Greetings from Arizona

Discussion in 'Meet & Greet' started by The Old Way Traveler, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. The Old Way Traveler

    The Old Way Traveler a sponge for knowledge

    Thank you to all the admins and members of this wonderful community... i'm glad that there's a place where all practitioners can equally share their views, opinions and experiences freely (well, to an extent of course).. i look forward to learning more about FMA and the people who express it beautifully..

  2. pesilat

    pesilat Junior Member

    Hey James,

    I'm in AZ, too. Specifically I live a few miles north of Sedona.

    I try to get down to north Phoenix once or twice a month to teach some guys there.

    Maybe we can get together some time. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.

  3. Muad Dib

    Muad Dib New Member

    WELCOME James!!

    Mike (Pesilat) has a LOT to share and loves to share it, I recomend you take him up on that offer!
  4. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    Welcome to FMATalk! [​IMG]
  5. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

  6. The Old Way Traveler

    The Old Way Traveler a sponge for knowledge

    thank you all for the wonderful welcome... Guro Mike, i believe i met you on the last AZ gathering.. we spoke briefly at the end of the gathering.. i was the bald, chubby guy.. but yes, i will keep in touch with you.. i will shoot you a PM...
  7. MichaelJB

    MichaelJB New Member

    hey James - good to see you on here
  8. The Old Way Traveler

    The Old Way Traveler a sponge for knowledge

    good to be here mr. butz... ill see you around!
  9. geezer

    geezer Member

    James--Welcome. I'm glad you got my PM. I hope you can get together with us sometime... or we can join forces, take a road trip north and go and pester Mr. Butz up by Anthem and Mr. Casto in Sedona! Or we'll all just get together at the next Gathering. --Steve
  10. pesilat

    pesilat Junior Member

    Cool. I was going to ask you, James, if you were aware of Mike Butz & the gathering. I guess you are :)

    I always welcome people who want to visit/train with me.
  11. MichaelJB

    MichaelJB New Member

    ...pester away...most of you know my door's always open...unless I'm not home in which case it'll be closed and locked...but outside of that, it's open...except sometimes my wife will lock it while were home just to "be safe"...but otherwise it's open...well, it'll actually be closed but unlocked but all you'll have to do is turn the handle and open it...maybe you should call or email me first to let me know you're would suck if you just walked on in to my place and I ended up forcibly attaching a bolo to your skull...
  12. patrickdpr

    patrickdpr New Member

  13. The Old Way Traveler

    The Old Way Traveler a sponge for knowledge

    will call first...

    i will definitely call or text first, mike... not because of the bolo strike to the head... but because your wifey will get upset... i think that's a little scarier than any bolo.. hahaha...
  14. MichaelJB

    MichaelJB New Member

    hehe - well then you've definitely met her! J/K, she's actually not that bad...
  15. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

    The wife is not that bad- but ya gotta watch out for the killer cat!.
  16. MichaelJB

    MichaelJB New Member

    lol...yeah, he'll kill you with his nonstop begging to get petted!

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