Great Grandmaster Ernesto Amador Presas Passes Away

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    Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Presas Familiy,Friends and Students from Majapai Derobio.
    With Much Respect.
    GM Dan Medina
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    A Legend Passes On

    Great Grandmaster Ernesto Amador Presas Sr. was a living legend in the Filipino martial arts. One of the youngest teachers to be recognized as a grandmaster in the Philippines, birthplace of the FMA, GGM Presas taught thousands of practitioners over his long and illustrious career. He operated the Arjuken/IPMAF Gymnasium at Quiapo in Manila continuously for 40 years, and ran the longest-standing summer arnis training camp in his native Hinigaran.

    We at Original Arjuken in Northern California, under the leadership of 1973 Arjuken Instructor Course graduate and award-winning author Jose G. Paman, extend heartfelt condolences to GGM’s family in Manila and to our Kombatan/IPMAF brothers and sisters worldwide, and pray for the peaceful repose of GGM Presas. His physical form may no longer be living, but his spirit will forever thrive through his teachings and the goodness he exemplified during the precious days he shared with us.

    For an in-depth look at the life and times of GGM Presas, please view the FMA Digest Special Edition that was released last year:

    Sumalangit nawa,

    Julia Timagua Ballantine
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  4. Latest news from the Presas family via Maria Presas Butler (GGM Remy Presas' daughter):

    GGM Ernesto Presas lies in state at St. Peter's Funeral Home in Quezon City.
    (1) A memorial service is slated for Saturday afternoon at St. Peter's Memorial Chapel.
    (2) The body will be shipped to Hinigaran, commencing Sunday morning.
    (3) The wake will be continued at the training camp until the day of burial.
    (4) Burial is tentatively set for the following Thursday, November 11.

    They have received many, many flowers. More than enough, in fact.
    What they're short on is money.
    The failing health of GGM over the past two years has taken its financial toll on the family.

    They need funds...
    (1) To pay for funeral services
    (2) To ship GGM's body from Quezon City in Luzon, to Hinigaran in Negros Occidental
    (3) For airfare to fly the entire family to Negros; and
    (4) For the cemetery plot.*

    *To help cut costs, Maria has graciously offered to have her uncle buried in the same tomb currently occupied by her father.
    Her father's remains (It's been nine years) would be put in a permanent niche in the Presas mausoleum that she had built for all the Presas clan.

    If you would like to assist with a monetary donation, the best way to send it would be via Western Union, addressed to GGM's wife, Mercedita Presas.
    (1) When asked for the expected pick-up location, say Pasay City in Metro Manila or Hinigaran in Negros Occidental.
    (2) After sending it, please text the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number --required for pickup) to Mrs. Presas at this phone number: 0-908-452-4428

    That is the local number when dialing from within the Philippines.
    When dialing from the U.S., it would be 0-11-63-908-452-4428 where 63 is the international code for the Philippines.
    In the U.S. the leading zero (0) is for "Operator" and 11 indicates an international call.
    This convention may be different in Europe and elsewhere.

    For those wishing to send cards, this is the home address:
    Blk 19, Lot 11
    Kalayaan Village
    Pasay City, Metro-Manila
    Philippines 1300

    Feel free to call me (1-925-864-7477) for any questions, clarifications, assistance in getting through to the presas family during this difficult time.

    Thank you for all for your outpouring of support! on behalf of the entire Presas Clan
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    Thanks for the update Alex its much appreciated.

    Please keep the news coming.

    Kombatan Australia.
  6. I didn’t need to suggest it. Just from talking with Kombatan Lakans from all over the U.S., it seems that each IPMAF/Kombatan Chapter is already working to gather funds to send to their teacher’s family. It’s not being advertised; it’s just being done quietly, behind the scenes so to speak, via one-on-one phone calls and emails.

    Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are gathering at Lowell High School on Sunday, November 7 at 1 PM for an impromptu, informal, “memorial banquet”… well… actually a lunch… and actually a potluck. We will dine together and share our personal experiences with GGM and Kombatan life in general. We will say our prayers for our teacher; take up a collection among ourselves, and “Western Union” it to the Philippines.

