Grand Masters Hartman & Trejo Seminar in Philly

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    Grandmaster Frank Trejo is returning to the Philadelphia area for a two day camp open to all belts. If you have never had the opportunity to train under Mr. Trejo you don’t want to miss this. Mr. Trejo brings a wealth of kenpo knowledge that only a direct student of Mr. Parker could possess. Attending this seminar will expose you to one of the most experienced Kenpo practitioners ever.

    We are proud to announce that Datu Tim Hartman, Grand Master of the Philippine Art of Modern Arnis has agreed to teach both days as well. Datu provides a wealth of knowledge in the Philippine arts. If you have never trained in the Filipino arts you will be impressed with how well Arnis and Kenpo compliment each other.

    For more information contact META Martial Arts at (610) 363-3080

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