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    Hey there. My name is Ken Castillo, currently dividing my time between Cavite, Makati, and Caloocan in the Metro Manila area. My professional backgrounds are in philosophy, adult classroom facilitation, and customer service methodologies.

    I used to train some years ago under GP Rufino Montalban under an Arnis system known as Doce Generales. Like Doce Pares, it incorporates some karate and judo training methodologies, drills, and movements. Unlike the latter, however, the strikes, counters, and disarms we were taught were more traditional in nature. There was a lot of emphasis on kata, physical conditioning, and sports oriented sparring.

    I'm looking to get back in the game, so to speak, if only I could make time in my schedule for it. : ) My body's not as it was when I was younger though (no more full contact sparring for me : ). These days, I find myself more interested now in the real-life aggressive protection applications of Filipino martial arts.

    My first impressions with the community in this site are very good. I've been reading some of the threads and am glad to have found this trove of informative, intelligent, and civilized, discussion on Filipino martial arts. I can't imagine what I could contribute, knowing so little, but will try to support this community the best I can.

    Thanks for letting me in guys. Best of luck in your endeavors, whatever they may be.

    Ken Castillo
  2. Hi Ken,

    Welcome to the forum and good luck getting back into training!

    I train with GM Yuli Romo at Palasan, so just around the corner from you. However, there is no emphasis on kata, physical conditioning, and sports oriented sparring! You can check out website in my sig for more info.

    Best wishes,

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