    Our non-IPMAF/Kombatan friends are more than welcome to join us. You don’t need to reply to anything; just show up. Bring something for the potluck if you want, but it’s not required. If you can’t make it, don’t worry about it. We’ll be holding a more formal, public Memorial Banquet for later on.
  7. Just received word that the phone number given for Mercy was wrong! Here is the corrected number:
    Within the PI:
    From the States: 011-63-908-45-25-428
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    1945 - 2010

    Sad news reached the world of martial arts in November 2010.
    Great Grandmaster Ernesto Amador Presas had passed away after fighting against illness.

    Grandmaster Ernesto was one of the last of the Presas family.
    He had all the skills of his father and brother as well as his own knowledge and skills.
    He was a humane person and kind to people.
    He started his spectacular career in martial arts at the age of 8 with his father Jose.
    His training history is remarkable and Ernesto adopted several skills up to master level.

    His dream was to unite Filipino martial arts to functional entities.
    For this dream he sacrificed over 30 years studying and practising the vast amount of
    Filipino martial arts methods and books.

    Grandmaster Ernesto succeeded in what most only dream of.
    He developed two martial art styles and made them internationally known and praised.
    Kombatan, based on armed skills, and Modern Mano Mano, based on unarmed skills,
    are the products of Grandmaster Presas’ work and will live in the history and future of martial arts.
    He published several books and was awarded the Grandmaster´s Award –trophy,
    which is awarded only to the great internationally known people in martial arts circles.
    In 1975 he founded the International Philippine Martial Arts Federation,
    which purpose is to spread Filipino martial skills all over the world.
    He was also known as the ”father of Mano Mano”.

    The greatest honor for a martial arts master is that masters from other arts want to learn from you.
    Grandmaster Presas was known for this and he was highly respected in all martial arts styles.

    We all, especially Kombatan and Modern Mano Mano teachers and students, will miss the great Grandmaster.
    Thank you for all the inspiration, teachings and kindness you have given us.

    Let us cherish the memory of the great Master by continuing the work he has begun and by developing our knowledge in his styles to a higher degree. The legend will live through us all now and forever.

    Rest in peace, we all miss you.

    on the behalf of members of Kombatan and Modern Mano Mano Finland

    Master Tomi Harell
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    Extremely well said Master Tomi very fitting words for a great teacher and friend.

    Love the picture/poster.
  10. Date: December 1, 2010 (One Month Anniversary)
    Subject: THANK YOU ALL
    From: The Presas Family & The International Philippine Martial Arts Federation

    We would like to express our heartfelt and sincerest thanks to ALL OF YOU, who, after the passing of Great Grandmaster Ernesto Amador Presas on November 1, 2010, gave us your moral and spiritual support. There is, and will always be, a huge hole in our hearts; but your responses in these difficult times have helped to blunt the jagged edges in a way that nothing else could.

    There has been such a huge outpouring of support (in person, via internet postings, email, regular mail, and telephone) from people and organizations all over the world, that we know we will not be able to acknowledge everyone here. Nevertheless, we must try. The people listed here are only those whose condolences happened to come my way or happened to come to my attention. By no means is it complete. I’m sure there’s many more that I’m not aware of; so please consider this list symbolically: a cross-section representing all of you who responded. For ALL OF YOU who came to our support, whether your name is on this list or not, this “THANK YOU” is for you.)

    Please note that in cases where I know a little something about the individual, I’ve added info such as rank, style, organization, or country to:
    (1) Illustrate the impact that GGM Ernesto had on the world
    (2) To illustrate the bond among martial artists regardless of style/system
    (3) To get to know each other a little better, thus strengthening that bond.

