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  1. The Hakapila Of Pekiti-tirsia

    Pekiti-Tirsia HAKAPILA is the power on 2008. The rising discipline of roaring thunder, the thunderous voice that fills the air, the faces of an angry bear, the hands and arms of the Komodo Dragon, the tongue that swiftly kill the fly, the speedy glitering double edge knives that follows the thunderous voice " Haka Haka Peka Peka doom "

    The high sounding baritone voices heard from the depth of the earth shocking the earth made the legs shaffles as do earthquakes reach 7.2 rts.None can stop the Hakapila, the power of 2008.

    The made us win, they made us win " Haka Haka peka peka doom". No one can stop us , no one can stop us"Haka Haka peka Peka doom..

    The voice of thunder roared over the valley of 200,000 Persians against the 45,000 , Alexander the Great Cavalry brigades and foot soldier drove the the Persians like fleeing grassophers.The sound of fullfilled destiny brings back the memory of the past. Hakapila is the driving force , force behind the Haka Haka.
  2. Fma : Memorial Hall Of Fame

    2008 will be the year for Pekiti-Tirsia's special project to establish an HONORABLE MEMORIAL HALL FAME in the Philippines recognized by the Philippine Goverment through the Department of Education and Culture granting each Filipino-American and Filipino Masters and Grandmasters the honor as Honorable Indigenous men of Exemplary talents who represent the culture of bravery and courage, a true filipino culture. That they will be long remembered and honored by the people that will visit and see their pictures and their works .The Masters and Granmasters although they are dead but Alive with the footprints in the Sands of time.

    This MEMORIAL HALL OF FAME shall be established as a separate place for people to visit and honor them as they were alive .

    In my Province of Negros Occidental there were few who died who were considered the best in the Islands, GM Conrado B. Tortal ,GM REmy Presas, GM Jose Vinas of the Lapulapu Style, GM Pedoy Cordova, GM Juan Lawan, and others and in the Island of Panay, Luzon, Cebu , Leyte Samar, Bohol. Mindoro, Mindanao. USA-Hawaii, Stockton, LA, Sacramento

    All of these who died with the sticks and blades in their hands, mind and heart shall long be remembered by those who practice the art and those who may wanted to know the history and culture of the Philippines.
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  3. Dangers Ahead

    Update yourself on the daliy news CNN, BBC , Good morning America and all sources of informations more in the Internet axis. None in the news that is more disturbing that 100 to 200 people are killed everyday in the other side of the world. In the United States , bridges collapsed people killed , forest burning , fire in the building,suicidals kills children and women raped and murdered. I have been in many places in the United States, in Europe and in Asia but I have not witnessed any community that brings the people together under the leadership of a strong vigilant person and tells his community let us practice to train ourselves how to defend our family and protect this town against strangers that intends to harm our children and bring havoc to our community . Instead, you see everyone dressed in the best outfit bringing their Bibles and songs books parading onward to the church and with everyone in the Congregation the Pastor , the Priest takes a stand open the sermon in the name of God we are all gathered here.Recently someone pulled his gun and shoot people inside the church. In my city again ten years ago, there was a grand wedding in a very elite church in Bacolod City, one of the Sponsors of the wedding was one of the many sponsors without notice a man got close to this man and fired a 45 caliber directly into the head of the Sponsor killing hiin instantly. This is one of the tragedies that is expected today's time.

    The church will not save you neither your God. God will only save you if you help your self. I once remembered I used to bring guns inside the church place inside a book looks like a Bible of course with the name outside the bible but when you open the chapter , you see that God is inside the Bible-the name is GOD 45. I can be religious but I don't trust people who tried to be religious more inside the church. Who knows one of the religious man has a submachine gun tack in his coat and open fire while we on prayer, or while we are singing, When the Saints are Marching In.

    Tragedy is define as Tragedy because a Tragedy killed inside the Church is the product of Tragedical mentality. Weakness of mentality because of too much religious impounding of the mind with fear as a sinner bound to confess all the sins with 10% of the income into the money plate.Tragedy is in the mind, tragedy happens because we allowed to happen. Negligence is the greatest sin of all. The Sign says Dangers Ahead" Smoking is Dangerous to your health " according to the Surgeon General , who smokes Doctors and Nurses if not many the few. Alcohol brings liver problems ,social drinking is Ok but after too many social drinker, alcoholism is a part of the life style.Too much fatty foods is bad to your heart, then Chinese Buffet says all you can eat. After several months one lady cannot enter in her car, over size hips needs some choping to make her fit.

    If I can find a community exercises self consciouness and self=preservations then this community is ever ready to take the law into the hands of the law so before anything happens the tragedy had ended before it happens.

