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Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by kevin hand, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. kevin hand

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    hello everyone! my name is kevin hand. i just moved to crestview florida, which is near fort walton beach and pensacola in the northern part of the state. recently i saw a video of gm taboada on youtube and was completely astonished by his skills and have started investigating and researching balintawak. i have a great desire to learn the art! thankfully i have researched and found a variety of instructional videos on this wonderful art. gm taboada's videos and gm atilo's videos as well as gm cavada's videos are the main groups i have found. my wife suggested she get me some of the videos for christmas.
    ive studied martial arts since 1969 and have trained to some degree with fma since the mid seventies. however, instructors have been few and far between wherever i have lived. the most exposure i got was training at the sdma academy in west palm beach florida in 1991 for a year. we had a few doce pares seminars with gm canete and guro dong cuesta. gm bo sayoc visited our school on a regular basis. and guro dan inosanto also gave a seminar with dwight woods of miami, who also visited our school from time to time. so it was a busy year of learning what i could in fma and jkd concepts. ive had many books and videos on various aspects of fma over the past 45 years so i have spent a good deal of time trying to educate myself in history, philosophy and technique.
    if anyone knows of any balintawak students or instructors close to my area i would be greatful for the information. guro jerome teague is in nashville tn and i have talked to him on facebook about the art. from visiting the local schools i see that pretty much no one in my area is familiar with the fma to any degree. thanks for any help and its great to be back on fma talk, as i left for a few years because i felt there was too much bickering and not enough helping and sharing.
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    There is a qualified instructor under Bobby Taboada who lives in the panhandle, around Navarre, I believe. I don't know if he's taking on new students but, you might send an inquiry through
  3. kevin hand

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    thank you robert. i just spoke to him on facebook actually. his name is adam. we exchanged phone numbers. he isnt too far from me. and yes, he is in navarre! i found that website just by searching for balintawak instructors. im excited to start training in this art as soon as possible!!!

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