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  1. Performance after Sacrifices

    I have a high respect to those whose effort is to find the right discipline ideally fitted for his or her mentality with the taste of his own genetics. I have met quite a number of people whose desire was satisfied and very much happy because all the years of his studies and practicing other martial arts he found to love the edge of a knife and the sharper image of a blade. His magnificent obsession was satisfied and a confession to learn more and more is a continuing education. Every person has his strong points to learn but if he landed in a wrong school in a a wrong teacher then his desire to learn technically stop. He is confused and frustrated.

    So with this new technology in communication internet services are made easy for one to his own research . Finding one discipline that is ideal for one is not hard to find, it is just a matter of time and working with diligence.Pekiti-Tirsia present a different perspectives in the world of martial arts more in the FMA . Pekiti-Tirsia trains for honorable service to the community, helping each person to enhance his ability to accept discipline as his first line of responsibility. This responsibiity is to have a Philosophy of long lasting physical existense endowed with good health , well balanced mentality to judge what is right and what is wrong. To open all avenures of knowing and understanding any complicated issues in every life by being strong in all activities. It can be a personal business or work related activity. Discipline to withstand against the stress and tension how to survive is the main chore of every living person today. Where do you get this discipline ? from a correct institution with correct methods of learning education.

    Some people underestimate the knowlege in the past and sometimes we often hear from the FMA Masters who made a combination of escrima or arnis into a Japanese , Chinese and Korean techniques that the old fashioned filipino style is " kara-an" meaning antigo and it is not a good working methods. They are so proud to present their modern methods as superior compared to the old fashion traditional system. We observed that today many had made an impression that grabbing the stick and disarming is the most impressive FMA of all styles. That removing the knife with flashing delights of hand disarming makes one a great master.

    Judging by performance presents a degree of evaluation that a simple common sense can tell one , " well can he disarm my knife or can he use his Aikido against my double edge ginunting or my tanto cold steel or my shreded spiderco?.

    Teaching an FMA with this perception presents a questionable background of a person presenting himself a Master or a Grandmaster. It is shameful impression that the old fashioned traditonal technology named as " Kara-an" is useless if not added or modified using a Japanese techniques with Judo or AIKIDO or with some kicking that looks impregnable.

    In the world of reality the performance of a swift, silent and deadly Ginunting cannot understand what Aikido,judo or juijitsui or some fancy karate or kungfu inserts can do. Gone are those days where non-weapon style can work on todays' edged weaponry.

    Pekiti-Tirsia will try to save the aspirants for higher education seeking for the real solution to so many frustrating years finding what is good for him or for her since the true warrior genetics tickles the blood stream to touch the blade of reality.

    Today Pekiti-Tirsia continues and recontinue the discipline that leads to Perfection"PERFECTO" inspired by the five elements of combat. SPEED-TIMING-POWER-ACCURACY AND PRECISION.

    This 2008 Licensure for Edged Impact Weapon Tactical Combat will bring a new breed of authoritative instructors equipped with the licensed to present a technology for military and law enforcement people with distinct classifications.

    A licensed Edged Impact Weapon Instructors will have the respect since his achievement in terms of training in the Philippines is with blood and tears.;" HE WHO DID CAN DO WHAT OTHERS CAN'T"
  2. Fight Quest: An Ultimate challenge

    Fight Quest is am exceptional display of the ancient discipline compared to Urbanized training. This is also an exposition that an ancient art of the modern times in the living past, the Pekiti-Tirsia kali system had never shifted its discipline to the modern concept of training but rather maintained the true values of philosophical training directed to the discipline of unequaled quality that makes a person perfected as fashioned in the image of a great warrior.

    Moving out from the old adage, the true traditions expressed in the reality of what is combat will have no effect to the modern way of fighting or survival because what is incorporated in the Martial Arts training even in the practice of FMA such as Escrima and Arnis is the softness of the stick and passionate way to hit the opponents with the grandeur of headgear and body armour makes it a Sports. The True FMA was not design for sport and even converting the art into sport it becomes a reality feeling of one and fighting with all the matresses in the body and cushion for life padding makes the sports activity an unknown to the filipino as a real filipino culture .
    Filipino culture is a unique culture all soaked with the blood of bravery and courage. If you put so many cushion in the body of both fighters, after the challenges and all the exchanges of strikes, when they remove the padding and body armor they become frustrated because inspite-of the hard struggle to inflict satisfaction against the opponent they get nothing in return. There was no deep scare to show that the effort to fight satisfies the challenger with all the best of his ability. But with limited protection like a headgear only, there is the beauty and splendor on how a real sense of training can show that it is ancient and a true tradition.