    Pekiti-Tirsia is community oriented fighting system. Military community. Marines, Army . Airforce, Navy and the Law Enforcement personnel. The teaching Philosophy is a major program : THE WILL POWER TO SURVIVE AT ALL COST. The civilian community is as good as a military community if there is leadership that leads the way for others to follow.
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  4. What is your moneys worth and your effort

    It has been an opportunity to have martial artist from other discipline that attended my seminars from Florida to Texas to Californina and to the great lands of the Midwest to the State close to the apple ready to be eaten Waterbury CT.

    New faces more to my excitement to meet more Filipinos more dedicated realizing that there is a cup of tea that we can sip together and talk Filipino expressions as if we were in the Philippines.

    All of these gentlemen had been in almost in many restaurants of martial arts with recipes of good descriptions but to my surprise their confessions was heart failing because coming from other styles and systems many defective procedures that does not warrant a life saving techniques giving the attacker the opportunity to counter the techniques as it was seen in the movies and in the DVD's sold out into the stores.

    With my humble advice, we in the Pekiti-Tirsia we don't say we are the best style or system but if you look into our present clients of excellent standing using every resources within the Combative Principles , The Philippine Marines 10,000 manpower force( Force Recon) The US Marines bound for Iraq( Balikatan Exercises)The Piston,Karat and Interoperability miltary Exercise between the US Green Beret and Special Forces in the Philippines, the Philippine National Police ( Special Action Force Commandos numbered 3, 800 , the CRG of 2 Battalions and the Intelligence Group, Philippine Public safety College numbering from 300 to 700 each of the 18 training centers all over the Philippines, The National Police College, Philipine National Police Academy and the Special Operations Group RMG and the HRDD.

    The Austrian Cobra Commandos in Austria. The Special Forces 19th Group in Utah. Question what is your money's worth or your time and effort. Are you spending money that will save your life or you love to be fancy like in the movies. Think along those lines. In Pekiti-Tirsia the PTK Pitbulls are ready to take the good look what money is worth for. They are good for a good Question " ARE YOU READY
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  5. Only One system in the Tortals family

    It is on record that there is only one system in the Tortal's family of Pekiti-Tirsia System. It is on record that the late Grandmaster Conrado B. Tortal was recognized during his own time by the Mayor of Bago City Don Araneta as the only Negrense to fight the famous Tansiong Padilla of Panay on a Match at the annual festival of Bago which in that encouter Tansiong Padilla lost his dagga during the exchange of techniques in the middle of the Plaza in Bago. Negros won against that match and an honor was to the late Conrado B. Tortal. It was clear that the brothers Balbino, Francisco and Teodorico were supportive to the system and were a part of the system but during the war in the Philippines from 1942 to 1945, Negros Island was invaded by the Japanese and mostly places closed to the city of Bacolod that includes the sitio of Talisay where GM Balbino Tortal and his family lives. By then all the children of GM Balbino were very young including Jerson Tortal who was then 7 years old and other younger brothers. They were left to their mother where my grandfather Conrado B. Tortal had helped to make the family survived.

    The Pekit-Tirsia is the original fighting system of the Tortals family and this is a fact because it is recognized by the family including Jerson Tortal who was in the book of Edgar Sulite Arnis Master, featuring Jerson Tortal as Pekiti-Tirsia. In the web site of Jerson Tortal that Dekiti-Tirsia is the Tortal family system and he is the inheritor is a blatant lie. Greg Alland his partner and advicer use Dekiti-Tirsia as a desperate move sell certificate of instructorship from $ 500.00 to $ 1,000.00 and some in exchange for doing a job in the internet, . My lawyers are preparing a case against this claim to disprove that this is a blatant insult to the family of the Tortals and flageration which is a crime itself.

    I have the right to inform the public because this is cheating with intent to commit fraud using falsity with intent for gain.This is also downgrading the filipino culture. All that has been written in the Web site about Dekiti-Tirsia were materials of pekiti-tirsia. Jerson Tortal has no capacity to explain in writting neither verbally all about Pekiti-Tirsia. Ask him and let him perform the 64 attacks if he can do it.Ask him about Dagso Tirsia and the TRi-V Formula, Ask him the Abecedario numerado or Capsula Methodica, ask him the principles of footwork strategy and the attack strategies.Ask him and let him explain what is the Philosophical values of the family system, ask him what is the real secret of Pekiti-Tirsia if he his Dekiti-Tirsia is the real Tortal system.

