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  1. Personal Examination of your Self

    There are many ways of learning as to be educated with Batchelors Degree in Education , Computer technology, Languages, Mathematics, Engineering , Law or as Lawyers, Expert and Scientist lastly to be a real expert skilled with authority in the science of a Combat as what the military people had done and still doing today. Since we are not in military we substituted the Military Discipline with Civilian Discipline and that is the Martial Arts. When the Japanese popularized their Judo, Karate and JuiJitsui, Chinese Kungfu and Korean Tangso do and Hapkido then to Taekwondo, their purpose was to educate the American public the art of cultural discipline in a Japanese way like Bowing towards each other , a sign of respect, no shaking hands addressing the teacher as Sensei and the Chinse as Sifu and Taekwondo " I don't know"

    With all purposes what these three countries wants to do with the Americans is to teach culture as Judo, Karate , Kendo and Jui jitsui and all forms of Martial Arts, and the Japanese had included Ninjitsu, the art of disappearing and now comes the Chinese Kungfu made Bruce Lee a hero of his style of no style and the Koreans went farther to the Olympics.

    Meaning that all who studied this martial Arts have embrassed the culture which was not Americans. But after Bruce Lee declared that his Jet Kun do is Style of no Style , meaning you don't need to be identified as a Karate person or Judo or Taekwondo or Kungfu but making your own , then it becomes a system of a person who gathered techniques and call it his discovery. When this happens , there was a severance of American teachers and made their own style American Karate and American Kungfu others calling it a different title.

    Now that we are in this year with more years to come, what do we want or why you are in the Martial arts. You want culture, you want techniques so that you can be called a Sensei or Sifu or Gruo and wants to make money or you want to learn because of self-defense or you want the fighting culture a part of your life. Then examined your self where do you belong. You just want to play games or you want a real discipline that will save your life.

    "Ask not what your friends can do for you but what you can do for yourself"
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  2. PTK expound to expand

    My main purpose in contributing to the FMATALK is to provide cultural ingredients among FMA interest what is missing in some of the expriences that had not been expounded by the FMA Masters during their time of teaching. Not all of them had time to expound to each group or to individual what is the inner value of the culture that was treasured by many who had the opportunity to be in the Philippines sometimes and sometime ago. I shared many views of historical experiences and my own personal research, evaluation ,comparative analysis and technical logic how each of the style under FMA can justify the culture of a true Filipino.

    To authenticate the FMA you must not rely on the books because those who wrote the books writes only what mostly they see and writes the events and translates it to their own way of interpretations but had no not been into the hinterlands of Panay and Negros where the unsung FMA heros of their own time had kept the secret revealed only when they start to have confidence in you and without malice or bad interntions they see you are honest and sincere leaving to them the good word of comfort. It is not the money that influenced the people in the hinterlands for them to display about their techniques and style. It is how you manage yourself during they set down and tell theri own personal life.Just for the recent experience when Blod sport Director Nick Papadakis of LA went to the Philippines do documentary on Kali to Scrape and along the filming of the BBC in Negros. It was fresh incident in the town of Murcia that there was family feud where a father and son had an encounter against two brothers.The brother killed the son and the father went to rescue his son fortunately the father had know-how about kali which he kept to himself without even teaching his own son.It was only found out that he knew how ot fight after his son is dead and he regreted why he didn't taught his son.

    So this is one of the truth how to authenticate the art as unritten history. It took me 12 years to research and research with comparative studies went around the many Islands after I left the US last 1989. The work of art is not a day as Rome was not built in a day. My sharing the truth of the FMA is based on experience and my teachings are based on Philosophy, Logic and Reasons.I teach to expound and expand each one mentality that in real combat, the day becomes dark and the night becomes the day. You can only see the light at the end of the Ginunting and at the barrel of a 45 and the Socom 16.

    Once in one's life experience is the best teacher. History is you and you make the history no the book can tell you what is the reality.

    For once in your life be a warrior and tell some one " DEad Man tells no Tales" that is true FMA. 3 times in the Philippine history from 1521 to 1945 Filipinos won the war in the Philippines, pure and simple slash and thrust.
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  3. The three K's of ancient Martial Arts

