GM Yuli Romo with Kampilan (videos)

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  1. A new upload with GM Yuli showing (briefly) some Kampilan mechanics.


    If you want to watch him in full-flow check these vids:


    And the older (but still golden)

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    every time I see some one of GM Romo's group working with the kampilan or the bio-stick, it is always solo work. Do you practice this also with partners?

    kind regards
  3. Yes, just this past Monday we worked out with them. We just don't tend to put it on you-tube.

    Bio-stick v bio-stick & even 2 bio-sticks v empty hand.

    The thing is, the application from the Kampilan and Bio-stick is worked throughout the syllabus and regardless of what weapon you have.

    Enshrined in the basic bio-stick form is the basic footwork / body-mechanics from the system. Hand positions are there too. Without the stick the opponent becomes the stick ;)

    Any falling strike can be linked back to double-stick redonda and rising to reverse redonda. There is also some great empty-handed applications too. Once you study the system in person you can always relate things back. That's why I have termed it "The wooden dummy of Bahad Zu'bu" and it is an integral part of the syllabus. Transferring it to the Kampilan your "live" hand must truly be "alive". You can see this in close-up in the 1st and 3rd video posted above.

    It leads GM Yuli to comment:

    "Some people thing they are Masters of the blade. I will believe it if they are also Masters of the bio-stick".

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  4. Brock

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    I like the videos, but I'm not really understanding the live hand. It'd be nice to be able to to experience it in person to get a feel for it.
  5. Yep, it's the only real way to understand it I think Brock.

    Regarding the transition from Bio-Stick staff to Kampilan the "Live" hand plays an important role due to the edge of the blade. It needs to twist it so it is facing the correct way when the motion is downwards and when the blade comes back up. It also needs to be twisted when you chamber it so you don't cut your own arm off :laugh: Obviously you can't work these small details with just a staff.

    Also, the "forms" that we do for the bio-stick which translate to the Kampilan concern "powering" the weapon with as little obvious movement as possible. You can use your knee, hips, waist, side to do this but the "Live" hand also manipulates the "Crocodile" hilt of the Kampilan as well.

    It is really hard to see the applications in knife and empty-hand fighting (some of it took me months / a couple of years and of course I am still learning) but they are there as long as you keep to the principle of:

    "Without my stick (or Kampilan in this case) the opponent becomes the stick".


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