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Discussion in 'Meet & Greet' started by Bob Hubbard, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. Bob Hubbard

    Bob Hubbard Darth Vindicatus Supporting Member

    I had a break finally, figured it's time to say "Hello".


    I'm the guy who is doing the site-design, my company does the hosting, and I'll be fielding some of the board-technical questions while we finish up the design. (Still have to load in smilies and stock avatars for example.) FMATalk is one of several forum sites we're in the process of building for clients this year.

    There's a major upgrade to the software already planned, and once thats in place, we will be adding several other features that you've seen on other SCN communities such as MartialTalk and KenpoTalk.

    My martial arts background is primarily Modern Arnis (under Tim Hartman), and Kenpo (under Bob Koch), with some experience with other systems and arts. As many know, I'm also the owner and technical admin for

    So, if you have questions about how the software works, or how to do something board wise, I'm here to help. :) Got ideas for improvements or expansions? Run em by The Boss or Apollo and if they like em, they'll tell me to put em in.
  2. arnisador

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  3. Rich Parsons

    Rich Parsons Member

    Hey Bob - welcome oh and Tim has your money :D
  4. Bob Hubbard

    Bob Hubbard Darth Vindicatus Supporting Member

    Money good! Bongo like money. :)
  5. The Boss

    The Boss I am the Law! Supporting Member

    What up?

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