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    Greetings FMA practioners
    How to start a thread for GGM Pedoy? Took me 2 days to think about this. Outside of the Derobio Family and Pedoy Family little is known of GGM. Pedoy. Why? How can someone like GGM. who started the first FMA school in Hawaii in 1963 not well known? You would have to meet him in person to know the reason. I will attempt to share the life of a great man and Escrimador. I will begin with the Derobio Creed:

    An Escrimador must have the Wisdom and Discretion

    to know when to use his art. When forced to use it

    he must show Humanity against aggressors who cannot

    defend against it and the Humbleness not to boost about

    the Power he holds. In doing so He will gain Harmony both

    with his Art and his Life.

    Before I begin I would like to address the forum with a question. What do you know of GGM Pedoy and his art of Derobio?
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    Can you give us a brief biography of him?
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    GGM Pedoy

    GGM Pedoy was born in 1900 in the Southern Visayan Island of Leyte. He lived in the city of Ormoc until the age of 6. Life was hard and his father beat him often. For this reason he ran away from home and headed to Amandowin Mountain. GGM Pedoy walked for days, slept in the trees at night and ate fruits, whatever he could find. GGM was very deep in the mountains when he came across a small clearing. There was a shack and a garden next to it. He was tired and hungry. so he waited.

    An old man woke him up and asked him who he was and what he was doing here. GGM explained what had happened. The man was General Faustino Ablen a Pulahanes rebel leader in hiding. He told GGM that it is very hard to find this place and dangerous. Ablen told Pedoy that God protected him during his travel and that he was meant to find this place.

    GGM Pedoy lived with Ablen for 11 years. During those years he worked in the garden, learned about healing herbs which led to Hilot. Ablen also trained Pedoy in the art of Derobio Escrima. According to GGM. Pedoy he was the only student.

    In 1917 GGM. was told by Gen. Ablen that it was time for him to leave but he must first pass the test. GGM.Pedoy had to fight Gen. Ablen with bolo's. According to GGM. the match took about 2 hours with GGM Pedoy sustaining a cut above the nose but Gen. Ablen nothing.

    There was one more test he had to pass before leaving. General Ablen told Pedoy to climb the mango tree near a large pool area in the middle of a bamboo forest. When he reached the top he looked down into the pool and noticed sharp bamboo spikes at the bottom of the pool. GGM Pedoy complained about the spikes but was encourged by the General to pray for protection. But he was afraid and started to climb down. The General told Pedoy not to come down or he would have to meet the Generals Blade. GGM Pedoy climed back to the top of the tree and prayed, calmed himself down and jumped into the pool. When he hit the water there was no spikes, only bamboo leaves floating all around. GGM Pedoy felt a euphoria he never felt before. He got out of the pool and the General told him that its time to leave. GGM was told to go to Island to Island and experience life. This took 3 years and that is a story all by itself.

    Hard to be brief I left a few things out. I will post a brief bio of GGM's life in Hawaii on another day.
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    How/where did the general learn Derobio eskrima?
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    Gen. Ablen

    According to GGM Pedoy, General Ablens training came form family members. His father and uncles. No names were mentioned by GGM Pedoy.
    GGM. Pedoy did mention that the roots of Derobio has a strong Indonesian influence. You can read up on General Ablen and the Red Shirt Pulahanes group From the beginning of our school we had ask many questions about Ablen. At the time we could not verify Ablens life, until now. The time lines and what he told us about the General matches the information found on the internent. GGM Pedoy could only answer questions about his 11 years with the General. He did ask those type of questions that concerned someones lineage.
    GGM Pedoy took the essence of Derobio and added movements that he learned through his travels. Either through personal combat or training with friends he found along the way.
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    Mahalo plenty for the historical info. Always a struggle for freedom from the oppressive dominant society. Great escrima came from it and you all are keeping it alive. Thank you again for sharing with us here FMA talk. Maraming salamat Po
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    Hi Mchief thanks for posting this! I would certainly appreciate a dedicated forum for Derobio.

    I have enjoyed reading about your lineage. What an inspiring story. General Ablen is a hero of legend... as well he sounds to me to be a man of great faith.
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    How does Derobio differ from other FMAs?

    Could you please explain the likeness/differences of Derobio from other FMAs? Thanks and I look forward to a dedicated forum on Derobio.
    Cityboy Mike
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    If we see a few active threads on the art we'll be delighted to make a new subforum for it.

    -FMAT Admin
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    Derobio Movements

    It's difficult to verbalize Derobio in words without demonstrating the movements but I will attempt it. Let me explain something first to lay the groundwork. GGM Pedoy when told to travel the country did not realize the path would be filled with challenges. We cannot document GGM. Pedoy journey but we believed because he was a man of his word. If anyone met him they would know. His skill with the knife and bolo spoke volumes.

    GGM. Pedoy traveled to Mindanao where he was a body guard for a Datu but before he got that position he had to fight the local champion. He beat the local champion but when the people wanted the GGM. to kill the fighter he refused. GGM. always lectured us about life and death. He said to us if we cannot resurrect life how can we take life. Only God has the power of life and death. But he said when the 11th hour comes and you must do what must be done, God will be there for you.