    Fight Quest may not be so brutal but the discipline depicts what will be the outcome fighting a person trained under the discipline of the ancient art of the modern times in the living past.

    Let the fight quest be the evaluating barometer for those whose desire to be a skillful fighter moving towards to be an expert with live blade and eventually an authority beyond question.

    Pekiti-Tirsia as it was of yesterday so shall it be in the future .
  3. PTK Licensure Course closer to reality

    Pekiti-Tirsia is closer to the reality of a true filipino fighting system recognized world wide by the countries whose military and Law enforcement agencies are in need to safeguard their won manpower force against the elements of unknown enemy with the use of weapons that silently kills in an undetermined time in an undetermined place.

    The PTK licensure course on Edged Weaponry will armed the International Licnesed Instructors the ability to utilize the military training in a very compassinate way in accordance to human rights policies according to certain conditions within the environment of operations.

    Subjects taught in the Licensure Course are selected subjects taught to the special operations personnel including the Force Recon Marines Navy Seals and Airforce Special Units.

    PTK higher studies with th inclusion of modern military strategy blended to the filipino technology in Guerilla Tactics , will present a technology only for the Few, The Proud and the Leaders.

    For those who use the name of Pekiti-Tirsia without passing the licensure course or being sanction by the organization will explain in many ways when the reckoning time will come.

  4. PTK Global Conference Opens Feb. 7, 2008

    The Philippine Public Safety College of the Philippine National Police with 18 branches of Academies all over the Philippines had offered the Official Auditorium at Fort Bonifacio as the venue of the Conference. Her Excellency Madamme Tingting Cojuangco, President of the Philippine Public Safety College will be the honored Guest and Speaker. It will be attended by delegates from countries , USA, Argentina, Sweden, USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Hongkong, and Europe PTK organizations.

    Delegations from the PNP and Marines composed the Majority, immediately after the conference , the candidates for licensure will proceed to the PTK Soleads jungle Survival training center at Lipa Batangas where the thrill of having an individual tent and an opportunity to learn the special operations discipline under the guidance of the elite Force Recon Marines and the Special Action Force Commandos of the PNP will be the highlights of the ten days of bombardment. A ten hours training daily will test the best of the mans endurance and sustainability that there is no limit to the will power of a man's determination to survive.

    FMA in its right meaning will be experienced by the Few , The Proud , the Warriors. This is the first Impact of the chosen Few who chose to be the first and it will be the last. The Crimson warrior of 2008.

    Only in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System that the meaning of Kali is understood in its right place in the history of the Philippines, not what is interpreted but what is implemented in the real sense of combat. COME TO WHERE THE FLAVOR IS , COME TO THE PEKITI-TIRSIA COUNTRY.t
  5. Pekiti-Tirsia Licensure Course 08 active

    The joint force of the Special Action Force Commandos and the Aviation Security and other Command Unit with a Fench Police Attache actively engaged in the Jungle survival course managed by the Soleads technical staff lead by master Sgt .Torres and Mickey Alvarez and experienced support staff of the Soleads, the training had been intensed with the final Tactical Repelling course so breathtaking that the candidates had good time to rest before going to the next ordeal of the Special Action Force Commandos special training subjects on anti-terrorism and other special courses under the Licensure

    .Mandala Rommel Tortal as the Training Director had made each one understand the importance of this type of trainning and if one fails it is because the quality is of high standard.

    Edged Impact Weapon Tactical Combat is the prime subject required to the candidates and now the Gunology of different level is taught as an advanced methodology before the graduation on the 16th.