    On behalf of Mercedita Presas & Family, Maria Butler Presas & Family, and the entire Presas clan…
    On behalf of IPMAF World HQ (GM Ernesto Jr., Master Mike Ermac, Federic Beleno et al)…
    On behalf of IPMAF Australia (Masters Andy Elliot, Mike Waite, et al)…
    On behalf of IPMAF Canada (Masters Aris Espejo, Bernie Lingasin, Ed Ursulom, Fidel Bonifacio, Oliver Garduce, et al)…
    On behalf of IPMAF Hong Kong (Master Giovanni Zagari et al)…
    On behalf of IPMAF Saudi Arabia & IPMAF Ireland (Master Jess Pablo et al…)
    On behalf of IPMAF New Zealand (Master Kurt Graham et al)…
    On behalf of IPMAF North America (GMs Mike Bowers, Shelley Millspaugh, Tim Hartman, Rick Manglinong et al)…
    On behalf of IPMAF Europe (GMs Juerg Ziegler, Carlos Pulanco, Johann Skalberg, Walter Hubmann, Master Randy Remolin, et al)…
    On behalf of ARJUKEN old-timers, Masters Edgar Kawada, Joey Paman, Mark Santos, and the like…
    On behalf of the “Old (by virtue of age) Guard” like GM Cristino Vasquez, GM Lito Concepcion and myself…


    Albert Tabino (Kombatan, Oregon)
    Alex Ercia (Master, Kombatan. Member, Tabimina Balintawak)
    Alvin Retoriano (from Facebook)
    Andrew "Tattoo" Filardo – (Guro, MFA Academy, N.Y)
    Andy Marquez III (Master, Kombatan. IPMAF Chief Instructor, Fairfield, CA)
    Anthony Manansala (Kabaroan Eskrima family and the Warriors of Righteousness)
    Arne Öster (Kombatan.only info I got from his facebook: “tall, dark, & handsome”)
    Arnisador (sorry, couldn’t get anything else from his FMATalk profile)
    Arnold Domingo (Sheriff, San Francisco. Tabimina Balintawak)
    Arvino Wong Logarta (Modern Arnis & Kombatan)
    Bais Tres Manos (GM Jon Bais, Guro Elmer Bais & students)
    Bill (from the Defensive Tactics Systems and the Dekiti Tirsia family on Guam)
    Bill, Marinela & Alejandro Aquino (Col. Bill Aquino, U.S. Army)
    Bill Pavlik (Instructor, NY Fight Club)
    Bob Hubbard (Kenpo, Web Designer, Photographer)
    Brando Castillo (Master, Kombatan, Mixed Combative Systems)
    Brian "Buzz" Smith (Founder, American Maharlika Kuntaw Association)
    Brian Corey (Student of life and the FMA)
    Brian Johns (Guro, Modern Arnis)
    Brian R. VanCise (Instinctive Response Training)
    Bryan Thomas (Guro, Kombatan. IPMAF Chief Instructor, Hayward, CA)
    Buddy Acenas (Agalon, Pekiti Tirsia Kali Manila)

    Carolyn Brown (Oregon)
    Carolyn Concepcion (wife of GM Lito mentioned above) & Family
    Cesar & Pamela Franco (Franco Consulting Group)
    Christophe Verdot (Modern Arnis, Balintawak, PTK)
    Citom (from FMA Forum)
    CJ Marbella (Alabang, Rizal, Philippines)
    Curtis Rossiter (Master, IPMAF Midwest)

    Dan Anderson (Prof. & Founder of Modern Arnis 80)
    Dan Medina (GM, Majapai Derobio Escrima)
    Daniel Pineda (Martial artist and author, Florida)
    Danny Tiliano (Master, Kombatan)
    Darren Tibon (President, USFMAF. PG, Angel’s Disciples. Promoted to GM by the WSEF)
    David Battaglia (Guro, Buffalo, NY)
    David Ducay (Kajukenbo and Doce Pares)
    David Snyder (Guro, Modern Arnis)
    Denise Manahan (from Facebook)
    Delbert Fissel (Kombatan, Canada)
    Dexter James (Martial arts instructor; practitioner several FMA systems)
    Diego Vega (FMA Forum pen name for Roland Isla, Kali de Leon?)
    Dieter Knüttel (Datu, Modern Arnis, Germany)
    Don Lirette (an LEO, I believe)