    If he made his own system without using Dekiti-Tirsia as the Tortal's system, then I will let it go for him to continue selling instructors certificate. But even the brother Melecio Tortal the father of Rommel Tortal do not believe on this Dekiti-Tirsia. It is a manufactured name by GReg Alland with Jerson Tortal as a front line.
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  6. Pekiti-tirsia Systems Of Training

    Pekiti-Tirsia training Philosophy:

    A. Installation of the Kali Philosophy
    B. Installation in the understanding of the true filipino culture, history and customs
    C. Installation of the Doctrine of Discipline throug hard training following the indigenous procedures
    D. Building of Stamina and Endurance through all forms of indigenous conditioning
    E. Blade conditioning through strategic and tactical attack movements in full power blows attaining the necessary speed, timing , accuracy and precision.
    F.Higher drills to obtain coordination and smoothness of motion through footwork strategy
    H.Installation of the Doctrine of Perfection through edged weapon live action with constant analyzis passing the blade to blade on non -contact to diffusive contacts and deflectory recounters.
    I.Passing the escalation of applied methods from Single weapon to higher category including long weaponry
    J. Advanced Mastery training to the Unang hagdan Tri-V formula ( Tatlong Palapag) Capsula Methodica( Hacop /haboy ) Lima-Lima mayor( Five essence of destruction) The Pekadum Trigo ( hakbang tatlong Palipad)
    K. Masteral Live Blade tactical combat:

    Along the line of principles in advancing to the higher level instructional insternship is required which provides the opportunity for instructors to engage in teaching the Police and Military in the subject specialize for Military and Law Enforcement.

    Years of training is discounted as a Barometer of learing the system. It is the number of hours spent in hard rugged terrain, hard tough obstacle course, unusual procedure to obtain longitivity in real encounter.

    The training is as tough as the Force Recon Marines as enduring as the Scout Rangers but with the same mission : Test Mission on how effective as it was or how effective as it is. What is taught is applied in the test mission. We are the only martial Arts that requires test mission.
  7. True FMA-Dangerous Martial Arts

    I wish to bring this to the attention of anyone that practice FMA in a combative way , that it is very dangerous to adventure in trying to prove that you are good or you have a good style because there are secrets in the fighting system that each original styles are meant to be used at the very moment when the real action is needed. \

    In the olden days specially during the Spanish era, real Filipino kali men who were experts and skillfull fighter had design a way how to kill the enemy in a very scientific way not just by the supriority of the techniques but by the superiority of the METAPHYSICS.Each Kali Master had dedicated themselves many number of years spending countless days and nights following the requirments set forth to be done as required by the metaphysical man with the ripened age filled with the wisdom of metaphysics. Kali itself is self -attaining philosophy that it is only by full dedication and religious allegiance to the Philosophical beliefs that results can be a part of a persons life. Metaphysics is the highest attainment in the FMA practices. Kali carries the true metaphysics. Kali is the governing power that made the filipino Guerillas won in so many battles in the Philippines.

    How popular was kali in the olden days ?. Kali was not in the beauty contest neither it was expose as a fighting system,it came out only as an expression of force, an expression of power that when the Katipuneros swept the Spanish garrisons no one was to be found alive. As it happened in many encounters in LUZON, VISAYAS AND MINDANAO.

    What would be your feeling ,as a husband with a beautiful wife that in the midst of night the Spanish soldiers broke your door and took your wife and to be brought to the Spanish officer at the Garrison to be abused and later mentally disabled couldn't even recognized her family. What would you feel that your piece of land is taken away from you and you are driven out from your own house taking all your produce nothing to be left to your family. What would you feel that a Spanish priest abused your only son enticed to be a priest when in fact your son was the toy of the priest while he studies priesthood for at least nine years in the seminary.

    The FMA-kali differentiates from the escrima and Arnis. Because in the metaphysical world a choice of word is important to be a part of the elementals ,how each word be the components of the metaphysical words spoken or murmured during the deliverance. Since arnis/escrima is a spanish word it is unacceptable to use these words during the rituals.Each word spoken or felt must be clean because each word even letters are chosen as part of the cleansing process to be considered pure in mind and in spirit. The spirit of the forefathers will only enter into the physical body if the body is clean and the mind is clean.If the word is unclean then it cannot be accepted.

    It is quite difficult to understand if explain in a laymans language but as the years of spanish influence in the Philippines for nearly 330 years, the metaphysical practices were kept and transfered to selected few chosen by the Spiritual council of the forefathers that as of today it is impossible for one to understand unless he is chosen to be one.It is the forefathers presence that provide the blessings while a person is on training to be excellently a winner in all forms of encounter for the protection of his life or his family.

    The secret of metaphysical Power that is Filipino that goes with the Ginunting or Talibong that is extremely dangerous.

