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    Greetings Masterchief

    Masterchief, I am glad to see you have found FMAtalk and have become very active on the site. You have a lot to offer with your years of experience and growing up training with GGM Pedoy.

    I have met some Guro's in the bay area that have come across some of your former students and they only had good things to say about them and their skill.

    I am truly blessed to have met and trained with your family and school. I am still practicing the basics and am also now training in Serrada escrima. I know you had good things to say about the Serrada system and that is one of the reasons I sought out a school. I am enjoying my training in Serrada escrima and am able to utilize much of what I learned from Derobio because some of the movements and philosophies are the same.

    In your experience Masterchief what (if any) FMA styles are similiar to Derobio?

    J.R. Penera
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    I know this is always a hard question to answer, but it would be helpful to those of us with little experience of the art!
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    Healing Arts

    Exactly! That's why I attended The International School of Bodywork. I studied, Tui Na, Shiatsu, and many other modalites , including Indian Hot Stone Therapy . Healing is so very important, physical and spiritual. My grandmother who was Hawaiian used Lomi Lomi and chants when she was helping people. She used cocount oil, various herbs that she grew herself and tea leaves. GGM Pedoy was a master of Hilot and herbal medicine. He had anting anting that helped him discern spiritual issues. He was a complete martial artists.
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    There's only a handfull of active Red Shirts ( Full Instructors) that is teaching Derobio Escrima. No matter what your back ground is in the martial arts everyone starts as a white shirt. I've had black belts not make it through the first week of training and I have students with no martial arts experience become instructors and Asst. Maestro's.

    When I arrived in San Diego in 1991 with my family, I knew no one. But with the help of my wife, Gail and a , Prof. Pete Salas of the Chinese Kenpo Federation whom I befriended on a chance meeting we established the school in Chula Vista. There were many potential students that came to train at my home. Most did not stay because they thought the training was to hard or to repetitive. But I think they did'nt like it when I hit them on the hand and made them drop their sticks and when they dropped the sticks made them do push ups.

    So besides my 3 sons, there are only 2 students that made it to Full Red Shirt Instructors. Its not easy to become an instructor. I tell my students that if they ever ask me when will they be tested that would be the last day with Derobio. In fact I just had a test on Saturday the 25th. The last time I had a promotion was 9 months ago. When the student gets tested and if he passed he knows that the promotions was truly earned.

    So to answer your question, "How does one become an instructor?
    It all depends on you. I tell my new students that although this is a commercial school my intention is to make you quit in 6 months. If you are here in 6 months I know you have the heart thats needed to practice Derobio. I seek quality vs. quanity.
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    If you take away the thumb, you kill the hand. If you take away the hand you kill the arm. If you take away the arm you kill half the man. At least the attacker can live on albeit with only one arm. Than you invite him to your school and teach him how to defend himself with one arm .In Derobio we train with both our hands. Whatever your strong arm can do your other side can duplicate. This helps with body balance to.
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    Aloha Brah

    Aloha Brah! I'm very happy you reopened the school. Say hi to evryone. If you need me call me.

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    Jr good to hear from you. I'm very happy you found a good school to train. Keep up your training and maybe someday you will be an instructor in the Serrado System . Excellent! As I told you before you left we are all one tree with many branches. Hope to see you when your in San Diego.
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    Derobio and Serrada

    Many years ago a student of Serrado came to visit me and we worked for about a week. I liked what I saw and heard from this Serrada Student and he liked Derobio. Its like 2 long lost cousins meeting for the first time. It was a really great experience for me. I can share a little bit about Derobio Movements.
    1) short sticks 24'' to 28 '' single stick. ( we are originally a blade art.)
    2) short ,sharp fiqure 8 movements
    3) move outside and inside with ease
    4) when defending inside we move to the outside of the attack quickly
    5) move very low and underneath the power, behind and power
    6) our footwork is key for us
    7) our checking hand is in motion all the time ( to Derobio the checking hand is the most important hand)
    8)our Sumbrada moves can translate inside to outside in 1 motion
    9) once our weapon moves it does stop until we disarm the opponent
    10) we use our right and left hands to move the weapon
    11) Derobio is a counter for counter martial art
    12) I believe Serrada is has Visayan Origin.

