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    FMA Talk Members,

    This is a message from Professor Zach Whitson in regards to a video of Grandmaster Cacoy and Grandmaster Cacoy's up-coming seminars on the east coast.

    Hello Everyone,

    I am attaching a clip that I just posted on youtube of Manong Cacoy at last years FMA camp in Pittsburgh. We have two upcoming events this summer with Manong Cacoy. He will be at Sandor Urban's school in Miami on Saturday June 21 and then at Josh Ryer's school in Pittsburgh on Saturday June 28.

    For those that don't know him he will be 89 years old on his upcoming birthday this August 8th. G.M. Cacoy is considered a national living treasure of the Philippines and to quote Dan Inosanto "Cacoy is to Filipino Martial Arts what Joe DiMaggio was to baseball." For me he is one of the most positive influences that I have had the pleasure of knowing and training with. We don't know how many more times Manong Cacoy will make the trip from Cebu to come here to the United States to teach his system. I encourage you to take the opportunity to meet and train with Cacoy when and where ever you can. Anyone interested can email me for his seminar schedule.

    If you know any aging martial artist that think they are over the hill just send them this clip of Cacoy.

    Enjoy the clip,


    I hope you enjoy the clip as well.

    Joshua Ryer

    Ryer Martial Arts Academy
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    This is amazing at his age!

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