    Kali as a discipline is not meant for everybody. It is only meant for people who are deeply serious in trainiing with the hope to prepare themselves against all forms of threats against any member of the family. As it is practice today by the Philippine Marines and the Philippine National Police in the Philippines, it is for the protection of the country's freedom and liberty more for the lives of the free loving filipinos. It is the metaphysical power that goes with the Ginunting that is extremely dangerous in the true FMA.
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  8. What is the value of Man

    Today we are witnessing the Political world, leaders by political ascendancy or carried by corruptive victories. In my country the Philippines is one of the most experienced country in Politics to mentioned Asia. Philippines is one the countries in Asia that enjoyed the Freedom of Election process that offered oppotunities to people who have the money and ambition to run for President, Senators, Congressmen , Governors and local government officials. During the campaign volumes of promises were told to the people that with the words as promised plus the money during election someone wins someone lost. Philippines has an excelllent poltical culture. There is a system of voting in the Philippines that the dead can vote. His name is written in the ballot forms and drop into the ballot boxes as a ligitimate voter. It is only in the Philippine politics that you are told not to vote and don't bring your followers to the precinct during election day because you have already voted. It is only in the Philippine politics that a father to the grandchildren became a mayor, next the wife , next the son , next the grandson, then back to the father that runs for governor and next the son became a Congressman and later the wife runs for Senator. The dynasty of politicians became the Filipino culture. Only in the Philippine politics that a catholic church and other religeous organizations that played an opene card to whom who will be voted by the church members. It is only in the Philippine politics that corruption is an art if you are caught you are told to migrate to the US or other countries.

    This is the good side of the Philippines, without Politics people will get sick because it is only in Politics that they can find good people who can lead yet the good people cannot win because they don't want to be involved in the election frauds ,and to be voted you pay the people . The good part of the politics in the Philippines is majority hates politicians, they compliments politicians but by heart they hated them.,they know how they cheat and the person facing him is the person that he paid to vote for him. But the best part in the Philippines are the people that have the remaining principles of the true culture that once practiced by the filipino in the past. Mostly of these Filipinos are non-commited to the Philippine politics but they are instrumental in making the Philippines a good place to live.Philippines is the fruit basket of Asia. Every one that visits the Philippines always wanted to go back and if possible to live there forever. There is the set of balance in the Philippines ,all weathered country neither hot nor cold, the weather bounces to the test of choice to be on the beach the next day or the mountains after the next day.What the culture brings to the present society in the Philippines made the the filipinos recognized in many fields of expertise from the political arena to the medical field and to the field of maritime industries where 80% of the commerical and cargo vessels sailing all over the world are manned by Filipino sailors. In martial arts , the FMA is leading the way as the art for the military and Law Enforcement program all over the world.

    Yes , what is the value of a Man. Is it in his political victories or his innermost compassion to understand the needs of human society that saves the world for the future generation . Make your guess. ARE THE MAN OF VALUE.???
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  9. How fast can you catch the blade

    It is amazing to see what I saw in the demonstration in the early 80's that one of the Masters catching the Samurai and as soon he held with his two hands the blade was turned and twisted.The fact that he caught the Samurai is quite fantastic.. I don't know if there are volunteers who will catch my ginunting and tried to disarm me.

    What people see they believe and before the FMA became popular the practice of the Samurai was always seen in many demonstration conducted by some well known martial artist in the US.It is also interesting to note that a Master can tolerate the applicability of the Samurai during demo and how it can be deadly when the blade is used to attack people in the street.

    How fast can you catch the blade made of ginunting or talibong or even the dahong palay.Was there an instance that these blade was caught while it runs faster than sound.

    The Filipino blade designed by warriors of the ealy century, was trimed down to few styles that blend to the fighting system. The filipino handling of the blade in real combat carries a different concept in ceremony and in real furious battle in one of the Islands. It moves as it goes to a different angles of attack unnoticed by the enemy. Then with so much speed the blade find its way to the comfort of landing in one of the necks of the intruder.

    We should believe according to the dictate of our conscience with the use of common sense. If this is observe then many can be saved in the middle of close quarter combat.
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  10. What Shall a Man gain if he loses his neck

    What shall a man gain if the, neck, arms, fingers, legs were cut after much time spent gathering many styles and spending more time in the mat thrown all over the place. The effort went into sprain ankle, pich nerve, broken arms and many more malfunctions that were noticed after the training. I met several people that works with me in many seminars that had injuries for the past ten years and others shifted to Pekiti-Tirsia because they could not take the injuries cause by smashing their body to the ground. Yes. it is good way to experience playing on top and be under the top in someways but in real multiple encounter to be on the ground with 5 people with baseball bat is a suicide.

    What you do in training is what happens out in the street. When the trouble starts suddently you forgot everthing what will you do when the Cold steel or the Spiderco or the Columbia opens or the Balisong singing along the movements of the hands, are going to seek for the legs to grab or are you looking for the arms to twist or are you looking at his belly to clinch.

    Gone were the days when you can apply those but with the educated criminals who had previous training and had updated themselves with the DVD and movies of jet Li and the Gangs of New York,they studied how to counter those application and they are prepared to plant the knife in your head and with a multiple stabs at your back hitting you in the spinal cord and with your kidney expose your are finish no less than 30 seconds.