    Mandala Michael Franciotti is promoted to full Mandala and a Licensed Edged Impact WEapon graduate together with Ron Kosawaski, Nicolas Wachsmann of Argentina and Dan Forunda of Russia, Atty. James Cabansag, Cris Aguino, Ernie Flores, Mike Shimmer, Hank Adams , Sgt . Lim and with 70 officers of different units will have their day on the 16th.

    The Course is one of a kind because the culture of filipino way of survival was taught and all the guerilla tactics using the bolos as an immediate weapons was of prime training tools.

    !0 days of intensive training from 4:00 am to 12:00 midnight is quite an experienced one of kind in the history of FMA. Pekiti-Tirsia quality training is above standard.

    The second camp will start of the 21st of February 2008 and the third is on the 15th of March.
  6. Real kali is blood and tears

    Philippines is not in the history without the blood and tears of the Katipuneros who fought day and night against the Spanish atrocities and against the Americans 38 revolvers and kruger rifles and the Japanese samurai and the pick pong rifles from 1521 to 1945.

    Today, what the katipuneros had done in terms of practices following their war philosophy is being practiced and reconstructed in terms of training with discipline that test the persons body and mind to withstand the stress of pain and agony.

    We will bring back the real filipino fighting spirit, the building of the Will Power to destroy the enemy leaving no trace of his existence, we leave no bones unturned. The Licensure course 08 will leave as a history beyond the imagination of every FMA how difficult to pass into the hole of a needle so that the thread can come out from the other side of the needles head.

    But once think the difficulty , it becomes so easy that after few days of toughened hand and hardened muscles, the body will keep adjusting and once it is back to normal , we say no pain no gain.

    Real men of today , will be the real men of tomorrow. The greatest chapter in man's life is when he passed the hardest ordeal where difficulty is just a memory.

    At the Soleads and at the Special Action Force Commando training command, all that is left in the heart and soul of every candidates , when do we do it again. It becomes a part of our life style and it becomes a part of our system.

    Seek for long life, seek for new breed of warrior, seek for a new man in town , come to the great land of discipline, Here in the Pekiti-Tirsia world , it change you for the best , it change you to a new cocoon that life is easy and wonderful.

    There is only one regret in one's life. Why can't I do the way the Pekiti-Tirsia warriors can do. Why can't be a part of Pekiti-Tirsia or Pekiti-Tirsia a part of me.

    Starting this year , we will call who claim that they are Pekiti-Tirsia to a new challenge , renew your identity as a Pekiti-Tirsia, renew by undergoing all the programs of advancement and Masteral. If you don't we will challenge your title and identiy and if you cannot prove your self then we will drop down your name in the name of Pekiti-Tirsia. If you used the name Pekiti-Tirsia to collect money and feed your self and family using the name Pekiti-Tirsia without our blessing then we see to it that every time you shallow the food into your mouth , you will be reminded that you have an obligation and that obligation meant your destiny.
  7. New Ginunting Pekiti-Tirsia for Archives

    If one intend to possess the real substance of the real world of the FMA , the ginunting, the official killing Edged Weapon of the Force Recon Marines and the Special Action Force Commandos is a treasure as a real combat close quarter edged weapon and a memorable blade because the presence of the ginunting in your bedside tickles you that one of the Ginunting brothers had hacked the enemy in the Islands and had instantly killed the enemy in a split of seconds. That the blood is dripping to the ground asking for help. The new Ginuntiing with the latest special iron from Viietnam with 10 % higher grade than any iron in the world is mixed with the Philippine iron that the composition of the Ginunting is far superior than any blades in the market. It can through and through even the guarded walls.

    Pekiti-Tirsia serves the best quality of Edged Weapons with the best technology tested and proven costing lots of lives to perfect one technique. You only need one technique to take a kilo from the enemies body and a kilo will be kept as an archives together with the ginunting that did the slashing and the thrusting to remove the kilo of flesh and bones, it can be the shoulder , the neck with the head or the legs and the thighs.

    It is a memorable souvenir to keep that keep it last for couple of days and when it is right for preservations then it can months or years.