    There are three significant K's in the Martial World today that had not be recognized as often as we practiced the art. These three K's had their magnificient histories during the heyday of tribulations among Empires and Dynasty. The Karate of Japan emerged because of the prohibitions of the Emperors in the use of Samurai or weapons only Emperors men were allowed to use. The oppressed people turned into the sharpening of their knuckles, open hands, fingers, feet, knees and even the forehead .That is why the name the art of empty and (Karate came out into the Martial Arts World. Now the Kungfu had the same history, the Dynasty of China from the Ming Dynasty to the Tong Dynasty ,The art of Gungfu and later Kungfu expressed the art learning from the Tiger as Tiger Claw,White Crane,Monkey Style, Snake style , Wingchun from a Nun whose ability is more the priest and some hidden animals , the secret of Kungfu and in the Philippines the traditional Philosophy of Kali with the Kalis as a weapon of a man of Philosophy comes out Kali signified by the culture of fighting men that made its history in 1521 killing Ferdinand Magellan. Kali with the used of the Kalis (Kampilan) was the only term of expression by the natives of Mactan Island since the natives were not familiar of the Spanish words as Escrima or Arnis , the native used their own Language the Babayin language indigenous to the natives. The name of Lapulapu sword is called KAMPILAN. Authenticate Kali it is the prefix that is dominant Ka as to kali and Ka as to Kampilan. So to check the authenticity of the true filipino art, Ka as to kalis dominant among the early natives of Mactan Island, the place where Ferdinand Magellan was beheaded by Datu Lapulapu in the Battle of Mactan in 1521.

    To check the three K's
    A.Karate - K to Japan
    B Kungfu-K to China
    C.Kali -to the Philippines

    These K's had made history of each Country but is significant among the three is that the art of Kali had won three major wars from 1521-1945. The Spanish -Philippine Revolution where all the K's were dominant . First the organization that lead the revolution was the KA-tipunan and their Symbols are the 3 Big K's in the Flag. The codes word use by the Katipuneros is KA-PATID meaning brotherhood.

    One meitod of authentication is the three major wars won by the filipinos. What drove them to win the war in the Philippines , it was not the Bolo or the guns, it was that kali philosophy to believe in life not death that motivated every filipino to fight DO NEVER DIE mentality.

    Kali as an art and a fighting system as its significant parallel symbol to what is K to Karate and what is K to Kungfu and K to Kali.
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  4. Intellectual True Fighting System

    To conceptualize the enemy's strength, capabilities , manpower , weaponry all from land not to mention the air and sea as an Infantry General I have to visualize what will be my strategy to outstrength or outsmart my enemy in the next 45 days expected in the valley of the killing fields. The days of bloody history of every major countries in Europe and in Asia were all merged into one struggle of survival . Each male members of the family were all required to join in the Army of thousands regardless of ages. The famales were left to manage the children to make them grow for manhood in preparation for another manpower to continue the war.It was not a happy task to be fighting out in far country leaving the family expecting to be alive or dead.

    During the revolution in the Philippines to fight against a superior dominant enemy, the Spanish Government whose influence had spread to many Islands and having impregnated the filipina women and having children of Spanish fathers with filipina woman,the influenced of religion as a dominant factor for submission without cruelty, changing the names of the filipinos to Spanish names , burning of the ancient writings under the babayin language,taking all the lands and titled as one in the name of Queen Isabela of Spain, execution of the National hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal in an open Luneta Park before thouands of Pilipinos, the filipino men of intellect
    were not able to stand the atrocities and abuses of the Spaniards for so many years. 330 years was so much to bear, the pain and sufferings were not strong enough to hold for more generations to suffer, by then it was ripe for the filipinos to form and form INTELLECTUAL organization called the KATIPUNAN -(Gathering of Filipino Warriors) with Gregorio Del Pilar, Andres Bonifacio, Emilo Aguinaldo and the Katipuneros to prepare for strong rebellion. These katipuneros were armed with solid fighting spirit to go to battle without ending but to win at all cost.It took years for the Kaipuneros of planning before the official order.The revolution was re-enforced with deep study of the enemy's strength, capabilities knowing the weakness of each garrison and the type of officers that manned the garrison. But in this gathering , each katipunero was equipped with the kali fighting Philosophy , to believe in life not death, to believe in success not failure and to believe in good health not sickness. With the KALIS in their hands in forms of Talibong and Ginunting, the strategy was to fight in forms of Guerilla Tactics ( evasion and scape) as their Motto" Outnumbered but never Outfought".

    Studying the Spanish orthodox way of fighting in using the Toledo Blades,the Katipuneros studied intelligently how to counter those style of fighting since the European method is linear method , the Katipuneros used the Triangulation strategy in terms of engulfing the group of five or more with expressive triangular slashes followed by direct thrust. All of the blade attacks were all based on the principles of triangle, it devastated the Spanish strength in Luzon as well as in other Provinces.As it happens in my Island of Negros. There was that time when hundreds of Spanish soldiers were about to enter into the city of Bago, then General Gregorio Araneta and General Lacson , the Revolutionary leaders of Negros (North and South) and their men outnumbered and outgun decided to gather all bamboo mats rolled each mat and formed like a Cannon and painted with black and each coconut trunk was cut and chop like a rifle placed in line assuming more than 30 artificial canons facing the enemy with one active cannon ,it was fired to the Spanish Battalions but the Spanish officers saw in a far distant using their lenses that there were much firepower of cannons they decided to withdraw instead of attacking the city.

