Grand Master Angel L. Blancia

Discussion in 'General' started by Phil Mar Nadela, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    Hello everyone,
    Has anyone heard of a late GM Angle Blancia? I stumbled on a blog of her daughter (also a GM?) and i have never heard of them before.
    Can anybody verify the claims in this Blog? Here is the link
    I don’t mean any disrespect I’m just curious.
    Thank you,
  2. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    This individual has been the focus of several ranting posts on fmaforum.. It seems that every couple of months, some one pops up and starts fanning the coals which eventually leads into a lengthy thread about how this individual invented everything from aspirin to x ray machines in the Philippines but primarily martial arts.. I think it is a troll who is looking to inflate their ego balloon because of a slow leak that needs to be refilled every 2-3 months on this forum...

    Take it for what it is worth.
  3. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    Yikes... Hopefully i did not start something here. Thanks kuya Silat.
  4. Jack Latorre

    Jack Latorre Siyam


    Normally I don't chime in with this sort of thing, but the credibility issue becomes pretty glaring in this case. I would hope that it will not garner more attention than it deserves, as the inaccuracies entail the names of many FMA practitioners that are not around for rebuttal, such as Professor Presas and Mr. Bo Sayoc, among others.

    Inaccuracies within the Filipino Martial Arts (or any martial art) exist and are either debunked or ignored...or expounded upon and made more substantial by those who follow suit. In any event, people who are intrigued by this sort of thing set the stage for the next generation of practitioners. That is the legacy we help build in honor of those who came before us. Support it, deny it...just understand what the consequences are for the martial heritage we love.


    Jack A. Latorre
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  5. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    Salamat po Kuya Jack. I will take it as it is.
  6. Whitepeople

    Whitepeople New Member

    Im a reader citizen concern the publicity regarding the historic life of Grand Master Angel Blancia. On behalf of his daughter & son in law. Im duply apprecieted both of them to open public without anticipeted by telling the true.

    The allegation with supporting the documentary book, picture about Legendary Grand Master Angel Bancia. My view point there are telling the true now, if there are not true why no one bring them court.

    Its clear coz no one got a specific antifact like Legendary Grand Master Angel Blancia, Their history (Students of Grand Master Angel Blancia ) always based in ancient time, there is no beginning there is no ending.

    There are several wonderful true picture as Bo Sayoc Baltazar, Dan Inosanto, Remy Presas, Rene Latosa, Bruce Lee, Mike Inay, Floro Villabrille, and many more.......
    just watch this video and his daughter about Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts club stick Doce Pares Arnis Eskrima

    Best Regard to all who love martial arts and Filipino Martial Arts and want to know the true about Blancia Family.
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  7. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    In the words of some of the senior FMA people I know in the Philippines, both living and deceased.


    It's trolls like this what gives the FMA/IMA a bad image because of the people who listen to self originating ego statements and pass them off as history... I know several guys who were involved with the FMA way before Marcos time and the Martial Law times, never have we heard of this individual before and the history of these individuals predate WW2. So take this thread with a grain of salt and put it on the pile with the rest of the rubbish that this thread has been piling on for the last year..
    It is primarily Compost:sniper::bsflag::redeemer:

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  8. chubbybutdangerous

    chubbybutdangerous CHUBBY MEMBER

    If you look closely not all of it is done full speed... but it's all definitely done "half fast"!:bs:
  9. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Admin. Note.

    Please, keep the conversation polite and respectful. You're welcome to disagree but we must insist on a civil discourse.

    -FMAT Admin
  10. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    OH Man,
    See what happens when I miss the midway kodenkan tourney and seminar.. I just loose it..:cry::AR15firin

  11. Whitepeople

    Whitepeople New Member

    Correction about my text
    ok correction
  12. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

    This is just wrong- plain and simple. Mis information and false claims. Just go back and try to come up with better claims and maybe "somebody" will believe you.
  13. bentit

    bentit New Member

    There might have been a guy named Angel Blancia who taught FMA back in the Philippines. But, there is this lady with bad english using his name to teach bullshido. I stumbled upon her on youtube not to long ago. here is the link After watching the vid, all i can say was WTF?!? This chick "claims" here father is the creator of all modern martial arts, including yoga and ballet! lol!:roflmao:
  14. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

    Have you watched her videos??? What a hoot!!! Sinawali's with extended arms and no wrist work. Forms that a 16 year old could do better. Claims of Grand Master title- yeah a legend in her own mind.
  15. whitecobra

    whitecobra New Member

    Shocking!!! why you are getting stumbled upom watching her youtube? Relax and take it easy... You still have chance to cry by saying oh!!! no: its leads me down. Remember the truth will prevail and no one can hiding that. Although, your grouped association integrated of such big organization with collection of intellectual dishonesty people will be falling down easily with the power of truth.

    Honored & respect Legendary GM Angel L. Blancia as well as her daughter GM Gloria Blancia.
  16. whitecobra

    whitecobra New Member

    Same comments!!! you have nothing to say? Take your time: hold on and hold to the iron rod. The documentary Book of GM Angel L. Blancia provided us the truth and no one can hiding us all. Behave stop pretentious the time is so short for us all. Just pray that you can still survive for being fraud all the timed.
  17. blindside

    blindside student

    Apparently someone drank the kool-aid....
  18. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    There are ways to validate this claim... If you remember back during the martial law time, it was a requirement of the government that all instructors register with the security exchange commission as part of the crack down done during the Marcos time.. If you can supply the dates, registration numbers and if you were a member of the Philippine Karate association, post them so they can be confirmed and prove that your claims are recognized and registered by the S.E.C. that might make the original statements more valid.. If the statements are true about GM Blancia, the proof is in the pudding..

    My certificates as an instructor from the 70s were registered by the SEC, so it is from this example which is the basis of my question..

  19. Robert Klampfer

    Robert Klampfer New Member

    This thread was brought to my attention recently. There was some mention on another site about Bobby Taboada having been a student of theirs. If someone is indeed claiming that, I know for certain that's simply untrue.

  20. bentit

    bentit New Member

    Ohhh.. looks like somebody just signed up to defend the daughter.. This reply sound exactly the same as that chick from youtube. I was going to reply to your comment but I don't want to bring my level down to yours..:whatever:

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