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Discussion in 'Meet & Greet' started by jjpein, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. jjpein

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    Greetings to the forum,

    I am a newbie to FMA, but have been participating in the martial arts for around 30 years. Currently I am studying BJJ, but because of a accident, will be having shoulder surgery in September.

    My question is I have the opportunity to study with a gentleman that claims to be a 8th degree black belt in FMA, not to be a name dropper right off the bat, but does anyone know of a Robert Small, he is a former/current marine and lives actually very close to me.

    Being in MA for as long as I have I have a habit of wanting to check references about instructors, etc.

    Anyway happy to be here and thanks in advance for any information you can send my way.

  2. Carol

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    The name doesn't ring a bell. In which style is his claimed 8th degree in, do you know?
  3. jjpein

    jjpein New Member

    Agila Arnis is what it says on his van...
  4. Labantayo

    Labantayo Junior Member

    I teach FMA and Silat in Kansas City too. I havent had a chance to meet Mr. Small yet. One of my students also saw his van.
    I know there is an Aguila Arnis, but I haven't heard of Agila Arnis, yet.

    Depending on where you live, there is FMA/Silat in the Downtown/Plaza area (Me), Olathe (Wu Tong Martial Arts) and Gardner, Ks. (Guro James Hogue).
    If you need further help, email me at

    Guro Shelley Millspaugh
  5. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Welcome! I don't know of Mr. Small or Agila Arnis, but that doesn't mean anything. There are a number of Kansas area FMA schools, though.

    I do some BJJ also, to aid in my well-roundedness!
  6. Phil Mar Nadela

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  7. tswolfman

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  8. jjpein

    jjpein New Member

    Well as far as BJJ, my instructor has said I can test for blue in about 8 months, but like you said I want to be more rounded. I have a 1st brown belt in Karate and a green sash in Kung-Fu. Plus belt ranks in Hapkido and Ryukyu Kempo.

    Thanks all.
  9. jjpein

    jjpein New Member

    Well I went to my intro class with Mr. Small. He has a certificate from American Arnis for the rank of 4th degree black belt. In asking about his background he says he was taught by Jeffery Arnold in Michigan. Now I've looked up that name and found alot of information.

    Anyway, I was some what impressed by his skills, so as soon as my healing is complete I might start classes.

    Thanks for everyone's feedback.
  10. scubamatt

    scubamatt New Member

    Aha! A fellow practioner of Ryukyu Kempo! When I lived in KC, MO, I studied under Mike Minor, in Gladstone. Welcome to the FMA forums!
  11. jjpein

    jjpein New Member

    Yep same here, but I studied with him when he was in Excelsior Springs, I go up and see him every once in a while.

    Thanks for welcome.
  12. StixMaster

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    [​IMG]Welcome !!
  13. jjpein

    jjpein New Member

    Just an update, I've been to 3 or 4 private lessons and have started groups classes for the past 3 weeks. Things are going very well and I really enjoy Mr. Small's instruction. Thanks for everyone's input!

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