    The blade culture was more of an everyday research and study by the Katipuneros, how to develop themselves to more powerful warriors than the Spanish soldiers. So they designed a training system that will give them strength and flexibiity.They cut a tree branch as a training tool to hit the trunck of the tree for power development, and for the blade cutting the tall grasses to develop good timing , going into the woods running, zigzaging making the trees as a shield ,running in full speed slashing and thrusting the Ginunting. Going into the river with their Ginunting slashiing the water in full power to develop stamina and endurance, cutting the branches of trees and bamboos to use as spears, hand made bows and arrows for distancing and all forms of infighting as the use of the Dumog and pangamut for close in forcible attack unarmed.

    The revolution had ended in full surrender with Spain selling the Filipinos in the Treaty of Paris in 1898 at $ 3.00 per head to the Americans.

    Kali as a true fighting system had proven its effectiveness because the system was perfected , had been put into laboratory,tested and it cost lots of lives to perfect one techique . These techniques had been kept as secrets of Kali and partly the Pekiti-Tirsia founded in 1897 that formed as major player in the revolution had more to teach and more effective methods to be brought into the educational table of todays generation.
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  5. PTK Doctrine of Perfection

    We often hear the statement " No one is Perfect" Yes , this is true most probably in our thinking, in our daily activities, in our religious efforts, in our relationship with our wife or girlfriend or boyfriend or sometime in our illusions but there is one Perfection that you cannot commit a mistake. The greatest mistakes of all if you don't how to save your life, your family and your country. What are we in martial arts after all. do we train because we want to embrace the Japanese karate, juijitusi, aikido or kendo or others , or do we learn Koreans art because we want to fly high and be at the top of the buildings or we try to toughened our tongue eating korean kimchi or we try to be Chinese and learn all the Kungfu styles or broad sword so that we can be like Bruce Lee or Jet Li or we want to be flying among the bamboo trees and start cutting them. Or we learn Indonesian silat because we want to be alike a monyet or monkey or bangaw puti-white crane or mandi muda so that can have all the silats in one system or we want to be in Kapoira and learn how the African slaves were able to use their dancing feet useful in all their fights against the British and the French or we want to be an Indian kailaprayat who raised their legs up high and kick like an ostrich or use the dance as a pretext to simulate the dance of death or we want to be real American who wants to learn everything and put it all in one basket calling " mixed of all the mixtuures" so that it can be called " Mixed Sports or above trying to do what is the best in reality for sports combat.

    All what is in the above are all excellent way to learn , they are as good as it is to the others as others can be as good to each other.

    What makes the big difference of the FMA compared to the above is the fact that the Discipline as instituted by the old men of kali in the Philippines is the art how to be perfect. For example, the practice of filipino healing, the healer will start to feel your pulse or the art of Pulsation, once he detects short of pulse beats either advanced or off time , he can detect which part of the body is defected and there he put his fingers to test if it is tender or there is a great pain felt in that particular area. If a one year old baby is hurt without asking the baby where is the pain , by feeling the pulse he can detect and pinpoint which part of the body has a pinched nerve or dislocated arms or shoulders or broken ribs or twisted neck very common among children. There is no allowance for mistake, a mistake in touching a wrong parts will create more problems to the child that is suffering.Since a kali man is also a healing man, his practices in terms of using the Bolo, spears, ancient knives , hands or feet must be exactly perfect as they way he touch the young child who is still learning how to talk. This is the very reason why Pekiti-Tirsia continue to maintain the old traditional. indigenous, cultured art because deviating from what has been perfected will cause wrong influence and wrong solutions, wrong education to the people who wants to learn how to save their lives in this criminal world.We maintain the

    To be in the Faculty In the Institute of PERFECTION, these are the requirements:

    A. Be a part of the Filipino Culture, visit the Philippines and experienced the beauty and splendor of the Islands that made the famous Conquestador Ferdinand Magellan remembered as the first Spanish circumnavigator of the world that gave his life for the Glory of the King of Spain , King Philip who declared that the 7, 169 Islands will be called in his name Philip-pines later the Americans called it Philippines.

    B. Visit the Philippines and enjoy the best food made by the virgin hands of beautiful filipina whose love is unlimited, that extend respect to his love one care and concern to all his or her families, and share the sweetness of Hospitality and for every word that comes out from the lips of a beautiful filipina is respect as "HO and PO" no other languages in the world that starts with respect and ends with respect only in a filipino culture.. Have a Filipina beauty be your mentor in learning the Tagalog as the Mormon Elders studied so fast within two years. The Tagalog or Ilongo language is easy to learn as learning Pekiti-Tirsia an easy way to learn the art of Perfection.