    I have seen and met Martial Artist that had 20 Instructors and 10 Masters within the spread of 15 years in Martial arts . I was impressed but when I suddenly opened the Balisong in front of his face he got scared and cannot talk. You go to his school he had all the certificates hang on the wall, quite impressive. I understand that it is business. So we are in this critical time where crimes increases everyday and if your instructor is the first to be scared with a live knife then what will he teach you to protect yourself against knife attack . All dummy knives are good only for training.

    In Pekiti-Tirsia you have to bleed inorder for you to associate pain and the sweetness of your blood. The more experience with real knife and real blade , more ocnfidence is develop and this confidence will save your life.
    The Philippine Marines and US Marines during the Balikatan Exercise the real experience is to run in full speed with an open Ginunting charging in cutting five banana trunck tide together in no less than 3 minutes .

    This is the real form of training prelude to the real encounter. Why waste your time and money in playing something else that will you be killed by a 14 year old kid who knows only to play his knife in the street of Los Angeles and New York City. Martial Arts as portrayed in the FMA way should be realistic not a day dream. In Pekiti-Tirsia we dont go to the ground, it is the duty of the attacker to go to the ground before he goes 6 feet under the ground. It is not the work of a knife / blade man to go to the ground. It is the job of the head to go to the ground and roll over the dirt so the face will be dirty cleaned with eyes still opened.

    What shall a Man gain if he loses his neck ?. Find him in another world.
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  11. Power Of The Blade Is The Power Of The Mind

    There are many measuring units in the use of the power. Power with a Formula , Power to dominate, Power to Destroy and Power to control the mind. In the FMA, the strength of expertise is the use of the power of the mind. The sharpness of the blade corresponds to the sharpness of the mind. If the mind fails the blade fails to touch the skin of the enemy. It is inherent in the art of blade culture that the use of the Power must be present all the time.

    Power to command the body and all its components during encounter is the best part in life where at that moment of taking the action in using the exact amount of force to accurately hack the neck amd making it sure that it separates from the main stem is quite an experience.

    Practicing the reality of the art wiithin the knife culture is the prime instructional program embodied in the Cadre Course of the Philippine Marine Corps. The full use of mental faculties leaves no mistakes during and after the encounter in the Island of Jolo or Basilan, Mindanao Philippines, the breeding nest of the Al queda in the Philippines.

    It is a must that a Force Recon Marines and the Special Operatives has to carry the weapon of mass bloody destruction at all times during operations in these Islands . It a weapon required by the Ideological discipline since the enemy used Ideology in their missions, the Marines counters that Ideology by using the Ginunting as a means to express that Ideology into realities.

    The Blade is as powerful as the mind but what makes the power of the mind , it is the Will power to kill.
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  12. The Impact of Slash and thrust

    Edged Weaponry is an artistic way to express once self as a daily routine exercise just as good as calesthenics or fitness program. The art in slashing cutting through the wind of change brings a new life to each artery and veins within the body and breathing with the savagery of the blade brings greater confidence of superiority like an Emperor of 100,000 soldiers fully equipped ready to devastate the enemy on order.

    Edged Weaponry is a real Mastery as good as a Master in Mathematics or Master of Law or in any education that requires Masteral degrees.Only in Edged Weaponry that subjects behind it are hidden within the concepts of secrecy that what is presented is only for educational purposes and specifics overviews for one to understand the fundamentals of the art as a culture.

    There are inner chambers in the house of Edged WEaponry that for one to complete the essentialities, one must find all the chambers and once completed he must know which of the Chambers is the storage of wisdom and the real secrets.

    FMA is not as easy as people think. It is not an art of regimentary actions and follow me policy. It is an art govern by intellectual perceptions that produces the lighted path of understanding how to survive even at the most crucial intensity where chances of survival is very critical. The true FMA is a continous education that leads to perfection as the saying goes "ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN DAY" nor the great wall of china.

    Consistency with patience is the real art, enduring and long -suffering makes one a candidate for Mastery. When I extend a rank to Pekiti-Tirsia qualified candidates for Instructorship, they have a goal and that goal once accomplish then that title is put into effectivity. A title is only a showmanship but the real title is what the movements of the Edged Weapon meant a lot to be felt and how it meant a lot when it hits.

    Those who recieve a rank from me who cuts its continuity with me and had taken advantage of the sytem is as bad as he learn nothing because those rank meant nothing to present instructors that are active and had more loyalty.In other words the title or Rank self-destruct itself after number of years of non -continuity and failure to continue to the next degree of learning ladder. Those who cut intentionally the relationship to the family of pekiti-tirsia is as good as he sign the separation paper.

