Grand Master Angel L. Blancia

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    Thank you for sharing. I did find something good. The other links lead me to some Japanese women doing Yoga.
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    In one of the pictures there is a claim that the person in the photo (* Very poor quality original would have to been seen to stand a chance of identifying *) that Manong Bacon was a student. I think the correlation is that All Balintawak would have come from this supposed person.

    I disagree with their assumptions and comments.

    I have pictures of lots of people at events that I was at or even taught at. It does not mean I was their instructor, nor does it mean they even learned anything from while they were on the floor training. But if they did, I am sure it would be a great thing, for I know when I go and train and learn something I find it to be a good thing. But a simple photo and learning how others move or what they do for application does not make them a student.

    I think that is just someone jumping on the band wagon trying to make claims and go forward as someone will pay them money and train with them based upon their claims.
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    Clarification Re GGM Angel l. Blancia

    Angel Lumogdang Blancia

    The Legendary Grandmaster Angel Lumogdang Blancia
    is a World War II USAFFE Veteran Guerilla Fighter against the Japanese invaders of the Philippines. He hailed from Culasi, Antique, Panay Island, Philippines. A coastal town in the Northern part of the Province of Antique
    where the legendary Mount Madia-as is located 18 kilometers north of my hometown. (Note: Mt. Madia-as in the "Maragtas" kang Panay)

    Grandmaster Angel L. Blancia was one of the most astute Martial Artists and Eskrimadores I've ever encountered and met. He was also adept in the grappling arts, the art of pressure point touching and striking both in healing "Hilot" bone setting, "Pamulong" meridian alignment and killing art or "Pang-halit" Death Touch.

    He was a very traditional and a secretive teacher especially in terms with unloading the depths and vastness of his knowledge and teachings. Yes, he has lots of students but very selective in accepting indoor disciples even with his immediate family members that non among them have passed the tests. In fact, none among his immediate family members was lucky enough to be able to receive, grasp enough nor fathom the depths of the skill and art of their father in Oriental Fighting Arts.

    Note: I've been under the direct tutelage of Grandmaster Angel L. Blancia since 1979 till his death in 1988 and never did he made any ridiculous claim to be the father nor founder of "Filipino Martial Arts", such ignorant claims by other parties to bring credibility to their group, books or person is a great disservice, insult, and dishonor to one of the Legendary Grandmasters of Filipino Martial Arts that ever lived in the Island of Panay and Negros, Philippines. The Pictures displayed in the youtube and blodspots are indeed the same black and white photos I've seen prominently displayed in the walls of his home when he was still alive (except for the super imposed names of people on those pictures). His "Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts" system transmitted to us as his remnants is still very much alive here in the Iloilo City Philippines and we would like to make it clear that it is far different from what you see in the youtube. His Art is no non-sense very straightforward, powerfully loaded (can kill or knock out in an instant), compact, tight, concise and simply accurate... every little move is full of meaning in terms of application may it be for healing or killing...WITHOUT any extra flowery, ostentatious and empty movement to please the eye as shown and displayed in the internet by some parties.

    He has lots of students who are now FMA notables indeed as they have moved on with their respective martial arts journey and came up with their own FMA systems and groups but it is unfortunate that the list of his students being published in the youtube and blogspots are irresponsibly padded, and grossly inaccurate.


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    While strolling through Youtube last night, I found an interview with one of the Canetes concerning Blancia.. Basically, the interview said that Doce Pares was not what is being said by Blancia. GM Canete also said that he had never heard of Angel Blancia from Iloilo and proceeded to name some of the eskrimadors that he knew from there.. When viewing the interview of GM Blancia, GM Canete was very interested in what was being said by the daughter of GM Blancia, but as all things on Youtube do run out of time, GM Canete had a few choice words to say about this.. Once I get home, I'll post the link so everyone who is interested can watch this interview as according to the date on the video, it was done about a year ago by GM Canete when this stuff first came to light.

    Get the popcorn ready, going to be some entertainment and a movie later on.
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    I was in the list as one of thier student, it really bothers my brain thingking when is this happen. I am sorry mr talibong and the blancia clan. It is not true. As you said, peace.

    Bobby taboada
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    Clarification Re GGM Angel l. Blancia

    I'm not from the Blancia Family and no cause to say sorry Bobby, I understand your being so disturbed... being put there in the list when you have not even seen nor heard of this person- Mr Angel Blancia. Whereas, me- "Talibung Antike", who also hailed from Antique where Mr Blancia came from and have been under the tutelage of GGM Angel L. Blancia for years, yet (fortunately) I'm not there in the controversial list hahahaha (of course because I'm nobody in FMA Circles and am comfortable with that fact hehehehe). The reason I posted this clarification re GGM Angel L. Blancia is not to get my name in that controversial list, but rather to quell the irresponsible claims by other parties who claim to be his inheritor and to prop up their credibility not by planting their own trees and vineyard in the field of FMA but unfortunately by simply propagating the controversial student lists of GGM Angel Blancia- listing prominent "FMA Pillars" like you- Taboada, the Canetes, Inays and other FMA notables who are from Cebu, Luzon and other parts of the world, who in all probability have not even stepped to the soils of Iloilo and Negros in their lifetime... and yet you are there in the list as his students just because you are famous Arnisadores and Eskrimadores of the Philippines ... To me, that is very ridiculous, irresponsible, a great disrespect and dishonor to one of my mentors- GGM Angel Blancia who has chosen to live a very simple low profile life... yet his name is being dragged and put into bad light in a condition where he can no longer correct those lies being propagated about him. That's why, am here to clarify and to stand in his behalf to correct those transcendental lies and claims about him being propagated in the internet:wink3:


    "Talibung Antike"
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    It seems that the lady also claims that Maestro Elmer Ybanez of LESKAS/LSAI have also been under the tutelage of Mr. Blancia... which sounds really funny. I bet she would tag everybody else in the FMA world.

    Sometimes, I pity her... she must be sick. All her videos gave me a good laugh though. Taichi, Yoga, Samourai, Karati, Taekwundu... wahaha!

    IMHO, whitepeople and whitecobra are the same persons who is also obviously... ;) :wink :wink

    I love this video clip:
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    I don't know what everyone is disagreeing with or upset about. I couldn't understand what they were saying! Was that english? Everyone I have talked to from the Philipines has written pretty well, but yikes.

    Quell dats ill eye hev.

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