    The New Ginunting is beautifully design by the hands of experienced traditional warrior, a warrior and a blacksmith. While the makes the ginunitiing his mind is focus on several close quarter encounters and he can recall how the ginunting felt heavy in the beginning but when it is move into the air it is so light as a feather. With this experiienced as a Force Recon Marine and a blacksmith , the quality is the best in the close quarter combat.He was called to challenge live blade , a ginunting against the Barong on a death match in Lanao before the presence of the tribes and before the presence of the Force REcon operatives, witnessing this event is just as real in your imagination but it is true . This master sergeant is still alive and one can ask the truth the time you will be in the Philippines.

    Ginunting as the name itself signifies the cutting razor, cuts in double action , single blade but with double action.

    Take one from our Ginunting that is made by the combine hands of a NATIVE WARROR AND THE MODERN DAY WARRIOR.
  8. Pekiti-Tirsia Unpredictable Knife

    The many curvatures and fancy design of many knives in the world, makes one confuse which of the knives that is best . Subject to the mentality of one who wish to possess or own one, if one wants it for self defense maybe a cheaper one will do , if for combat close quarter encounter then a strong simple knive with all the edges passioned to kill or a knfie to take off apple fruits or cutting finger nails.

    But the real knife is knife that is design as unpredictabel knife. Meaining conceable and very hidden along the palm or along the seams of the trousers or inside pockets with no presence for one to detect.

    Pekiti-Tirsia dirty knive with dirty tricks is officilly a combat knife. We in the Combat Industry , we statisfy the client with no question ask.

    It is only by having the best knife with best technology, that makes the world go round.
  9. Pekiti-Tirsia Sea -Air-Land Combat Training

    Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System will move to the higher state of Licensure Course on 2009. For those who passed the first , second - third -fourth licensure course will accellerate to higher grading category of training. THE UNDER WATER NAVIGATION. This will be conducted on a soft water down on the river rhine spread like a vast area of sea water in Negros and then on the fourth day they will be moved to the sea water ( ocean bay) to test the difference of water pressure down to 70 feet under water navigation.

    The land and night navigation conducted for the first Licensure course was a great test where each one was able to hurdle and passed the test. It was an excellent experience for one to learn how to navigate inside the forest during the day or during the night where every part of the forest was no mans land. This experience will prepare someone that he or she is kidnapped or abducted and brought to places unknown and was able to escape it is an opportunity for one to survive knowing the conditions to face in the middle of no where. Todays criminals specially rapist and sex murderers will always bring their victims into thickly forested area where they abused and kill leaving no traces or sometimes traces is found but the victims are already skeletons.

    Crimes can be anywhere, Jungle survival is a pretest of the real inicidents that may occur in one life unexpectedly. We prepare, we train , we test ones skill as if it is a real situation. Pekiti-Tirsia prepares a person how to fight against stress, pressure, fear, torture, even at the very last breath it can still pull out a small knife from his pockets and be able to thrust to the eyes of the abductor and possibly blind him and be able to run , run and run without looking back.

    Underwater navigation is as important as land navigation, civilians that are train how to survive will live a life of a fish or crocodile or dolphines . He or she must be equipped to survive at all cost. If thrown by the rapist or killer into the bridge and reach the water down the river and can still can breath with hands wrapped with a rope or taped , he or she can swim underwater for a certain distance and hide under he shrubs or bamboos growing near the banks of the river that moment is life is still alive and survival is near.

    Pekiti-Tirsia aims for greater life for one who learn and study seriously without mental reservations. One can live hundred of years physically and spiritually if the mentality to survive is prepared like the fortress at Gibralta.

    Where the Eagles Dare that is our destiny. One must live beyond the capabilities compared to others regardless of ages. One must be distinct in all his or her life style. The state of Par Excellence must be present in all forms of training and more to the time when the blade starts to sing " Don't Cry for me Argentina"
  10. Pekiti-Tirsia Expanding TEchnology

    We offer the best Institution of reform and enhancement for skill development that leads to Authoritative Identity within the FMA.

    We don't produce blackbelts or red belts. We don't wear those belts , we use the belts to put a mark black and Blue and make the belt produce color Red. We produce hardened men and women whose mind is as hard as steel and the Intelligence flexible as a whip.We are an Institution that drives a person into the passion of his or her desire as motivated by his warriorship under the fire of his genetical background as manifested by his own feelings loving the blade and caring for the guns. The passion to lead with the ability to subdue the enemy. The passion to Conquer and not to be Conquered, a passion to sweat blood if necessary with the determination to reach the highest peak of Mastery in the name of the true filipino fighting system both in theory and in practice.

