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    I had a very hectic and enjoyable weekend. It started with judging at the NAFMA Championship on Saturday. Today (Sunday) I was in the metro Toronto area and had the opportunity to attend the GT Gaje PTK seminar. The day startered with double stick transitions. I was fortunate to have Philip Gelinas as a training partner.

    During the break I had to make a quick stop by the Royce Gracie seminar. When I got back GT Gaje moved on to double dagger. He showed how the double stick drill that was taught earlier could be applied to the blades. I had a good time and want to thank Rene Cocolo for hosting a great seminar!

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  2. Thanks Tim Hartman for coming to GT Gaje's seminar at Kombat Arts in Toronto. Thanks to you for working with me.

    Philip Gelinas
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    Thanks should go to you instead. For those who haven't worked with Guro Gelinas, he is a very talented and patient instructor. During the seminar my Presas Arnis motor memory ea kicking in. Guro G. was very good at getting me back on track and explaining the hows and whys of the material we where working. If you get a chance to work with him, take it! Looking forward to working with you in the future.

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