    The missing secret of the Slash and the Thrust can only be found in the field of accomplishment and that the performance during the Test MIssion in the jungle where all opportunities for one to survie exist all the time. Under cover of darkness and under cover of natural surroundings makes the fun to have all the means within the ability to use common sense in every movement at night and movement by day.Once the mission is accomplish and all the evidence are brought out to prove that the mission was completed then the real secret is found and it will last forever.
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  13. Genetics found in you

    The wonders of genetics has been the subject of many scholars expressed in the school of sciences and in medical institutions. Genetics are found in persons manifestations more in the diseases as often it is mentioned in terms of diabetis or mental imbalances and more in the lives of criminals whose genetics of the forefathers works in all their lives until they committed the same act as what their forefathers had done in the darkened past.If one suffers a rare disease it is because Medical analysis says it is in the DNA.

    What is genetics to the person who is in Martial Arts.First, to examine the past history ,it had been the fact that each nation in the begining of the centuries were all in conflict and war was their past time. Before the Roman Empire rose to power and other nations took the title as Conquerors, all the people in every Kingdom were all combat players as were as excellent fighters as the 300 Spartans or the 82 nd Airborne and the Special forces that fought in the African disputes or the US marines in Iraq.

    The Martial artist that dream of having a knife and a blade and now a part of the new movement of martial artist, called the SKULLBLADERS found the spot of their forefathers genetics as combat warriors of the modern times in the living past. They loved the blades more than their wife and having the knife as the security blanket, it cannot separate far away as a wife can be gone away in few days, weeks or months sometimes forever but the knife stays plastered like a sucking leech.

    Genetic is a feeling of what we desire in our life as a lasting means to be more than happy and fully satisfied much more than having love in the afternoon.It is a burning feeling that it is called a Natural behavioral pattern that it can only be deviated by force of sudden occurence as emergencies or things that are to be done quickly but when back to normal conditions that genetical itch will continue to be a nuisance all day long. The only solution is take of a knife, a gun and more blade to touch is the only the solution found in the genetical spectrum of wonders.

    If you belong to this generation of Skullbladers then you are in the right martial arts.
  14. The Blade Language : The best testing ground

    The past history of the filipino culture as a fighting system always serves as probing ground how the blade speaks in the language that people respects,The Silent Challenge not declared in the open but a sudden respond, a element of surprise. Bragging about your style will not last for a long time someone will call the shots. For all you know you will be walking without an arm or you may lost part of your body.

    It has been a practice that the secret of any system is not to expose the secrets., but to be kept in a place secluded not people to see. If somebody is bragging about his style right on the tuba or beer table someone will be irritated and on the spot he will be challenged. A place for one to be careful about what you know is Samar Leyte. Don't brag your Arnis-Escrima because you will be surprised that on the spot where you are not ready the blade springs out of the scabbard.

    Some places also in Mindoro or even in Panay-Antique and most places in Mindanao.Experts in the Philippines do not talk how good you are , all what they know about their systems will come out if challenge is called for.
    It was difficult for anyone even in the early 90's just for one to come out and expose himself as the Master or the best in the art. Only few had come out but not the majority of skilled fighters.

    The Ginunting , the Talibong and Balisong are the favorites , these are the testing blades for challenges and even to the actual blade to blade encounter. The Ginunting had been tested against the Muslim Barong in one of the encounters of the Force REcon Marines where a Group of mILF numberd 50 warriors challenge Master SGt Prodo for a face to face duel in front of the muslim warriors and with the presense of the Force REcon Marines. Both signed an agreement that if anyone dies because of the duel no one claims and no one interfers. Comes to the challenge the Barong fighter initiated the attack on slash Sgt. Prado instinctively responded with slash into the risk then cut the wrist and the Barong drop to the ground cutting the right wrist, soas the Barong touch the ground for the Muslim warrior pick the barong by his left hand , Sgt Prado made a fast follow up and the cuts the left hand then followed to the legs and reverse the slash back to the right attack , the next target was the neck and without hesitation the head bounced to the ground waiting for someone to clsoe the eyes.

    The langauge of the blade is on test. Continously applied in Mindanao updated by every day victims that serves the saying in heaven 12 virgins are waiting for those who can kill the Christian and the white man.

    We believe in the purity of the fighting system. Be believe that the blade speaks in the langauge that cannot be taken for granted. Let the time speaks with wonder , how can I be good as good as my blade.
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  15. Inability to learn product of prejudice

    There are two types of martial artist, the silent and the educated and the other is the oppositionist who thinks he knows everything about kali
    I have encoutered a lot of people who were present in my seminars and how I appreciate them that have the deligence to study and try to grab every inch of the training within two days. Out of the many there are few who are very bookcase who wants to know every thing by writing every word and every action explaining in his own writing about the techniquesThis is a good way to learn but there are similar to this type of person , that after atttending two ro three seminars, profess that he knew everything FMA and he seem to quesition not knowing what he is asking for,,

    These are the pen pushers or finger talker that seem to know about martial arts. Little knowledge is dangerous. Writing in this FMA as if they are capable to stand on their own two feet for an exercise. In Pekiti-Tirsia we do as we say by saying so we prove what we are talking about.I know this mentality , this mentality is found in one of those self proclaim Masters and his web site claiming what he did but the truth is all talk.

