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  1. Mr Alland is not, and has not been, a member of any Pekiti Tirsia based organization since he was asked (By Grand Tuhon Gaje) to leave in 1986.

    That statement is as true now as it was when it was written in 2009.

    I only met Greg a few times, beginning in 1981 at the United Nations school (a PTK/Silat tournament), and the last time in NYC just after leaving a seminar given by GT Gaje at Tom Bisio's school in 1986.

    I don't know what he knows in Pekiti Tirsia because I have never seen him move with a stick in his hand. The two videos I saw that he released are a presentation of the 64 attacks. But they don't end, numerically, at the same place. People might not find that odd, but if you are going to sell something, and you have a rewind button, you can re-shoot the scene if you make an error. Either way, there is a numbering system for this "form" and it was not followed by Greg.

    I also don't know what your communications are with GT Gaje. I am his student not his secretary. Suffice to say that in all the years since you left in 1986 that I have participated in PTK camps, workshops, seminars, tournaments, etc. I have not seen you or heard that you had attended (when I spoke to others) when I wasn't there. That pretty well puts you on the outside of the system.

    Everything else is just noise.

    Philip Gelinas
    Mandala Tuhon
    Pekiti Tirsia Kali
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    Thank you Kevin, I'm living in Bradenton, Florida now. And continue to train at DoJo Martial Arts 4220 59th St. here is no such thing as Filipino Stick fighting, we don't fight, we finish, it's not what you know, but only can you protect yourself, not matters what! You can be the next instructor of the renown Pekiti Tirsia System from P. Greg Alland with 30 + years in Pekiti Tirsia and training in the Philippines as well, so you get the best there is: Guarantee. regards, Greg Alland, - the next 5 day program is Octoer 24 to 28th 2012 at the dojo.
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    Thanks funny, only a few days ago I spoke with Tuhon Gaje, Jr., and he still supports what I'm doing in Pekiti Tirsia. In actually he asked me to be the first president of his organization, and I refused as follows: "GM Gaje,Jr., I will do everything I can to support and promote Pekiti Tirsia, but I don't want anyone to know, jealously you know, so we worked in private and I continued to support and promote Pekit Tirsia. And to this day that's exactly what I do, and he and I came up with the name of SinaTirsiaWali as the system I promote with the permission of Grand Tuhon Gaje, Jr. - It's amazing that so many people are jealous, only because I was shoulder to shoulder with Tuhon Gaje, Jr. as we both agreed, because so many were jealous. Why not come to Bradenton FL and see for your self, what I teach is the same foundation that we learned back in 1974. And at 66 I still practice. The next 5 day Instructor workshop is October 24 to 28th Bradenton, FL 4220 59th Street. or

    Les wrote: "You were the only one to come and train us in the army at Fort Bragg during the 1980's. You were the first one that had us spar seriously with weapons. You were the only one then who had a rep in the army. Your art is the one we used to shape our combatives system. Everybody else was either make believe or johnny-come-late."

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