    Ed Aquino Farris (Master, Kombatan, former IPMAF Chief Instructor for the U.S.)
    Edward Bansuelo (GM, Kabaroan Family & the Warriors of Righteousness)
    Edward Jackson (Master, Kombatan. IPMAF Chief Instructor for Oklahoma)
    Edward Jonathan Dockrill (IPMAF Australia)
    Em Angeles (Dayang, Kombatan. IPMAF Chief Instructor, Oakland, CA)
    Emil Bautista (GM., Kajukenbo, Emperado Lineage)
    Emmy Querubin (Emmanuel del espiritu santo Querubin, Sikaran practitioner & author)
    Eome (from FMA Forum)
    Erick Bonifacio (Master, Kombatan. IPMAF Chief Instructor, Livermore, CA)
    ESKABO (GM Robert Castro & students)

    Frank Do (Kombatan, IPMAF Midwest)
    Frank Landers(GM, Seishindo Kenpo) , The Landers/Javier Family (Prof. Cathy Landers, daughter of GGM Isidro P Javier)

    Gabe Rafael (Balintawak practitioner, WEKAF officer)
    Ginalyn Jadia (Modern Arnis, Manila)
    Grandmaster "D" GM *D* & All of the WSEF Membership
    Gregory Harris (Master, Kombatan. IPMAF Chief Instructor for Texas)
    Gregory Kumu Keleko Salgado (Kempo Karate Hula)
    Guillermo “Bobby” Toboada (GGM, Balintawak Arnis Cuentada. Close friend of GGM Presas.)

    Ian Woo (Kombatan) and parents Walton & Cindy
    Isaiah “Ayah” Fabella (Kombatan)

    Jason Cruz (Instructor, Submission Kali)
    Jason Winch (From FMA Talk)
    Javier Adames (from Facebook)
    Jay de Leon (The Tipunan Group, GM, Filipino Fighting Arts USA, Modern Arnis)
    Jeanette Morris (Dayang, Kombatan, former IPMAF Chief Instructor for Michigan)
    Jeff "Stickman" Finder (Guro, Serrada. Recently promoted to Master by the WSEF)
    Jesse Polillo (martial artist)
    Jesi De Ocampo Pablo (Master, formerly IPMAF Saudi Arabia, now IPMAF Ireland)
    Joevanni Nolido (Pekiti Tirsia, Northern Calif)
    John Antuna (Kombatan)
    John Bednarski (Dekiti Tirsia Siradas and Bahad Zubu)
    John R. Malmo (Master, Kombatan. IPMAF Chief Instructor, Arkansas. Founder,
    Jon Rister (Guro, Inosanto Int’l Martial Arts Association)
    Jon Rudy (Master, Kombatan, IPMAF Chief Instructor for Arizona)
    Jose J. Rodriguez (Modern Arnis)
    Jose Baluyot Jr. (Kombatan)
    Jose Mari O. Magsalin (Manila, Philippines)
    Julia Timagua Ballantine (Writer, FMA Digest)

    Kali-bangon (from FMA Forum)
    Karl (from FMA Forum)
    Kendal Coats (Master, Kombatan. Oklahoma.)
    Kenshikuro Anajao (FMA Practitioner)
    Kristine Howe (Wichita, KS)
    Kumu Haku Bradford Namahoe (Sinao Kali Escrima)

    Larry Brown (Pekiti Tirsia, Northern Calif)
    Lennon0131 (Del, in China but also student, IPMAF World HQ)
    Lindo Payumo (Bais Tres Manos)
    Lino Espejo (Modern Arnis)
    Lledo, Louelle (Mataw Guro, Founder, Amara Arkanis. Sword Stick Society Int’l)
    Lorie Montgomery (Martial artist, Director, Club O, FMA supporter/sponsor)
    Lou (just “Lou” (smile) –couldn’t find out anything else from his profile)
    Lyndon Soresca (appears to be an athelete of sorts)