    Will you trust your life with a Excrima person or Arnis Instructors . The reality of instruction is nothing else but to openly understand that there is danger in FMA.s There is the presence of mental deficieincy special questioning anything that is written in the FMA talk.

    Refusal to understand what is a true FMA will make a person conceited pretending, to know without understanding.

    Refusal to admit the weakness of a person is a backdoor philosophy living the idolatry in most interpreted way.
  16. How much Filipinos knows about their own assets

    Up to the present time,estimated filipinos who knows the word Arnis or Escrima is not even 5 per cent. More about the Karate and Kungfu but the Filipino Fighting art is going to be a rare specie in the future. Only the military and the police who may have good understanding and excellent training plus the dedicated civilians will have the storage of the art with the dedication to master the technonlogy.. But for people to learn and who had learn is still handful of them. For what reasons:

    A.No government support. No specific budget to train Instructors for elementary or High school students.
    B. Physical education teachers are too old to go into the rudiments of training. They know very little. They tell the students , Ok lets go exercise with the stick and this is Arnis, a filipiino martial arts.
    C.No interest to educate the young people the fact that there are no incentives for a Physical Education teachers. Many tried but didn't go so far.
    D.There is no public support. If there is only because they want to see the tournament during the fiestas.
    E. There is rivalry among Instructors and style. Before one start to teach a group, a suppose to be Master who were able to have the opportunity tried to intrigue the sponsor that he is the right person to teach because he is older than the fellow who was granted the contract.
    F.An Instructor has lmited ability to teach the real system all what he can use is his knowledge in Karate or Judo in Japanese way but filipino martial arts.
    G.Instructors do not have the honesty in telling the students that what he is teaching is not real filipino using the blocks and disarming, kata and using Karate Gi plus blackbelt.
    H.The title of the style is some names that has no cultural meaning.
    I . Instructors lack of knowlege about the true filipino culture, traditions and customs.
    j. Most of all is the hit and miss methods of teaching.
    K.Physically Instructors have no personality to be called an instructor. Big Stomack, 300 lbs. Sit down instructor, cannot even swing the stick professionally.
    L.Most of all only few Instructors have experienced in Sparring and had done full contact stick or knife fighiting.
    M.Most Instructors are good in telling stories about their adventures with one meter of albums and pictures.
    N. More are interested in the material income rather than the substance of true quality.This is understandable because Karate and Judo and aikido and other arts became commercial so it is also the Filipino way. But no filipino no matter how rich he is in the Philippines will pay $ 100.00 a month or about 4,500 pesos, Philippine money.
    There is no much desire to learn, Colonial mentality. But if an American will teach the filipino Art then they are proud to have a teacher that is a foreigner.

    Government support plus public education is needed to bolster the FMA in the Philippines.
    There is no money for cultural education but there is money for political campaign.
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  17. The Wonders of Kali

    FMA is not about Kali. Arnis or Escrima. FMA is culture. It is the art behind the art. It is discipline. a philosophy, it is customs and traditions, it is an ideology, it is healing , it is metaphysics, it is not religion or cultism.

    What makes the Filipinos blend to the world of civilization. 40 years ago if you are in the mainland USA and you happened to meet someone and you told him or her that you are from the Philippines, the first question was , where is that place. we never heard of it. First Philippines is a third world country . Philippines is not as popular as Hawaii or China but a spread of 7,100 Islands not until the Filipinos migrated to the US and to Europe because there was a need of skilled workers and professionals.

    What made the filipinos a major player in the field of Medicine, Maritime, Engineering, art and culture, music and beauty of women.?

    What made the Philippines chosen by the United States as the best strategic Islands in the Pacific as the fortress of the US airforce and Naval forces in the Pacific. What made the United States businessmen invested their fortune in the Philippines that controlled 51% of all investments more in the technology and food industries.

    What made other countries invest heavily in the Philippines in the mining industry, cyber technology , trading and others.

    What made the Philippines today as one of the fruit baskets of Asia.

    Philippines is the only Christianize Country in Asia. 98% are all English Speaking filipinos, 98% are mostly educated,there are colleges and Universities in the Philippines compared to other Asian Country.