    C. Visit the Philippines and learn how to associate nature as a part of your training as it was in the days of old, the kali warriors practiced in the rice fields in the jungles, in the rivers, into the ocean, on top of the mountains. Enjoy the freshness of the sweet smelling flowers that as sweet as the perfume of the Queen of Sheba. Enjoy the best of the Islands where it offers its shallow green sea water ideal to cleanse your body with all the dirt of winter and the sweat of summer.

    D. Enjoy and dine with our beautiful filipinas over a hand made food " Chicken Adobo, sinigang fish and the freshness of the organic vegetables incomparably lemon sweetened and with all the species of life.If your body starts to give in because of fatigue and tiresome feet let the beauty of the hands touch your body with gentleness of motions that alone is more than enough to heal your trembling muscles that will lead you to rest.

    E. Enjoy the cross training program with our Force Recon Marines and the Special action force commandos and all other special units that trains as Counter terrorist training all Active Counter Measures a program of instruction by the Pekiti-Tirsia Survival School in the Philippines, that only Pekiti-Tirsia is allowed to involve non-military and non-law enforcement people , an opportunity that is offered to all students of Pekiti-tirsia worldwide.

    D. That in the course of time and more time coming to the Philippines, the true cultured person fashioned by his desire to be the best martial artist in the world is achieved and can be proud to say I have perfected what I dreamed and I am now a perfect warrior with all my perfect desire with perfect slashes, perfect thrust and perfect cutting prowess then I can say, " GIVE ME A PLACE WHERE TO STAND AND I WILL MOVE THE EARTH"

    E. The Art of Perfection is the Doctrine of Perfection, when in BATTLE you aim for the neck it must exactly get into the neck without mistake, if you aim for the hand it must get into the hands , if you aim for the heart take the heart and pull it out from the rib cage and catch it and wrap it with your handkerchief and put it in the cooler for your achives, or for great satisfaction aim for the eye bulls and if the point of the bolo reach the eye bulls snap the tip and once the eye bulls flys into the space try to catch it and open your mouth and shallow it , this is the art of perfection , a perfect catch in time of battle. The satisfaction of being perfect is the art of creation. this is the only way we can say that we are created by the Divine Perfection.
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  6. My Highest Respect to the FMA's teacher and students

    The pictures you see in the FMATALK, those are now dead and those who are alive can still be as good as new and those who are not in the picture but continue to teach FMA is as good as they are in the picture. What ever their efforts and their desire is as good as as they have honest intentions. And for those who are students of the FMA regardless of styles or systems I welcome each one with Congratulations.

    We in the Pekiti-Tirsia we don't claim for anything. We only do our responsibility in sharing the greatest annecdotes of our forefathers, the annecdotes of wonders that is called the Mystery. You notice that in the FMA there are many styles, many systems and how they were constructed and put into a fighting system,it can only be told if it is applied in the right perspectives. Mostly our old men who had the knowledge of the art were so secretive and very protective of their techniques that it is sometimes impossible to excite them to show what they know. But for those who came out openly and share their styles and systems is of great value for our learning education.If anyone who learns for example Modern Arnis or Doce Pares or Balintawak or Bahala na or Sirada or Lapunti or Lightning Arnis or other forms of Escrima , Arnis or kali, it is up to them to evaluate what they are learning for or it is to their judgement to distinguish
    to be a blackbelt in disarming or blackbelt that can stop the Swiss of the Kris and the Singing talibong and the whispering ginunting.There is freedom everywhere, there is freedom anywhere. this is the beauty of Democracy . So the choice is for everyone to know what is good for him or for her. In Pekiti-Tirsia it is hard to learn but easy to comprehend, it is hard to feel but easy to take the pain, it is painful in a way but you gain in a way, it is thought provoking because it deals with exact science, it complicated but it is simple to know and to understand. When things are simple because it is made to be complicated. It is hereditary because you will feel that you have the genetics of the blade culture, it is enjoyable because all in Pekiti-Tirsia are now purist and when things are pure , it is filled with laughter and cheerful moment that departing each other during gatherings are like the chicks that wants to be under the wings of the mother hen, they don't want to be apart each other.

    We share because we have the talent, we teach because we have the right education, we profound the training because we want everyone to be in the right Doctrine of Discipline, we disciplined because we don't want anyone to commit a mistake, a mistake is a blunder, we are all happy because we reach the point of no return. We respect all because they have the talents which we don't have, we are sorry for ourselves because out of sadness we try to be happy what we have.
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  7. Principles of Footwork

    Footwork strategy is the mainframe of the true original FMA. We call in our dialect " Panikang sang Kabayo" or Paso De Kabayo or footsteps of the horse. A horse has special sense of reaction, quick and can change direction as fast as the speed in running. I had once own a horse during my early days of training with my Grandfather It was a female horse and she was purely white. Her name was Maya-a name of small birds that flew in flocks and it takes care of your rice plantations if there are insects or locust that pester your rice about to be harvested.

