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    Hello all,

    Me namo Dani.
    I study Arnis in Jerusalem. My school is called ICS (Israeli Combat System).
    We focus mostly on street defence and not so much on art or tradition per se. We have a strong Arnis/Kali/Eskrima basis and at the same time incorperate anything that fits organically into that and adds value. Therefore you can also find here and there elements from silat, western boxing, JKD, and such.

    Our focus/time can be roughly devided so: 40% Knife, 40% empty hand, 20% sticks.

    Although personally I practice mostly sticks at home - not so much out of interest in stick fighting, but as a means to study correct movement, power generation, and coordination for the empty hand and knife.

    I tend to read threads rather than post, but Ill do my best to be a contributing member here.


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    Welcome here Dani!
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    Shalom and Welcome to FMA Talk!

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