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    The website of GM Yuli Romo at has been updated with several new photos. There is also a new forum dedicated to Zu'Bu Kali Ilustrisimo at:

    I am still working on including on the site some footage of GM Yuli in action. Watch this space.


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    The site looks very nice! I'll look forward to seeing some movies.
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    Yuli Romo clip

    Hi. I posted this over on the "Instructional Videos" forum but thought it would be appropriate here as well.

    Here's a clip of Yuli Romo demonstrating the use of the kampilan:

    Kamplian clip

    It's interesting to note that although Yuli Romo was a student of Tatang Illustrisimo, my understanding is that the Romo family has its roots in southern Cebu, wherein they were considered to have produced some notable eskrimadors. On my webite I state that "The island of Cebu is famous for developing some of the finest martial artists in the Philippines. Chief among these were members of the Illustrisimo family in Northern Cebu, the Saavedra family in Central Cebu, and the Romo family in Southern Cebu. These families were friendly with each other and it is likely that they trained together from time to time (although a lack of written records makes this difficult to determine).

    It would be interesting to learn if Yuli Romo became a student of Tatang Illustrisimo simply because in our modern age there is better communication and opportunities for travel (so that like many people in the Philippines he heard about Tatang and sought him out), or whether there is some kind of family and historical connection that led him to study with Tatang Illustrisimo?


    Steve Lamade
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    I believe GM Yuli first heard of Tatang through a ship captain called Abundio Balbarino; when Cpt. Balbarino spotted Gm Yuli training in Luneta. A few months later Yuli was introduced to Antonio Ilustrisimo.
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    Was the captain also an eskrimador, or just someone who knew eskrimadors?
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    someone who just had a chance to work with tatang on board.
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    This may also interest you, as it looks like they had more links than first thought.

    It appears from this web site that Solferino "Kapitan Perong Pak-An" Borinaga
    Trained Emong Urrias and Pedro Cortez, who in turn trained Antonio Ilustrisimo (Praksyon). Urrias and Cortez also trained Tatay Anas Romo who in turn trained Epifanio "Yuli" Romo. Who knows, It may also be possible that Tatay Romo and Tatang Ilustrisimo could have also been training partners.

    Tatay & Tatang ? Could be clutching at straws here but worth a bit more investigation don't you think.

    Best regards

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    Interesting theory Pat, perhaps Peter or Eome can shed some light on the matter ? I think Maestro Yuli's uncle Pedring Romo was one of Tatang's peers.

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