    Footwork in Pekiti-Tirsia is so important as an initial requirment in training. It includes body mechanics , harmony of motions and adjustments to move forward and backward. It is a foundation for flexibility, agility, firm footage in case of power applicaiton,speed take off for close in assaults, calculated ranging and adjustments to different angles of attack.

    Footwork in its basic forms is centered on the principles of a triangle. A forward triangle and reverse triangle provides a footline conditioning that reacts with speed when action demands.

    Footwork strategy corresponds to attacking slash and thrust.The speed of the hand movements with weapon / no weapon , footwork movements adjust to the speed in constant harmony.It is amazing to watch the old men of kali in the olden days, how an eighty year old man can move like mongos fighting against the cobra. It is that agility gained from footwork constant training that made the art of fighting very unique.

    Many blade fights ends with sad ending. A hand is separated from the arm and the arm is separated from the shoulder and the heads flys drop to the ground rolling with the eyes opened. Legs are exposed in most cases so the first targeted area are the legs. When legs are wounded then it is followed to the arms and if the distant to the neck is favorable, then the neck is expose with no chance to move out from the speeding ginunting.

    Footwork is the bread and butter of the true FMA. Without footwork strategy the originality is lost. Common sense suggest that if real fight with multiple opponents, movements of the feet is important because if you only rely on your stances and blocking system then losing the hand and arm is just a wink of an eye.

    Never to forget that footwork is footprints in the sands of time. .
  8. Failure to understand combativeness

    To join the FMATALK one must have the experience , the training, the discipline and comprehensive understanding the true rudiments of the filipino culture.If only reading the history book about the Philippines or somewhat wrote a book about FMA and he has not even felt the pain of a stick or bleed or hammered in training with pain and agony what authority
    he has to argue about FMA. There are many martial artists who understand combat but don't contribute a line to the FMATalk but read the materials posted here in the FMATALK understands what kind of a person who talks empty and know nothing what is he talking about.

    Personally I join the FMATALK because first I want to read what others Grandmaster can say about their system or someone can write about their system as handed down to the next in line or someone who had enjoyed the pain and torture of true training making an authority of the system or style. We want education about FMA.We want impact on our lives about discipline and historical facts, because if I want to progress in my martial arts more in the filipino martial arts as an American or Englishman, German or others I will do my research diligently for my own benefit and for my mastery in weaponry or applied combat. I see there are names of suppose alive Grandmasters but what can they say or is there anything to learn from them except the same record played in the old phonograph. How will I imporve as an American, Canadian , Latino or Asian.

    Even filipinos in the Philippines and in the US only a handful are striving to learn , some tried but cannot take the hardship of training. They started at old age plus family responsibility that hinders their continuity but there are that inspite of hardship they continue.

    I want in the FMA is a sensible discussion that will enlightened the reading public a kind of education that FMA makes each person excited to open the FMATALK but if I read indifference and prejudice inside the context of the post I will lost my interest about FMATALK.

    If we discuss culture, tell us about culture. If we discuss combat lets us focus about combat. If you talk BS we are not interested. Unless you are are a(sitdown grandmaster )many will listen to your talk because there is no hard work.

    If you have the combative mentality then you are interested about FMA but if you are a jobber then you talk like a parrot.
  9. Disengage vs. disarm

    There are two schools of discipline in the FMA.

    Disarm or disarming is a term used by escrimador and arnis practicioners.Meaning grabbing the stick by use of blocking. Disarming can be done in many ways, use of the arm otherwise known as snake disarming, grabbing the stick after weapon contact , use of the legs, use of the neck or stick to stick disarming, using somebody's part to disarm and sometimes by pushing the weapon hand against an object maybe a tree or chairs and other object that might help to disarm.

    In many tournaments with headgear and bodyarmour out of 100 fights it is seldom that grabbing the sticks happens most disarming happens when one lost his sticks while in the process of hitting or upon contact with the opponents body or headgear.

    There is nothing wrong with disarming, provided it won't be a bad habit because when the real blade is moving like a jet plane then that bad habit will start to work.

    The Original discipline (kalis) meaning to scrape or level or make the top even as scraping the surface or in rice measurent , you level the ganta or anything that is sticking out not needed that cause injury as a rocks on the road or anything that prevents your actions must be scrape or kalis. This is the term in kali as a blade culture discipline. Discipline is to cut with a kalis blade anything that prevents the slashing or thrusting movements.To explain the differences one must how to use the term and how it is going to work. If you hold the stick then you must how to use it like a escrimador if you hold the blade be like a man of kali but the big difference is you might forget that in actual blade to blade you will use what is good as escrima technique against the stick and of course you lost your arm because the other fellow is using the technique " thisarm is mine"

    On the other hand disengagement of the weapon is done by deflection, diffussion and power contact. Regardless of the speed of the stick or blade by applying the deflectory method only on contact, the direction of the blades or stick is guided by the technique with timing that during entry into the medium range, it exactly deflect the weapon away for re-entry driving the weapon towards the target. Deflection is driving the weapon outside we call in our system ( pag gua or open top ) giving you a space for rapid entry.