    We claim the Authority in the fililpino fighting system because our Program of Instruction plays a major structure in the Philippine National Police ( DHRDD) credentials for Police Defensive Tactics Program all over the Philippines and the Philippine Public Safety College that managed the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA), an Academy for 4 years Course to be Commissioned 2nd Lt parallel to the Philippine Military Academy for Army, Marines, Airforce and naval Officers , counter part of the West Point Military Academy.

    Pekiti-Tirsia Combative Curriculum is specially structured as an added school for Edged Impact Weapon Tactical Combat and Edged Impact Weapon Control Dynamics and for Executives : Edged Impact Weapon Survival Strategy and Tactics.

    Once we certify once qualifications as Instructor or Associate Instructor that carries the power of the Armed Forces of the Philippines because all programs of Instructions were approved by the Military and Police Higher Commands.

    Full time students intending to expand in the field of Combative Methodology is welcome in the Philippines subject to testing physical and mental capabilities. email address: or
  11. Pekiti-Tirisa Training Centers in the Philippines

    Pekiti-Tirsia Edged Weapon Survival Institute have the following Training Centers:

    A. Special Action Force Command training Center at STa. Rosa Laguna have integrated and accredited "The Edged Impact Weapon Tactical Combat" course is now a major special training program by the SAF.

    B. Philippine Public Safety College provides 18 the training facilities all over the Philippines for Pekiti-Tirsia training program to include the Philippine Na tiional Police Academy " PNPA" at Silang Cavite.

    C. Pekiti-Tirsia Soleads Jungle Survival Course at Lipa-Batangas ( Belluruz) farm.

    D. Force Recon Marines traning center at Ternate Cavite

    E. Pekiti-Tirsia in Negros Occidental ( Combined Jungle Survival Course and Combat Scuba Course at the Pekiti-Tirsia Survival Institute.

    Pekiti-Tirsia PROGRAM OF INSTRUCTION for military and law enforcement is officially accredited to the PNP and Military Education program.

    Pekiti-Tirsia kali System is the official Defensive Tactics program of the PNP.

    The Educational Training Standard of Pekiti-Tirsia provides the highest grade of specialization applicable to the present solution to Terrorism, kidnapping, Abduction, personal threats and close quarter attacks.A combine combat technology contributed by the Force REcon Marines, Special Action Force Commandos, and other special operations group in the Philippines, USA and Europe brings a new Breed of close Quarter tyrants that can finish the enemy at the wink of an eye.
  12. What is FMA in the real world of Combat

    What is the meaning of FMA if the essence of the true filipino culture is not put into real practice. The Philosophical teachings ,exposure to the true filipino traditions. An actual visit to the Philippines will Authenticate every meaning of what has been taught and if one teaches the FMA he must prove that his teachings is what he actually experienced during his visit to the Philippines. What makes the teachings effective is the fact that one embraced the culture in the right interpretations accepting the realities of truth not according to the stories written in a book.

    The real FMA is FEAR MY ACTION . Since the FMA is a Blade Culture, all manifestations must institute a warrior personality with Sharper Image to project the spirit of the Blade , signifying THE TRUE MAN OF COURAGE AND BRAVERY. Every action must speak the true meaning of what is Kali is all about. Every technique must prove fatal effect with no chance of recovery. The Impact of Power superiority is the real characteristic of a true FMA.

    The true FMA was not put into the laboratory for sports,it was in the laboratory for combat,the slashes and the thrust must hit the targets without holding back and no hesitation. The Ginunting must take out a kilo of meat from the enemy's shoulder or a kilo from the legs and two kilos from the back of the body. It can penetrate Armour vest and it can take the head in split seconds allowing the head to roll with the eyes open.

