagate and pass his legacy to future generations.

    Guro Dave Gould.
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    Hm, I see that my last reply did not appear on the thread started by GUro Bud... anyway, I must say hese that in my quest for knowledge on the subject of FMA I came across quite a few great personalities and great people, but the truth is that somehow in my communication with Lameco people I feel some special vibe that really appeals to me... By the same token, eeven though I have never had the cahnce to meet or train PG Sulite, nevertheless of all the people I have ever seen on video, he seems to be the one with the greatest ability to radiate that kind of amiability even through that medium.
    Believe me, I consider myself very fortunate to have have "met" some of you gust, one way or another, as I find it very inspiring and helpful in my attempts to improve and grow in this field.

    Thanks all!

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