    While inward entry is diffussion. Diffussing your weapon upon contact moving towards the center line of the body we call this ( takpan) or close top. Deflection and diffussion are the most effecient way for closing in to obtain maximum cutting opportunity then when the arm is within the cutting range we apply real "thisarming" this arm is mine).

    In full power delivery of the stick or blade we have the method called Pang guba( destruction upon contact ) Everything within the range of the power blows it must be destroyed non-stop with multiple attacks. Only heaven can stop it no place to go.

    How you distinguish your mental function is depending on the training and discipline if an escrimador is sinile because of age it is because he forgot how disarming works but if he still remembers once in a while he is still good for one to learn a good disarming, take advantage while someone can still remember,two things you will learn ,how to remember and how to forget.
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  10. Pekiti-Tirsia -Philippines

    Pekiti-Tirsia -Philippines otherwise known as the PTK Manila-Pitbulls had grown so fast and had expanded to the very elite of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police.The Armed Forces of the Philippines is the Army, Navy-Marines and the Air Force but the PNP is a Civilian Organization separated under the military command.

    The opening of the intensive training of the Pekiti-Tirsia was started by Mandala Timothy Waid as an ex-US Marines his word of presentation and his skill to prove that the Edged WEaponry of Pekiti-Tirsia was the answer to the Philippine Marines search for the right close quarter fighting system that can of greater use by the Marines in Combat.

    Mandala Tim Waid had proven himself in the field of training with the Philippine Marine Corps..He had estabished the discipline and respect of the Philippine Marine Corps being a US Marine he carried a lot of weight in his personality as a US Marine.

    Today Philippine Marine Corps made Tim Waid a symbolic of the true filipino fighting system even though he is an American but his heart and soul is filipino being married to a filipina.

    Pekiti-Tirsia-Philippines is under the flag of Mandala Rommel Tortal, my only nephew who is next to the real Pekiti-Tirsia. Rommel is the Resident Instructor of the Philippine Marine Corps and the Philippine National Police had advanced the skill development of the Philippine Marines to a Cadre Course that all Marines that are in the battlefield of Jolo and Basilan have the opportunity to train with the Cadre Instructors as diligently as they are in the Training Academy in Manila PMC training command center.

    Mandala Rommel Tortal is one of kind since his skill and expertise is combat based principles of Pekiti-Tirsia, the soldiers and the fighting men had developed extreme confidence that for every close quarter encounter each Marine can bring sourvenirs good to remember.

    How effective it was how effective it is, now Pekiti-tirsia was proven effective during our great grandfathers and now proven very effective fighting against the insurgents in Mindanao-a land of long lasting conflicts.

    Pekiti-Tirsia is dynamic in all actions , effective as it was , effective as it is
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  11. "is There No One Else"

    The rise of new breed of Pekiti-Tirsia Pitbulls Manila to Argentina to Brazil to Europe and to the North and South America will be sounded in one accord of Philosophical virtue " Is there no one else".

    Compounded by the determination to make the Pekiti-Tirsia an instrument of courage and bravery in time for peace and time for war, the Pekiti-Tirsia Doctrine of Discipline, a culture that is developed contnualy during seminars and camp training all over the areas of Pekiti-Tirsia will continue to grow in strengthening each Pekiti--Tirsia to act and and think like a Pitbull. Pitbulls motto: "Grab the Bulls by the Horn" , a determination that Pitbulls distinct among other dogs.

    Pekiti-Tirsia Pitbulls are gentle loving men and women who by virtue of their discipline can get along with people but with mental reservations ready to open all the weapons of mass bloody mess if any false move can be detected while on the process of expressing the goodness of time

    The Pekiti-Tirsia Dragons of the Philippine Marine Corps is deadly because they have attained the highest form of endurance and stamina and their power hits are tremendously devastating. They guarantee to break any forms of headgear and break every bones of the enemy. With daily hits of the tire at 5,000 hits multiply by 60 days plus and plus. "Is there no one else." the hungry crying Marines.
  12. Pekiti-Tirsia Equation

    Strategy and Tactics are the golden assets of Pekiti-Tirsia otherwise known in Ilongo dialect interpreted as (Talipapa para Pangguba). Strategy is a workable plan of action that leads to the destruction of the opponents will to fight by destroying his mental faculties through metaphysical injecting power( Kargahan).After the mind loses its control then the destrcution of the weapon and weapons hand. Strategically the use of footwork helps 90% of the attack movements that completely destroy the opponent either in sport or in combat.