    It is the true essense of what is real and what is traditional that the FMA can be appreciated in all sense of its meaning in all its applicability. Every delivery , every stroke , every component that makes the completion of the Spider webs that protect the skilled warrior contributes the true essence of what is true and real FMA- FEAR MY ACTION.
  13. Fma-means Fear My Action

    FMA is the reality of the true original filipino blade culture-The Blade Discipline.There is no other way to interpret the true FMA other than it is Filipino Fighting System. Meaning all components of training is directed to fighting structure intended for combat. The fighting structure becomes the art to destroy the enemy . This is the reality on how the Pekiti-Tirsia as a system is being used in Mindanao as a special fighting skill of the Force Recon Marines and the regular Marines based in Jolo and Basilan.

    The real FMA is the institute for fear against the enemy that in all actions leads to the intent of destroying anyone that serve as a threat or anyone that will challenge the virtue of A KALI MAN.

    It must be understood that the FMA is not the headgear and the body armour, not the disarming and blocking. The true FMA is Fast, Mobile and Active.

    We have the FMA established in 1521 . Killing Ferdinand Magellan. This is a sound evidence that FMA is not sports. This is the true meaning of the original traditions and customs, the true meaning of the indigenous discipline and the true meaning of what combative art is all about.

    The technology of survival was a working structure for all the filipinos that were under the 330 years of Spanish dominance in the Philipopines.The use of filipino designed blades were able to stop most of the atrocities the Spanish soldiers had done against the filipina women . It was those bloody 330 years that the Kali discipline proved effective , the FEAR of being killed with the Ginunting or Talibong was good to drive the Spaniards out of the Philippines but first the treaty of Paris of 1898 made the US pay $ 3.00 for every Filipino cheaper compared to the present filipinos.

    Elements of Fear is all around the man who soaked his body with the blood of his enemy . The filipino KATIPUNEROS who fought against the Spaniards were able to destroy Spanish strength in Luzon , Visayas and Mindanao. The Treaty of Paris signified the defeat of Spain mostly the superior feelings of FEARING the blades cuased that legal surrender.

    The same experienced the Americans had when they took over the Philippines, fear of all types of blades and the fear of being killed without one knowing that he is killed with a sliding double edged Balisong.

    Today the Fear Factor is a product of the BLADE CULTURE.
  14. PTK with a Sense of Discipline

    What is Martial Arts if there is no discipline.What is Martial Arts if all techniques. What is Martial Arts if all blackbelts and titles with no sense of responsibility. What is Martial Arts if no sense in using the Intelligence in knowing and understand what is to be understood not knowing because you are told to regiment all movements and you become mechanically robotics.

    The traditional practices of the true filipino fighting culture, one must undergo the trial of difficulties testing the mental faculties under pressure, physically to balance mentally.The test comes in many structures. Test on stamina and endurance, test of pain how to endure at its highest level, test mission how to be resourceful in using the art of common sense and how to survive.

    This traditional art was brought to life with the introduction of the first Licensure course held in Lipa =Batangas, Philippines ( Pekiti-Tirsia Soleads Jungle training center)and the Laguna PTK-Special Action Force Training Command Center)The training was not just the fighting mechanics but the ability to survive in all conditions, any place , anywhere in the world.

    The sense of discipline as true warriors as envisioned by the Kali forefathers in the Philippines must be made to work with the modern generation of interested individuals who wants to a major component of the true filipino culture.

    Teachings FMA as we called under mixed method for commerciality destroys the cultural discipline of what is the true filipino fighting system.
    Natural environment is the true tradition of the filipino fighting system . To train people inside the beautiful airconditioned room is not the meaning of the true FMA. In most of my time in New York City , those guys who were with me starts at the wilderness of Queens New York to Oneanta Upstate New York, to the Four Seasons of Philadelphea to the oil fields of Big Spring , Texas, to the mountain ranges of New Mexico to the Black Forest of Germany to the Shore of Ibiza Spain then to the Colorado Ridge.

    Natural environment enhances the mental faculties in terms of training and brings discipline as a motivating factor for one to be conditioned to the world around his area of control. Combativeness is inspirational for one who has gone into the training in all aspects of survival, from the live blade to live knife to then to the Gun-tech system.

    In the real world , sense of discipline will bring a new breed of warriors like the Force Recon Marines and the Special Action Commandos of the PNP and the PTK silent warriors who will come out hearing the word " Spar "

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