    MacJ_007 (FMA Forum)
    Mangtas (FMA Forum)
    Marc Lawrence (PG, South Bay Filipino Martial Arts Club)
    Maria Butler (daughter of GGM Remy Presas)
    Mateo Soriano Masellones Jr (Master, IPMAF Secretary General for California)
    Mateo Soriano Masellones Jr (Master, IPMAF Secretary General for California)
    Max Pallen (GM, Senkotiros, President, Unified Filipino Martial Arts Council)
    Mel Fabella (LEO, Balintawak practitioner)
    Mel Orpilla (Villasin Balintawak, Filiino community activist, Vallejo, CA)
    Michael Giron (Master, Bahala Na. Son of GGM Leo Giron)
    Michael Schwarz (Serrada, Guro/Master under GM “D”.)
    Mike Guingona (Master, Kombatan, Mayor, Daly City, California)
    Mother Earth (FMA Forum)
    MPC1257 (Marty Caruso, Kuntao Dumpag & Pekiti Tirsia)
    Myrlino P Hufana (PG, Founder, Hufana Traditional Arnis Int’l)

    Nely Cortez (Austria or Australia)
    Nonato “Nene” Gaabucayan (GM, Teovel Balintawak, Gold Chapter)
    Nosyac (FMA Forum)

    Oosh (FMA Forum)

    Patrick Armijo (Master, Modern Arnis)
    Phil Mar Nadela (Kali-Arnis de Mano, Canada)
    Pinoy (FMA Forum)

    Rafaela Shiela Mendoza Morales (Nurse, Presas & Kawada family friend)
    Ramon Espinosa (Guro, Kombatan. IPMAF Chief Instructor, Dublin, CA)
    Ramyer Asonalleba (Lumad Sigbin Kali-FMA)
    Raul (FMA Forum)
    Ray Cordoba (Master, Kombatan, Dean of Students, Lowell High School, SF, CA
    RC Moreno (from Edgar Kawada’s page on Facebook)
    Red Bagani (Metro-Manila, student of Manong Eric Olavides)
    Rich Parsons (couldn’t get anything else from his FMATalk profile)
    Romeru Lagaska (from Edgar Kawada’s page on Facebook)
    Ronnie Steve Saturno (Master, Serrada. Recently promoted to GM by the WSEF)
    David & Rose Cowperthwaite (Pinole, California)
    Rune Goi (Kombatan) & parents Mr & Mrs David Goi
    Russell Blonski (Master, Kombatan. IPMAF Secretary General for Canada)
    Ryan Timothy (Kombatan, Ryan Ostlund & son)

    Sal Todaro (PG, Modern Arnis & Kombatan)
    Sanduko (FMA Forum)
    Sibatan (FMA Forum)
    Sirat al Sayf International MMA
    Steven Dowd (Punong Guro, Arnis Balite, Publisher, FMA Digest, Instr. Maharlika Kuntaw)
    Steven Irwin (Guro, Basi Tres Manos)

    Terry Joven (Guro, Bahala Na Multi-Style)
    Thomas Badillo (Guro, Kombatan. San Bruno, CA)
    Tiger Nasim Khan (aka Nasim Ahmad, India)
    Tomi Harell (Master, Kombatan & Modern Mano-Mano, Finland)
    Torqui (FMA Forum)
    Travis Day (Kombatan, Arkansas, “another Malmoian”)

    Ver Villasin (GM, Villasin Balintawak & students)
    Vicente Batalla (Germany)
    Vincent Pernice (Secretary General, IPMAF Midwest)

    Zach Jenkins (Warriors Eskrima, South Carolina)

    And many more… feel free to add to this list….

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    Alex thank you very much for keeping everyone updated through this difficult period. Giovanni.

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