    Equations leads to tactical use of impact power against the strength of another weapon, the use of evasion for entry and re-entry into the killing zone provide a wide opening to deliver the full power force that terminate
    completely the enemies strength, stamina and endurance.

    Strategy and Tactical equation can only be attained if the system is combative oriented meaning the system is thirsty for blood. But if the style is not a system then it is useless to fight even with a padded stick.

    Pekiti-Tirsia fighting strategy is calculative in nature. Estimate of the situation is carried mostly in the training process,felt in distant sparring before the full contact. All what has been in the strategy is delivered by tactical actions ,counter and re-counter.
  13. Knife is fast and furious

    The Advantage in Pekiti-Tirsia as a knife specialist is the fact that Close Quarter In-Fighting technology is focused in destroying the enemy within 1/10th of a second hitting the killing zone.It is one of the many attributes in a knife cultured system how to fight within close range applied as a element of surprise. The importance of knowing that you will be killed in close range provides an opportunity to provide firewall within the killing zone. Any firewall constructed mentally within the closest range must be firmly secured with secondary knife firewall re-enforced by counter offense.

    Close in-fighting knife combat is the most dangerous than empty hand of punching or kicking. Losing the eyes is one of them or if you are hit in one of the major arteries then that is the end of your life story.

    Pekiti-Tirsia Dagaso Tirsia on single knife and Qol Demama Dagga on double knife combat technology is the best firewall against anybody using the knife as an offensive weapon. The art to interplay someone with a knife is a joy forever, seeing the knife swang into your face and be able to recounter without a heavy effort by slashing the hand and follow to the fingers where the fingers do the walking is an excellent experience.Do not be disturbed by the Crying time again begging for mercy, finish the story not to make the story too long to tell.

    Since PTK knife combat has no blocking and disarming, it is but natural move to react with speed against anyone using a knife for combat.It is fast and furious just to think how much damage can a knife do against an empty hand or a kicker.

    The art of thrusting and the art of slashing is one of the best training a knife can do. It is in a little room that knife begins to grow , it is in the wilderness knife is useful. Knife culure is a killing culture. It already killed hundreds of thousands of people from the beginning of history.Today, it is important that understanding the knife torturing pain before dying is much more painful than hit by the bullet.
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  14. Masteral in Weaponry

    2008 Pekiti-Tirsia will open the first Institution of LIVE WEAPONRY , live blade and live knife training center under the organization called : SKULLBLADE SOCIETY .

    The official bolo to be used is ginunting ( Official Close Quarter Blade used by the Force Recon Brigade of the Philippine Marine Coprs.

    The Live blade training institution is located in Taguig, Rizal and in Bacolod City, Philippines.

    Membership by invitation only:

    To reach this level one must be 5-7 years in Pekiti-Tirsia.

    Subjects are:

    A. Comparative history of the Filipino Fighting arts vs. Filipino Martial Arts

    B. Filipino Blades in different tribal profile

    C.How effective it was , How effective it is.

    D. The legend of Ginunting : How to apply today.

    E. What makes the Ginunting superior blade.
  15. Non-counterability an ancient tradition

    Non-Counterablity is the objective of renown Grandmasters who mastered their own system . You find only few system that is advocating today. If there is one that will conform to non-couterability then he knows what is his system and he knows his capability.

    Non-counterability is missing in most FMA style because of the interest to be in sports making the FMA to be a expectator sports.So techniques that are vitally usefull for combat is disallowed and those who practice the FMA were more concern in showmanship.

    We cannot deviate from the true culture of Kali dedicated to the direct combatancy during combat encounter.True kali culture is far stronger than other culture applied in real combat in the Philippines for more than 300 years.It continued to be powerful because of the interest for each special subjects to be accomplish in the most shortest possible time.

    Non-counterability is sharper compared to than two edged wespons

    Time is important in all aspects of legal battle,.
  16. North America Seminar Round Up

    Pekiti-Tirsia Kali upgrading seminars and Instructors Camp had brought new devoted advocates that had opened their minds to new avenues of the filipino culture," A DISCIPLINED FOR A LIFETIME". These new advocates had good previous experiences spending number of years to learn a Japanese, Chinese, Koreans , Brazilians and even filipino escrima and arnis but with great surprise, they turned 360 degrees and made a commitment to specialize Pekiti-Tirsia Advanced Knife TEchnology and other components that contributes to Mastery.

    Pekiti-Tirsia scholarly programs brings upgraded structure to greater heights of knowledge from the Center thought of TRi-V Formula( Tatlo Palapag" with the inclusion of Contra Tirsia Dubla Doz (Panguntra sa Tatlong Palapag pasunod duha kada igo) moving to reach to the highest level of the technology ( PEKADUM TRIGO).

