Grappling vs. the Knife.

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  1. arnisador

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    Grappling fails vs. the knife; the first link was from E.D.:

  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Actual knife in fight (video clip).

    A knife used unexpectedly:

    I have no idea who is defending himself here, if anyone.
  3. arnisador

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    Knife groundfighting (video clip).

    Eh, I'm not so sure I'd do this on purpose:

    With a stick on the ground:

    Related (no knife):
  4. arnisador

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    Awud Mied (Thai Knife Fighting).

    Awud Mied (Thai Knife Fighting):
  5. arnisador

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    I've merged some knife-related video clips.

    -FMAT Admin
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    I want to share this vid. It's not about knife vs. grappling, but it's a good material

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    Oops, sorry about that guys! I can't seem to make it work here. You can search it anyways "knife fighting-bong abenir"
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  9. roger

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    The various style and forms of knife defense comes from all techniques and arts of of martial arts. Thanks for posting these videos

    More power
  10. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Hmm, all this knife fighting, perhaps someone needs to post a video on good running technique...LOL!
  11. Kailat


    PG MikeB.

    Hey buddy, long time for sure good to see you still have your sense of humor! ; )

    I have to totally agree with you. I know we all want to be this great knife defensive fighter!

    The mere thought of having to be in a life or death struggle, grappling with a knife(edged weapon) just sends chills down my spine. GOD i'd hate to have to ever be put in that situation. I've done much training in this area and techinique is good, but physical strength and a STRONG will to live really is the final say determining factor in surviving something this detramental. It's as much MENTAL as Physical. I believe training and getting hands on in this area can and does defenitly prepare an individual for such an encounter, however much like everything else its not the final conflict resolution if it were you in this position.

    NIKEJITSU is by far my first line of defense...LOL... or a great small hidden blade to quickly equalize the situation and better your chance of survival if ever you find yourself on the bad end of a knife fight and you end up on the ground!!

    Wishing all a happy and safe NEW YEAR!!!
  12. arnisador

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    Just training it is a scary experience. I've grappled on the ground with BJJers who are holding a (training) knife, and it not merely's honestly frightening. Switching hands works very well for the knifer in this case.
  13. scubamatt

    scubamatt New Member

    Speaking from my own experience (I've survived two stabbings, one from behind and one from in front), they came so fast and so unexpected, that I had no time to be afraid before I got stabbed. There was the impact, then came shock/pain (the whole 'What the hell? Oh hell, I'm stabbed and it hurts' feeling), then anger, and then finally fear as I realized I had taken a serious hit and might die from it. I was very lucky in both cases.

    In the first, stabbed from behind on a German train platform, the guy missed puncturing my kidney by a fraction of an inch, and was too overconfident to stab me more than once. It was a very small knife, the blade was barely 3 inches long, but sharp. I was paralyzed from the pain, as my back muscles spasmed and pretty much immobilized me except for some groans and my eyes watering. I was utterly helpless, as he rolled me onto my back and went through my jacket pockets. Fortunately for me, he left me for dead and ran away, when some German soldiers from another platform saw the attack and came running to my rescue. (Danke schon, fallschimjaeger!) I was stabbed for a pack of cigarettes and a Zippo lighter, that I would have given the guy for free had he asked me. I didn't smoke, I carried them for the frauleins at the bars who did. Seriously, he ignored my wallet, taking only my (American) Marlboros and my lighter from behind the wallet. Life is cheap, don't let anyone tell you different.

    The second time, I worked in a mental hospital here is the US. A client (the PC term for 'criminal mental patient') on my ward broke a large 3-hole punch into pieces, then stabbed me with the handle. It was a J-shaped steel rod, 1/4" in diameter and just over 8 inches long. It went through my left lung just below the nipple, collapsing it. It hurt even more than the knife, I think this was because it was blunt, not pointy. I felt like I had been hit with a sledgehammer, and it turned my torso to the left as I fell back against the desk. I remember feeling a pain against the inside of my shoulder blade, and pain shooting into my arm and neck. Again I was fortunate, as the other security aides on the ward reacted instantly. They dogpiled on the client, while I pried his hand off the handle and backed away. Thankfully, immediate emergency care was available to me. In the end, I survived the experience with a "cute smiley faced scar" (my wife's term) under my nipple. I did lose my job for cursing the client as I collapsed (I violated his civil rights by calling him a 'crazy bastard' before I ran out of air and started wheezing and gasping.) In the long run, he did me a favor though, it was an awful place to work.

    When I train for defense against edged weapons, nobody has to explain to me how serious a topic it is, believe me. I don't plan on testing the 'third time is the charm' or 'three strikes and you're out' theories, either. The more I learn about using a knife offensively (through FMA) the more I realize just how lucky I was. I don't train for tournaments, I train for my life.
  14. roger

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    Knife defense


    Thanks (Maraming Salamat) to FMA, the publication is realy great to our organization.
    My group are now developing a program of instructions designed for security personnel for "weaponry defense". We combined the arts and style of Karate, Judo and the Close Order Combat used in the Military Training.

    More power

    Roger ( COJUKAP)
  15. citom

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    Actual knife attack

    CCTV footage of an actual knife attack against an English Police Officer: Attack takes place around 3:12 into the clip.

    Ideally of course, the weapon would have been found before the attacker was uncuffed, but I think the constable made the best of a bad situation..
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  17. pguinto

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    nice save!!!

    what the hell was the guy thinking? did he think he could pull a rambo and get out of the station? 2:1 he got the tar beat out of him after that

    why would they wait until they got the station before searching him? u would think a pat down minimal is in order once they had him in control before bringing him to the station.

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