    This is one of the basic principles of Derobio. To preserve life instead of taking life. Now how can one do this and practice FMA. Thats where the word ART comes in. Someone ask me one time "How come no one knows about Derobio?'. This was my reponse. According to GGM Pedoy disputes between Datu's were handled with the village champions fighting it out. Now if you knew my way of fighting it would give you a big advantage. GGM. Pedoy came across many, many, styles and he knew the secrecy of ones movement was essential for survival. You do not go around bragging about what you can do. There is power in humility and controlled power.

    In Hawaii men knew that GGM Pedoy was an Escrimador but he never told anyone. It became known only because he stopped a fight between friends when one pulled out a knife. From than on when trouble happened he was called to help.
    Eventually a small group of Escrimadors would meet on the weekends after chicken fights and practice. Their families unaware that these men were warriors in the true sense of the word. They remained friends till all passed away one by one. I had the previlage of meeting quite a few and train with them. It was for this reason that GGM decided to pass on his art because his friends were not passing their skills on. GGM Pedoy wanted people know that the Fiipinos knew more that the knife. He knew the art would die in Hawaii if not exposed to the world. So in 1961 GGM. decided to teach his Derobio Escrima to Eddie his son, but Eddie did not want to learn he wanted to learn Kenpo. So GGM said" Go, come see me when you get your black Belt". When Eddie did get his black belt GGM. told his son to come with him to the banana patch. He that told his son to attack him but he refused but GGM Pedoy insisted. He could not lay a hand or feet on the old man. GGM Pedoy countered everything that was thrown at him. From that day on Eddie Pedoy became Derobios first student.

    Every question will be answered with foundational answers. I'm not saying that other arts do not have compassion. My words are not meant to compare Derobio with other FMA. GGM say " I have Derobio and that is good. Other's have their movements and that is Good". I come only from the perspective from someone who trained with a great but humble man. A true warrior and a true healer.
  12. GGM Braulio Pedoy's ultimate challenge.

    Saludo Mchief. What would be the ultimate challenge for a Derobio Escrimador?

    Much respect,
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    Great info

    Mahalo for sharing the thoughts of GGM pedoy with us all on this forum. I too look forward to having your insight on more of your posts. Sometimes the old ways seem cruel to the mainlanders both 'haole' and Filipinos raised here in USA but GGM Pedoy's ways is what I remember growing up in Hawaii in the 'sugar' towns. I do hope they give Pedoy's Derobio a home here on FMA Talk. Aloha
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    Just my little 1/2 peso. The first thing that came to my mind when I first stumbled upon the older Derobio site and read about the compassionate aspect of the system was the "defanging the snake" technique. This technique is listed on Wikipedia as considered a humanitarian act because it's non-lethal. Pretty interesting little read.
    Anyhow I'm enjoying your education Mchief and truly thankful for your time here.
    Your system is a rare treasure of the Polynesian islands!
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    Derobio Challenge

    TO Control Ones Emotion's While Everything Around You Is In Turmoil.

    An Derobio Escrimador, does not judge, has no expectations and waits for movement. He moves with his adversary not against him. He controls the ebb and flow of energy. Emotion will disturb this flow. When attacked the Derobio Mans only concern is the person in front of him. For him there is no Yesterday or Tomorrow. No family or friends. He just moves with his opponent until the opportune to disarm him.

    That's our ultimate challenge and the hardest! Controlling Emotions.
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    When I trained in the old days, GGM Pedoy would order (not ask) but order one of us to attack Numerado! His defensive movements was swift, powerful and painful. When taught Agaws our joints would hurt for days. The locks he would put us in would push our pain tolerance to the max. He would tell us to follow the pain, go with the pain. It will lead us to the counter move. When you practice like this for any length of time you get immune from certain types of pain. You can immediately counter any graps. GGM Pedoy said there is a key for every lock. GGM Pedoy was known in Hawaii amongst his peers for his Agaws(mano and stick) and counter for counter movements with the garrotes, knife and bolos.
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    It is the 'healing' of your GGM Pedoy that makes him so'great' to me, brah. Their are very few 'healing' masters now a days. I just posted a reply on another sub-forum about how in 'lua' you could hurt but then you had to know also how to heal. So that the people out here on the internet know how well rounded Pedoy/Derobio Escrima really is. Humbly and Respectfully I ask Master Chief. Mahalo and Malama Pono
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    How does one become an instructor in Derobio?

    I can sincerely appreciate the direct lineage of the art of Derobio. It seems that there are more and more arts that are being taught by someone who paid a few bucks, attended a seminar, and now they're teaching others. How many active instructors are there in Derobio and how does one become an instructor?
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    Doce Pares Rumble in Sacramento

    I will see Pedoy/Derobio and MC Siangco in Sacramento this Saturday. Aloha
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    Aloha my brother, Just wanted to let you know that I have re-open the maui branch of Pedoy Escrima with Grandmaster Ty blessings. I will contact you later...Chief Lennie Siangco

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