    It is the intention of Pekiti-Tirsia as a system to inculcate the technical know how of what is the real traditional, indigenous discipline to those who are serious and wants to devote their lifetime in practicing the Doctrine of Perfection. Blade culture is a discipline that as the years of training it will be developed as a culture, an actual culture that will save lives. a lasting technology for active survivalist.

    Noth America round up starts from Florida , Texas, California, Indiana, Connecticut, Florida, (TExas, Dallas Instructors Course), Montreal, Pensylvania Michigan,( DEtroit) California x 2,New York City, Florida 2 times, Utah, Salt Lake City, Toronto,Maryland, San Diego, Cal,

    Amazing progress people flying from many States and even outside the US just to take advanage in attending my seminar.

    One of the successful seminars were in Canada. One in Montreal under Tuhon Philipp Gelinas , atttended by serious and devoted kali men and lately in Toronto under Guro Jun Del Leon < Kali De Leon). Guro De Leon teaches the art with finish guided by the doctrine of discipline.attended by seasoned De Leon kali system. But the Dallas Instructor's Course had moved the Seniors PTK to new spectrum of technology that prepared them against all flags.

    Comes 2008 so near yet so far, Pekiti-Tirsia will expand to Latin America to start in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in Europe will start in Germany.

    But the Philippines will be the breeding place of Licensed Tactical Instructors for Edged Impact Weapon Tactical Combat and Edged Impact Weapon Control Dynamics and Edged Impact Weapon Survival Tactics see ( www.
  17. Pekiti Tirsia 2008 Resolutions

    Resolutions :

    A. Pekiti-Tirsia grants the opportunity an International Licensure Course in the Philippines to start on Feb 5-15 and February 27-March 11 and March 15-30 2008. First of its kind a licensure course in the practice and teachings of Edged Impact Weapon Tactical Combat. A licensed Instructor will be recognized internationally.

    B. Ten Days crash course to be held at the Special Action Force Commandos training center at Luguna Phillippines and at Lipa Batangas

    C. Faculty of Instructors are the best specialist coming from the Elite Force Recon Marines and War College of the Armed Forces of the Philippiens with foreign guest instructors from the US and Europe.

    D. Subjects for the course are selected to fit into the Edged Impact Weapon Tactical Combat Course for the Military and Law Enforcement people.

    E. All Pekiti-Tirsia program of instructions are aimed for combat and masteral training will be avaliable through seminars and summer camps.

    F.That all PTK will be trained in the higher learning program .
  18. Learn how to fight without headgear

    pekiti-tirsia special program for 2008 is the continuity of the Tri-V Formula in the higher strata of methodology ( the strategy of Pangigo palapao palusotay).

    Pekiti-Tirsia technical sparring will provide ability to learn the application of TRi-V Formula combine with Capsula Methodica , the power of offense and the reverse method of counter offense.

    Sparring without headgear will bring to full contact close quarter battle without any headgear or body armour in full power blows. The ability to recounter and counter to recounter is the pekiti-tirsia top ace as an FMA and FFA.

    This course is only offered who are decided to go all the way in terms of full contact without is highly technical, tedious, swift and deadly.
  19. 2008 PTK mission Order

    Pekiti-Tirsia for the year 2008 have one mission order.

    A. Pekiti-Tirsia institutes discipline to the highest order

    B. pekiti-Tirsia institutes hard training preparing for real combat

    C. Pekiti-Tirsia institutes the discipline of perfection

    D. pekiti-Tirsia institutes superiority in all aspects of challenges.

    E. pekiti-tirsia instittues no bones unturn combat policy
  20. PTK Advanced Gunology

    The Special Action Force Commandos the elite anti-Terrorism manpower of 3,800 actively trained combat unit had offered the SAF command school training facilities in Laguna-Philippines.The PTK students that jons the Licensure course will be stationed in Laguna for five intensive days in learning all the combat close quarter CQB tactical operations using all types of weaponry to snipering methods.

    PTK Gunology is as important as the blade itself. PTK warriors can be effective in a distance and more effective in close quarter. It is this Gunology discipline that a PTK as a student or instructor can learn two important combat methodology , killing by a mile away and killing by the power of touch.

    PTK policy is to equipped the PTK warriors the art of dirty art inorder to know how to combat the dirty ones and clean it immaculately. The PTK is preparing the PTK Pitbulls most specially how to fight in all sense of combat from the Military or Police Standard to the Executive type civilians.

    2008 is the year where the Advanced PTK will be highly participating all types of training, if one can pass the Combat SCuba or Airborne , the course is open . We believe in the Few, the Proud, the Leader.

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