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    I have discovered Escrima (Kombatan) 2 months ago and enjoying a lot what I have learned in this time.
    Even if I am still a beginner and don't have much skills, I have already noticed that working with the sticks has some effects on me "every day" life regarding balance, coordination... And even more important, I find it very fun and entertaining, I really love this !

    I practice in Cork, Ireland, there are not many escrimadors here so it is not easy to practice often, it is difficult too to get a proper idea of my skills but the more I practice, the more I see my teacher warming up and the more I understand how far I am from mastering this Art and how much fun and learning are still on my way !

    The main reason I join this forum today is to be allowed to ask a question regarding training material, as I said, I can not practice much here and it is sometimes a bit difficult to remember a specific Sinawali once the class is finished so I am looking for some videos showing techniques and Sinawali in order to use them as reminders so I can remember the techniques theory and focus on proper execution during my 1 hour weekly class with my teacher.

    I have posted this question here :

    I will, of course, have lots of other questions over time but I am going to spend some time reading the forum before asking.

    Thank you.

    Regards from Ireland.

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    We hear over here about traditional Irish is that viewed there? People always lament that the FMAs are not as popular in their homeland as they should be!
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    Sorry for the late reply, I had not been notified by email (I must check my settings).
    To be honest, I discovered Irish stick fighting only because I was looking for more information regarding Escrima.
    Irish stick fighting does not seem popular at all here and when people talk about "stick fighting", they usually refer to Escrima.
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    Hi welcome to FMATalk!

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