    All of these were attributed to the Cultural discipline known as Kali :

    A. Kali as a Philosophy of the early forefathers\
    1. They believe in life, they don't believe in death
    2. They believe in success, they don't believe in failures
    3.They believe in good health , they don't believe in sickness

    B. Kali as a word of respect as prefix Ka-meaning Sir, your Highness or Excellency , or your honor, your majesty.

    C. KA as in the Filipino alphabets A BA KA DA

    D. KALI as a prefix :Kalipayan-happiness, Kalisud, sadness or kalibutan as the world ,etc.

    E. Kali as a landmark: Kalibo in Panay Kalinga Apayao as in the far North of Luzon
    F. Kali as used as Katipunan K K K as a symbol of the revolutions.

    Kali as a sacred art of the filipino fighting culture.
  18. Why pekiti-tirsia a choice of military/ police

    Top institution of discipline are military schools then followed by Law Enforcement Academies.

    These institutions are founded under the principles of producing the best fighting men with exemplary leadership with the discipline to win at all cost regardless of the situations during combat.With the highest respect to the tenets of military regulations set forth as the guiding lines to be followed.

    Fighting men may die but goes with them is the discipline to defend. They fought for a cause for others to live and those who lived to tell the agony of combat, others lived to tell tales life and death at the 11th hour.

    The Force Recon Marines ,the Special Elite Unit of the Philippine Marine Coprs under the Officers Command who are graduates of the Philippine Military Academy and War College and some were sent to the USA to take advanced Courses in Military 'Strategies and Tactics, made their effort to recognize that in the killing fields of Jolo, Basilan, Cotabato and Zamboanga( Mindanao) they were missing one of the most important close quarter combat technology and that is the Edged WEapon Close Quarter Combat Element. Now,the higher command of the Philippine Marines requires that all the fighting Marines must intensively undergo into the training of Edged Weaponry as an answer to the Ideology of the enemy that only by killing the Marines or /army with the use of Barong
    they will be accepted in the higher pedestal of Glory but in return they don't want to be killed by the blade more if the blood drops to the ground, it is against to their belief.

    So today the set of balance is the Edged Weapon , a solution to the missing link.

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  19. Pekiti-Tirsia Kali is Uncommon Fighting System

    Way back in the early years of the 40's and 50's , the filipino art expressed in the use of the Bolo but with a stick for purposes of training had grown only to the few people specially in the Islands of Negros and Panay and some Islands too.The most common expression was the Bolo for harvesting but with the dual purposes a weapon for harvest and a weapon for survival. Every market day specially Sunday many people come down from different sector of the Mountain region bringing with them root crops, fruits, vegetables,chicken, pigs, carabaos, ducks and birds for sale.But along their journey up to the time they reach the market place, the BOLO continue to cling to the waist line of farmer with his wife and children.

    Each clan in the region have their own way to resist against intruders and they have a way of fighting not known to many only to the handful few.Their freedom to exercise their fighting system is when confronted with a challenge by some strange visitors who got drunk and throw challenge to anyone in the market place. In a moment of joy someone lost his arm without even knowing who did it. No one tells all in tight lips.

    You still find this today in the mountain regions of Negros, Panay, 'Samar-Leyte, Mindoro, Masbate and Palawan but very common in Mindanao.

    Learning all these conditions my Grandfather when he was exposed to this evironment in the place of Isio, Negros Occidental. his attitude was to remain uncommon among people,he never exposed his system but people knew that he fights when called for. So Pekiti-Tirsia remained to be unpopular art until, it was brought to New York City in the early 70's.It was not taught in the Philippines , even in Negros ( Bacolod City). My presence in New York City sparks the beginning of UNCOMMON ART FOR A COMMON MAN FOR UNCOMMON TECHNOLOGY.
  20. The sweetness of having your own

    Having your own culture" How sweet it is " having your own traditions and customs "How sweet it is "Having your own Philosophy and Ideology " How sweet it is" Having your own original flesh and fighting blood " How sweet it is" Having your own freedom as filipinos " How sweet it is" Having you my friends into the Pekiti-tirsia family " How sweeter it is" But the sweetest of all is we believe in ourselves as one becauae we speak the same language./ the same tune and the same music. and the same fighting system-Pekiti-Tirsia way.

    Having your own is to own one more in the art of loving what your heart and soul loves to do. Your gift as a fighter and your gift of talent is in your hands. A woman that is talented can be doubly strong than an ordinary man. We in the pekiti-Tirsia is a gathering of unseen power that was once our forefathers power handed down to us. since we have the bloodline as warriors we find our way to each other in a place called Pekiti-Tirsia. You have a home if you are a gifted and talented fighting man or a woman. We have women in Germany and in the US that love the sight of the knfie that by touching the knife she and he became as one never to depart from the love lost desire now found just you don't expect to come.

    Having your own loved ones is a great blessing but having your own talent is the gift of heaven. Let us not wonder the works of mystery , It is only told when it happens then you say AH . this is my dream. having my own is as good as having you in my blade.
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