    This is just a small view of what we do I still did not touch on Agaws, and Dumog and Panantukan moves.
    Can you please share any similarites with Derobio? I would be very interested.
    Thank You
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    Sounds like you run a very difficult school. Difficult may not be the proper word. More like as you said...quality vs quantity. Only the students that are sincere in learning stay. You mentioned in your previous thread that you recently tested your students. What does a Derobio test entail? I've observed tests from other martial arts. Some perform katas, show application of techniques, and maybe a little sparring. Others are based upon time in the system. There are many things that can be tested...heart, mind, technique, application, emotion, etc.... I could go on forever. I guess my question is: In what ways is the Derobio student tested? Thanks for enlightening all of us in the art of Derobio.
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    Serrada the check hand is very important, Serrada is basically a counter to counter system, it has sumbrada, dumog, counters to locks and is also multi-range oriented, but they use a shorter stick, Eskabo Daan uses a shorter stick also, 18"-24" in length. Sometimes it can be sort of like 'stick boxing' and yet it has quick direct strikes to the 'fang', just like back in Hawaii kine way!! Then the transition to empty hands is no problem, nothing much changes. You see GM Angel Cabales is from Cebu, so he is probably Visayan, when we was growing up in Hawaii most of the filipino people in Hawaii were Visayan. The shorter stick gives one better control of the stick especially in 'corto' range, you can hit with the tip better when close. usually they measure their stick from the individual person's armpit to wrist. Lots of similarities, we will talk more on Saturday when I see you Master Chief. Aloha to you Lennie, I glad you're there in Maui, now I got to come home to see you, I'll see your brother this Saturday in Sacramento. Aloha, the coach.
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    Master Cheif, there is a small discussion on another forum about Hawaii FMA, do you mind if I quote your post on the other forum @
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    No. We are here to share our experiences.
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    Yes, is another good resource for the FMAs!
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    However this forum does indeed serve its purpose in being source of FMA info for especially Americans interested in FMA or considering training in FMA. In Derobio the object lesson was to defend against or almost real attacks. You see in America sometimes things gat watered down because the training is perceived as cruel or sadistic but to the contrary it actually prepares one for real situations where I paraphrase, staying calm while all this aggressive action is directed at me. How does one truly become the 'eye of the Hurricane' ? It is by having teachers like Master Chief Siangco, helping a student experience a more realistic training for a real weapon to weapon confrontation or where you find yourself facing a person with a weapon and you don't have one type of scenarios and that the movements they teach you are time tested ones that have worked for generations, then Derobio fits the ticket. Besides Villabrille,in Hawaii the other mentioned and yet not spoken was of Pedoy's escrima they all knew each other. Just like the stories I heard about GGM Angel Cabales of Stockton via Cebu, is that they were get to the point kinds of styles and yet gives you an advantage as to continue to hurt the aggressor or to now show mercy and stop. As Master Chief points out it is designed to make opportunities not to hurt the aggressor but to flow with them thus controlling the situation. It is beautiful for a Hawaii local boy from Oahu to hear and see on these forums the name Pedoy Escrima, I grew up around this. Thanx again Arnisador for hospitality here. Mahalo and Aloha
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  15. Old school

    Saludo Mchief. My impression of new students practicing the art of Derobio Escrima seems to fall in two categories: 1) New students may think their introduction to Derobio is "cruel & sadistic" especially after being tested. 2) New students embrace the art of Derobio for the fact that what they are learning is time-tested from GGM Braulio Pedoy in the early 1900's(PI) to it's early beginnings in Hawaii. I for one am a traditionalist by nature and embrace the later of the two. Born in Hawaii but raised in Cali, I can see that some mainlanders tend to think like those in the first category. Because of my nature, I prefer the art of Derobio to be taught in it's purest form preserving tradition & culture. I look forward to all your teachings because of it's lineage, authenticity, and real-life applications.

    Maraming salamat Po,
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    See #35.
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    There are 9 levels before one can be tested for Red Shirt ( Ablen Red shirt Pulahanes), 3 levels white shirt, 3 levels black shirt and 3 levels Blue. The colors have deep meanings that I won't go into at the moment. Each level has a beginning, intermediate and advanced tier. When you test for 1st level white you only test on that material. When you test for 2nd. level white you retake the 1st level than the 2nd. Its a tier testing system. Say you are testing for 1st. level blue shirt which is the Asst. Maestro tier you would have to start from 1st level white all the way through 3rd level black. That is 6 levels of material. Now at each level that student must demonstrate proficiency in movement and history of Derobio. Than I put that individual in our circle that is ringed with instructors and other advanced students that are not testing. He must again demonstrate the movements against attackers that are striking with intent. So if you have 15 attackers and each are striking Doce Teros that puts the student in a situations he has never been in before. But this is the thing that students test does not start until I give him the blue shirt test. I know he knows the material. That not the issue.

    I teach people of all ages and physical skills. If you come to the school in great health and conditioning, good for you. If you come to the school weak, sickly and timid, thats OK too. I tell them to excercise at home here you practice Escrima. Every movement from beginning to the end of class is based the Derobio Basic Fundmentals. They are not paying me to watch them do jumbing jacks, squats, pushups etc. At 6 pm sharp we start. I don't even have them stretch. You like stretch you come early to class.
    No, so why warm up before class. You get a cramp work it out! But I do give my students the opportunity to step against the wall and rest. Only he can feel his body and no one will fault him for that. When he is ready he reenters the training. This might seem harsh to some but this is the way I trained. My sons get nervous sometimes because we now have a commercial school. My wife gives me that, don't go to far look but at the end everything works out. I don't have a big school. All I have is students with big HEARTS!
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    It is so hard for students to benefit from true realistic training when so many safety factors get in the way of real training. Many of us truly cherish the way we were raised to understand combat in real terms. Now with the advent of tournaments with safety equipment more of the techniques and training will be lost as I heard once said " tournaments develop bad habits in real fighting" because truly it is not real. I understand the need for safety however isn't the reason most people train in martial arts is so they are prepared for a real confrontation that one cannot simply walk away from ?? The Pedoy/Derobio style of escrima offers so much for the discerning student.
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    Because Pedoy/Derobio is so real, I think thats why 'hilot'(healing) is part of their training. To me this distinguishes Derobio from other styles that I have come across in FMA over these last 35 years. I think that 'healing'(hilot) is important to FMA and should not treated as a separate component but part of the whole FMA system. To me the teachers that teach 'hilot' are the styles that I feel represent FMA to its fullest. Mabuhay Ang Eskrima and Salamat Po
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    Masterchief Chris,
    I have a couple quick questions on the art of Derobio... What ranges of combat does Derobio cover? Many of the arts specialize in a specific range i.e. short or long range. MMA is taking the form of mostly striking and grappling arts, how does Derobio compare? Does it have a striking component? A grappling component? How about kicks? Sorry for the many questions. I'm interested in finding an art that covers different ranges as well as fighting standing up and on the ground. One never knows where the fight will start and end up. Thanks for your insight and wisdom.

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